8 June 2023

Back to playing around with the idea of using default apps: Fantastical → Calendar (easy), Carrot → Weather (easy), Things → Reminders (not so sure…), and Notes (keeping Drafts since it’s indispensable, but I haven’t really had a good note storage system in awhile).

7 June 2023

Got my invite to Aboard… not sure what I’m going to use it for yet.

4 June 2023

📽️ Letterboxd Unboxed — The Wrap

24 May 2023

🇺🇦 Ukraine’s secret weapon is an app. The U.S. wants to spread it — Semafor

23 May 2023

📱 Mona for Mastodon App icon(s) — Chamline

20 May 2023

I very well could be imagining this… but the release of Race Control reminded me of a sports score app an indie dev had just started working on, which I stumbled upon a few months ago when all the mastodon app were in beta, but I can no longer find it… ring a bell to anyone…?

15 May 2023

New writing app Breveto looks a bit like Bear + Ulysses with some AI.