25 September 2023

hh fed sc go

11 September 2023


11 September 2023


11 September 2023


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30 July 2023


30 July 2023


21 July 2023

Holy Messi!

1 July 2023

I’ve had them for a month now and I think I can say the AirPod Pros are my favorite headphones.

27 June 2023

Just finished The Bear S2 and I think it might be one of my favorite seasons of tv… ever…?

22 June 2023

CP3 to the Warriors is wild.

21 June 2023

Watched the season premier of The Bear S2 and it’s still so great.

15 June 2023

Finally got around to watching the finale of Mrs.

14 June 2023

An idea I’ll never have time to do:

14 June 2023

And we’re back!

13 June 2023

💬 via The Daily Stoic

12 June 2023

Next up is a calendar for Japan’s 72 microseasons.

12 June 2023

I went in really excited about both Denver and Miami making the Finals, thinking I’d be happy with either winning, but I got really invested in Jimmy Butler and Miami and to see it end that way for him was tough.

12 June 2023

The Cinnabon cereal is actually pretty great.

9 June 2023

Miami didn’t play that badly tonight (until the last two minutes), but Denver is just too good that Miami has to be perfect and tonight Bam was still a little inefficient (with 7 turnovers) and Struss/Vincent just couldn’t get anything going.

8 June 2023

Back to playing around with the idea of using default apps: Fantastical → Calendar (easy), Carrot → Weather (easy), Things → Reminders (not so sure…), and Notes (keeping Drafts since it’s indispensable, but I haven’t really had a good note storage system in awhile).

7 June 2023

Got my invite to Aboard… not sure what I’m going to use it for yet.

6 June 2023

Speaking of hot dogs… a classic from I Think You Should Leave…

5 June 2023


1 June 2023

Butler needs to guard Murray for the Heat to win.

1 June 2023

QT in case I don’t have time to write more… Denver in 6, although I’ll be cheering for Miami.

31 May 2023

Speaking of… I have the June issue of nonsense.

31 May 2023

My print experiments are on pause for the foreseeable future.

26 May 2023

I hate to break it to people who were mad about their (HBO) Max price going up, but I’d wager both Max and Disney start to force larger bundles at upwards of ~$40.

25 May 2023

Finally went ahead and threw money at Indignity and Today in Tabs—trying to cut down on Substack’s in general, but pay for the ones I genuinely enjoy.

25 May 2023

I have no idea what to think about today’s game.

24 May 2023

Was hoping I would be able to put Memberful on top of TIV to bring TIV, Streaming Variability, and Foofaraw all under one roof, but that appears to be a no-go with Blot… back to looking for other Substack replacement solutions…

23 May 2023

Early reviews of Asteroid City and Killers of the Flower Moon appear to be positive across the board, which has me even more excited for this year in film.

22 May 2023

🏀 Denver Nuggets advance to NBA Finals

20 May 2023

I don’t want to jinx things, but… nothing would make me happier than seeing both the Lakers and Celtics getting swept 🤞

20 May 2023

I very well could be imagining this… but the release of Race Control reminded me of a sports score app an indie dev had just started working on, which I stumbled upon a few months ago when all the mastodon app were in beta, but I can no longer find it… ring a bell to anyone…?

19 May 2023

Feeling really good about picking Denver and Miami right now.

19 May 2023

Site has been updated with new typography, all from Ohno: Casserole (Blackletter, Classic, and Flare), Degular Text, and Vulf Mono.

18 May 2023

Spent a good amount of time last night tweaking how things work and appear on the site.

16 May 2023

CRITICAL: Painting with John S3 premieres June 2nd.

16 May 2023

Nikola Jokić is just incredible.

16 May 2023

Lakers starting Schroeder means Michael Porter Jr.

16 May 2023

Pops and Wemby!

15 May 2023

New writing app Breveto looks a bit like Bear + Ulysses with some AI.

12 May 2023

💬 Misty — Yellowjackets S2E7:

7 May 2023

🏀 NBA Playoff Picks — 5/7

6 May 2023

🏀 NBA Playoff Picks — 5/6

4 May 2023

🏀 NBA Playoff Pick — 5/4

3 May 2023

🏀 NBA Playoff Pick — 5/3

2 May 2023

🏀 NBA Playoff Picks — 5/2

1 May 2023

🏀 NBA Playoff Picks — 5/1