30 May 2024 link ai news media

📰 FT CEO on AI: News orgs have leverage and should insist on payment — Press Gazette

He warned that disintermediation and the separation of publishers from their readers was the biggest threat” to the news industry right now but that this is why the FT is doubling down” on its high-quality reporting and investigations.

Ridding said publishers like the FT with trusted, accurate human-made journalism could be in a strong position because for all the hype, AI makes a lot of mistakes and falls short when facts are formed.

There’s obviously the Facebook video pivot comparison to make here where orgs relied on those big payments, increasing their value, only to have the chair pulled out from under them. It’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, your stuff is likely getting scraped already, so yeah, insist on getting paid. On the other, any form of AI that’s just regurgitating stuff should be outlawed.

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