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17 June 2019 link apps


John Brayton:

I am not ready to announce new capabilities of Unread 2 yet, but I do want to prepare customers for the change in pricing and business model. Like the current shipping version, Unread 2 will be free to download and to try with some functional limits. After trying the app customers will be able to unlock the full version by purchasing a $19.99/year (USD) subscription.

This is super exciting. Unread is by far and away the best looking RSS reader and the most enjoyable app to actually read in.

There are two things I’ve really wanted to see in Unread, and I have my fingers crossed they might come with v2 or at least a potential update if the launch with a subscription model is successful. 🤞

The first thing I’d love to see is a quick swipe action. Although I love reading in Unread, RSS feeds can pile up at times and the process to send articles to a Read-It-Later service includes quite a few swipes and taps. It’s not a big deal, but when I’m trying to speed through a list of articles, pausing to send an article to Instapaper can be a drag. And Instapaper is important for me. I love using it as a bucket of what I actually want to read from RSS and around the web and Instapaper’s ability to send groups of articles to a Kindle is killer.

This leads me to my second hope, Instapaper compatibility. By this I mean being able to read all the articles I’ve saved to Instapaper in Unread. Rather than having to jump to Instapaper’s app, in the same way Reeder allows. As I said earlier, Unread is the best place to read text on iOS. And when I’m not reading on my Kindle, it’d be so much nicer to read my Instapaper articles in Unread than the Instapaper app.

I haven’t used Unread in some time now so hopefully I haven’t missed these updates in v1, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t there.

You might say my two feature requests sound like I should just stick with Reeder, and Reeder 4 is pretty great, but I find everything about Unread superior to it, the design, the feel, the interactions, it’s just missing those two critical features.

Suffice it to say, I’m super excited to see what John has in store for us with v2.

via: @brentsimmons

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