Welcome to The Independent Variable, the official link blog of record.

TIV is edited and published by humdrum and aims to be the homepage of the web with all the links fit for your eyeballs to peruse.

We believe in the independent internet and respect your privacy. We are tracker-free and AI-free. No cookies, no analytics, and our newsletters don’t track your opens. Just wonderful, plain old text straight to your eyeballs.

Here is a list of our main sources aka the blogroll.

We also publish your friendly, neighborhood, media zine conglomerate foofaraw for free. Every Monday we let you know about that weeks best new tv shows, movies, albums, and comics. Every Friday, we publish something cool from someone creative. Webcomics, album reviews, artwork, fiction, essays, you name it. You can support that work here to make sure we can continue to pay our contributors.

Need help? Want to work on something together? Contribute to foofaraw? Contact here.

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Style Guide


Typefaces come from the stellar Ohno Type.

Casserole (Blackletter is used for the word mark; Sans is used for headings)

Vulf Mono is used for body text, with italics used for interstitial thoughts, quotes, dates, and tags.



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