26 June 2024 thought basketball offseason

The NBA Draft is tonight and the Bulls seem to be in a decent position to get a few of the players I actually like for them this year.

The Ringer has Cody Williams, the freshman out of Colorado and brother of OKCs Jalen Williams, falling to the Bulls at 11.

ESPN has Devin Carter, the Junior guard out of Providence who can bring a little bit of that Lonzo Ball type defender to the Bulls backcourt.

And Yahoo has Ron Holland, the 6’7 SF coming out of the G League Ignite going to the Bulls (he fell to 13 in ESPNs mock).

All three of these players will bring a defensive edge, although both Williams and Holland are a bit raw offensively and will need to find their shot. I also think it’s worth noting Holland was the top recruit out of his high school class, choosing to go to the G League and averaging 15/7 against grown men during his only year there.

Ultimately, if Holland is on the board (like ESPN and Yahoo seem to think he’ll be), I think the Bulls have to take him. But if any of these three fall into their lap, Bulls fan should be happy.

Other guys to look for if they fall: Matas Buzelis, Dalton Knecht, Donovan Clingan.

And if none of the above are availble: Kel’el Ware, Kyshawn George, Johnny Furphy—but lets hope it doesn’t get to this point.

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