Welcome to The Independent Variable, the official link blog of record.

TIV is edited and published by humdrum and aims to be the homepage of the web with all the links fit for your eyeballs to peruse.

Here is a list of our main Sources.

TIV is hosted by Blot and powered by actions from the wonderful Drafts app.

We also publish your friendly, neighborhood, media zine conglomerate foofaraw, which is a newsletter aiming to quickly inform you of the best media being released every week including shows, movies, albums, and comics.

Style Guide


Typefaces come from the stellar Ohno Type.

Casserole (Blackletter, Classic, and Flare) is used for headings.

Degular Text is used for body text.

And Vulf Mono is used for interstitial thoughts, quotes, dates, and tags.


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