10 May 2023 link ai

🤖 Will A.I. Become the New McKinsey? — The New Yorker

So much good stuff in here.

We should all strive to be Luddites, because we should all be more concerned with economic justice than with increasing the private accumulation of capital.

We can’t evaluate A.I. by imagining how helpful it will be in a world with U.B.I.; we have to evaluate it in light of the existing imbalance between capital and labor, and, in that context, A.I. is a threat because of the way it assists capital.

They say it’s a world-changing technology. If that’s the case, then they have a duty to find ways for A.I. to make the world better without first making it worse. Can A.I. ameliorate the inequities of our world other than by pushing us to the brink of societal collapse? If A.I. is as powerful a tool as its proponents claim, they should be able to find other uses for it besides intensifying the ruthlessness of capital.

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