29 November 2023

πŸ€– Writing with AI β€” iA Writer

20 November 2023

πŸ€– Sam Altman joins Microsoft as OpenAI taps Emmett Shear for interim CEO β€” CNN

19 November 2023

πŸ€– OpenAI board in discussions with Sam Altman to return as CEO β€” The Verge

17 November 2023

πŸ€– OpenAI announces leadership transition β€” OpenAI

3 October 2023

🌐 Arc Max adds AI β€” The Browser Company

30 August 2023

πŸ•Ί I spent 3 months learning Blender, Unity, and Code… to make this β€” Elliot

11 July 2023

πŸ€– My A.I. Writing Robot β€” New Yorker

21 June 2023

πŸ€– Secret Invasion’s opening credits are made by AI. Here’s why β€” Polygon

13 June 2023

πŸ“Έ I Saw You Standing There β€” The Atlantic

5 June 2023

πŸ™€ Hell, my kid could do that β€” @johncuneo3

25 May 2023

πŸ€– Universal Music Group Signs Deal With AI Startup Endel β€” Pitchfork

15 May 2023

πŸ€– AI: has the 🐎 left the barn? β€” Ben Tsai

10 May 2023

πŸ€– Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey? β€” The New Yorker

6 May 2023

πŸ€– Introducing Total Crap, the First Magazine Written Entirely by AI β€” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency