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15 May 2019 apps photography

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I don’t think anyone reading this hasn’t already seen the name popup before. Still, I felt it my duty to resurface it for those who may have skipped over it, ignored it, or just put off backing for a later date. So here’s your reminder.

If, by some chance, you haven’t seen Bokeh yet, it’s basically the indieweb version of Instagram. I don’t have all the details, and you can find more on the Kickstarter page, but Tim Smith is someone I’ve seen across the indie interwebs quite a bit. I trust he will work to make this a reality. He isn’t a developer though, and that’s where this Kickstarter comes in. The funds raised here will be used to hire a developer to build out the app. Obviously, there is some risk here, but I believe it’s something worth helping Tim try to achieve.

I’ve pretty much stopped using Instagram altogether and have my own photo site with Blot at completenonsen.se. Given the indieweb values behind Bokeh, it sounds like I can keep that photo site and have it work in tandem with Bokeh, similar to this site and micro.blog. I dig it. However, if Bokeh exceeds my expectations, maybe I won’t even need complete nonsense anymore. I’ll probably keep it, but who knows.

Anyways, Tim’s Kickstarter for Bokeh is over $7,000.00 now putting him less than $4,000.00 away from successfully funding with 20 days to go. If you haven’t pledged, give it a look and considering backing yourself.

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