I don’t understand why all these news companies feel the need to notify me about every aspect of Gywneth Paltrow’s trial 🙄

Hitting the road in a little bit to head down to Portland for a long weekend and the Bulls game tomorrow.

Trying to figure out how I can do a zine with three sheets, but still have it fold to fit in a normal letter envelope…

So I thought charging $3 was more than enough (and quite expensive, if I’m being honest) for my single-page zine.

The first couple copies of my single-page zine are getting mailed out today.

🦸‍♂️ sequential variants vol.

However, it feels like one of those things I’d print one of for myself and that’s it…

My desire to make something in print is at an all-time high and while the larger zine helps scratch that itch, having to rely on others for submissions and the work that goes into it just takes a lot longer to see the results.

So… while working in the background on my larger zine project, I had the idea of producing a smaller black & white, single page, 6-column, z-fold zine as a supplement that I could potentially do on a monthly basis.

Was curious how many times none of the four big blues (Kansas, Duke, UNC, Kentucky) managed to make it to the Sweet Sixteen—turns out it happened just two years ago, which was the first time in 40 years.

I feel like society’s expectations around text messaging (and other forms of IMs) are a bit crazy.


Went ahead and bought foofaraw.

Two March Madness games complete, two outcomes incorrectly predicted in my bracket…

Even came up with a name that fits with the theme of all my other stuff: Sequential Variants

Have been thinking a lot about doing something like my tv newsletter, streaming variability, but for comics.

I don’t know that I’d ever be able to work in an office again.

Bears letting Montgomery go has me a little nervous.

Pretty epic day of comic releases from publishers other than the big two.

🌅 streaming variability 017

Bears seem to be making the right moves in free agency with LBs Tremaine Edmunds and T.

Starting a (soon to be) public notebook on Tana to document the progress/process of building out my zine.

Got a little Airtable submission form set-up for the zine…

Bears have officially traded down from their No.

Interested in Apple Music Classical as an easy way to find some nice background music, but I’m hoping it won’t then start influencing my recommendations and begin suggesting classical music in the regular Music app…

It’s a meager amount compared to what established short fiction magazines pay out for a full issue and also something I’d never make back… but the idea of being able to create something like that is a dream.

Now that I’m subscribed to some short fiction magazines, I’ve been thinking a lot about my half finished zine… thinking about potentially taking $500 to take submissions/commission some fiction, essays, columns, art, comics, etc.

With Lonzo facing a third knee surgery, I think the Bulls need to start planning for what this team looks like without him, DeMar, and Vooch… the pieces, timing, and chemistry just never came together.

Confirmed: Jon Bernthal is returning to play The Punisher in the new Daredevil: Born Again series for Disney+.

Fired up Kinopio on my work laptop for the first time in awhile—opened up to an old journal space from last year and has me really missing doing that everyday in Kinopio.

It’d be nice if Heavy Metal could get their shit together.

Been looking at subscribing to a couple more sci-fi/short fiction magazines.

Decided to give Animal Control a shot… first episode was pretty rough… don’t think I’ll be returning to it unless I hear it gets a lot better.

📺 Sitting down with a gin old fashioned to watch the season premier of Perry Mason.

📺 Streaming Variability 016

Considering getting a new MacBook since I’ve been on my current Pro since 2015.

These last two episodes of Poker Face have been 👨‍🍳😘

Social_Detox=Complete, at least for the time being.


Setting out on a social detox for at least a week.

Well apparently this is going to be the last season of Succession… 😟

Add 1/2oz of Cointreau to an Old Fashioned.

For the big readers out there, I’m looking for some new book recommendations in the vein of Robin Sloan, Haruki Murakami, and Kurt Vonnegut.

💬 Even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thought TÁR was disappointing/overrated:

📌 It Is Journalism’s Sacred Duty To Endanger The Lives Of As Many Trans People As Possible - The Onion

Diving into Hello Tomorrow!

Given how great St Agrestis’ Phony Negroni is, I really want them to make a “Bogus Bijou” or take a crack at an herbal liqueur a la Green Chartreuse to go along with their line-up of (alcoholic) Amaros.

📌 Best Pizza Cities - Axios - Facts

Have more thoughts from my first experience with some N/A bottles to come, but I’m really not a fan of Amass Riverine… everything else has been at least palatable to even surprisingly great.

Anyone have a guide/resource for adding a Dark Mode to a Blot website?

I think there should be a law requiring double opt-in (sign-up online + confirm in e-mail) to be added to any e-mail list (marketing/newsletter/etc.

Been thinking about @JohnPilpin question about three artists, but decided to get more broad and more specific.

Threw on Post - Nothing by Japandroids today and it was exactly what I needed to get myself going after a rough morning.

Okay, so the Phony Negroni is the real deal.

Quick 9pts for PatWil is a great start for the Bulls.

They’d be an even worse disaster on defense and from three.

My dad told me the Chicago papers have been writing about the Bulls as one of two potential Landing spots for Russell Westbrook after he gets bought out in Utah.

Anyone seen/experienced a plugged in iOS device that shows its charging, but the battery percentage never actually goes up..?

If anyone knows of any English sites/blogs that cover international/non-English indie/alternative music, let me know.

Been trying to expand my musical horizons a bit outside of the US.

Squid’s upcoming album O Monolith has officially been announced with its first single out and a release date of June 9.

This NBA trade deadline has been absolutely nuts—even besides the obvious blockbuster trades 🤯

Spencer Dinwiddie back with the Nets, D’Angelo Russell back with the Lakers.

📌 Kareem on LeBron Breaking the Scoring Record

Towards the end of last year we decided to start going through all the meal kit delivery services (taking advantage of the great promo pricing each has) starting with Blue Apron, which we loved.


MJ is still better though 😝

I feel like the only person in the world who has no problem with what Netflix and AMC are doing.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the NA space for awhile, but today I made a concerted effort to collect various brands here and finally pulled the trigger on a few items.

Brought my dog in to have a mass removed from the top of his head and now he’s been drugged up with a giant cone all evening… plus a nasty gash with sutures… Trying to keep him from banging the cone on every corner has been quite the challenge…

My usage of Tana has basically plummeted with the new year.

Tickets for the Bulls game in Portland have been purchased.

💬 Wife just sent me this from The Cut:


📺 Streaming Variability 015

I know the odds have shifted a bit already (and I don’t actually gamble nor do I know anything about football), but I’ve got Philly (-1) and the Over (49.

I’ve written about him in my newsletter (multiple times), but Murray Bartlett is just an incredible actor.

Made a miasma as my last cocktail before dry February begins for tonight’s episode of The Last of Us.

Any decent printer recommendations out there?

Thinking about moving the newsletter back to Buttondown or something other than Substack.

Today’s failed cocktail experiment: ½oz Campari, ½oz St Germain, ½oz key lime juice, small bottle of dry champagne.

Typically find Apple Music recommendations to be less than stellar, but these 9 albums/EPs from bands I had never heard of previously all came up at once and have restored my faith in the algorithm.

Finally getting back to Andor now that I finally have a night to myself.

Lastly, given my preference towards micro.

I think I’m going to try to keep a split of following micro.

I’ve changed some background config that won’t be noticeable, but now all posts will originate from blot/micro.

Watched the first episodes of both Poker Face (Peacock) and Shrinking (Apple) and loved them both.

💬 Charlie, played by Natasha Lyonne in Poker Face:

Apple just suggested a bunch of Indie Rock albums from 2022 from bands I’ve never even heard of, all of which sound promising so far (and I’ll probably throw on AlbumWhale), but the one that popped out was an EP featuring Idris Elba singing on the whole thing.

After all my time spent configuring and setting up multiple mastodon accounts and micro.

Finally took the time to update my omg page with (I think) all the places I can be found on the web.

And if they think certain aspects of the government waste time and money, maybe don’t exploit it for personal gain, but rather work to fix it to be more efficient.


Is the House required to consistently vote multiple times a day or can they take a break until some deal has been made.

Working on my “All-time Favorites” list on AlbumWhale (will share a link when it’s at least 50% complete…), but felt the need to share this declaration: “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” is the greatest song ever.

I’ve gone all in on niche tracking services: Letterboxd, Trakt, Last.



Gakpo should be a solid addition to Liverpool shoring up the attack with two viable options at all three spots (when healthy).

Just discovered Hope D while browsing upcoming albums and Clash of the Substance has quickly become a highly anticipated album for me based on the few singles out.

📌 A Note about the American Teacher Act - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

I know nothing about TV’s so I’m looking for some last minute advice before I pull the trigger… $1200 for an LG 65” 4K OLED w/ Dolby Vision.

💬 1899:

Planning to write up a longer post, but I think I’ve settled on a solution for mastodon, my blog, and micro.

Looks like the Suns are finally getting sold.

Am I the only one who struggles sometimes to tell if notifications are stacked or not..?

In the mood to be productive… except for work stuff…

One day you’re in shape, working out, and playing basketball multiple times a week, the next day (aka three years of a pandemic later) it hurts to look under the couch and then takes more than a minute to get back up…

Thanks to the genius idea of including audiobooks, graphic novels, and McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, I’ve managed to exceed my 15 book goal for 2022.

Haven’t used pen and paper much at all since COVID, so I decided to go all in on some Hobonichi’s with a Techo, Weeks, and 5-yr and then spent the last week cleaning all of my dried out fountain pens.

Anyone paying for 1Password out there?

Whelp… both my World Cup predictions for today were wrong… 🤷‍♂️

📺 South Side is back!

When I was much younger, people would always say: “just wait, one day you’ll get excited about dishes and silverware too.

Big day in news today with Brittney Griner getting freed in a prisoner swap (Paul Whelan is still in a Russian prison though…), the Respect for Marriage Act making it’s way to Biden’s desk, and least importantly, gas prices officially lower than than this time last year.

I so badly want to give Superhuman a shot (just realized it works with Outlook now…), but $30/mo is still outrageous.

I’m cheering for Morocco to find a way to pull this one out, but I’m also the president of the Ansu Fati fan club and have been disappointed by the lack of opportunities he’s had this World Cup.


Came to the realization, since I never use the physical Apple Card, that I have no idea where it is and haven’t seen it since I lived in Chicago over two years ago… 😅

The Inbox and Feed should be the same thing in Readwise Reader.

Well look at that, Berhalter took my suggestion and put in Reyna for Ferreira and he does appear to be playing more of a false nine role so far.

Whelp… I turned on the US game as the 9th minute started and 28 seconds later Netherlands scored…

After ditching my RSS reader almost a year ago, I’m starting from scratch again with Readwise Reader.

Starting to collect some research on meal kit subscriptions in a Kinopio space.

Uber Eats need to add Live Activities to their app.

📌 omg.

📚 Started Inside Voice today by Lake Bell on Audible—the blending of audiobook and podcast that Pushkin has been doing is really interesting.


Has anyone had success setting up a custom email domain on iCloud+ with a domain from Hover?

All of this just makes me want access to Tana even more now… I’m not sure what the public/sharing is like with Tana, but every other aspect is exactly what I want, need, in my life right now.

Spent a good amount of time playing around with Capacities.

Exploring using Capacities for my TV and Movie databases for 2023 instead of Notion.

I thought paying for a year of Readwise Full might bump me up for Readwise Reader beta access… does not seem to be the case… 😞

A large part of me feels like I went down the wrong career path and should’ve been a magazine/comics editor (books too, but they feel a bit daunting to me, atm).

Think it might be time to quit listening to podcasts again.

Boom Studios has always had some fun books, but it feels like ever since Tynion’s Something is Killing the Children took off, they are really stepping their game up.

Bummed that Mem still can’t hook up to Outlook calendar…

And that I still don’t have access to Tana…

Currently 85 songs into what I’m planning to be my 100 song magnum opus playlist.

Now that I have a hosted micro.

Americans (and likely all humans) should not have allegiances to politicians or political parties.

Setting up a hosted micro.

Currently have Are.

Just set-up @humdrum2 as a secondary account to pull in other feeds like Are.

Anyone have experience posting videos on micro.

Thinking about starting a tumblr…

I hope voters in GA don’t relax now that the Dems have held NV and with it, Senate control.

Slight visual refresh on the blog today.

It’s all up to Arizona and Georgia…

Today was the first time I’ve voted not in person—pretty great experience.

I currently have my status.

Films I’m most excited to get my eyeballs on: Decision to Leave, Triangle of Sadness, TÁR, The Banshees of Inisherin, and Aftersun, Bardo, and Babylon.


💬 F.

Thinking of adding a Thursday issue to my Streaming Variability newsletter that focuses more on movies, box office, what movies are hitting theatres/streaming over the weekend, and general entertainment news…

I know cable news is dying, but I feel like the NY Times is in prime position to standup a 24hr streaming news channel to overtake CNNs position as the go-to place for live news events.

I’m curious what the make up of Twitter users are if you bucket them into three groups: users who hate Musk buying Twitter, users who love every breathe he takes, and those oblivious / don’t care.

These comparisons are far from perfect, but I think they are directionally accurate.

The word reinvention gets thrown around a lot in media, but is overused and overblown.

Mubi Go looks really, really cool.

Reading @jack talk about Tana makes me feel like it’s exactly what I want.

I don’t use my X100S camera enough as it is, but I still fawn over one day having a Hasselblad 907X 50C and a Leica Q2.

After seeing @gaby have a status.

The Bulls win last night (and the NBA being back) has me so jazzed right now.

I’ve quickly become obsessed with Marvel Snap.

Smoke today is, I think, the worst it’s been since I’ve been in Seattle.

At my first Kraken game and they go down 1-0 in the first twelve seconds.

Whelp DC’s comics subscription just upped the ante big time with all comics being available just 30 days after print vs six months previously (and Marvel’s at three months).

Because I can’t let things be… I now have three separate Substacks… working through getting everything tidy now.

Whelp… I went ahead and started a new newsletter about the NBA and the Chicago Bulls… bullyball…

After skipping The Problem with John Stewart completely last season, I really enjoyed the first episode of season 2 last night.

I’ve gone six straight weeks of newslettering twice a week, which feels like a personal record.

Absolutely loving this wallpaper for my iPhone.


💬 Ken Burns:

Paraphrased from Reservation Dogs 2:9

Dumb question: are there any image formats that can have text in the image act as links?

Over the last eleven months, A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance has easily been one of my favorite comics and they 100% stuck the landing with the final issue.

Started a new Twitter account to accompany the newsletter I’ve been doing for the last month all about TV and streaming… probably a bad idea… but it’s been decided…

Kinopio launched as Kinopio 3.

🎥 Elvis - ★★★★

I considering subscribing to mymind again.

I’ve always been pro-notch and the new dynamic island notch animations on Pro’s is nifty.

📌 What’s the Secret of Success in America?

Woke up at 3:30 AM this morning to fly back to Chicago and went straight to Bob Chinn’s from the airport to surprise my mom for her 70th birthday.

Coby White, Derrick Jones Jr.



Tried a new format for the newsletter, previewing the week in tv and tv news, and of course I forgot to check which shows were premiering and left off The Rings of Power and Rick & Morty… 🤦‍♂️

Got my wife AirPods Max for her birthday and I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit so far 😝

Getting frustrated with Hey… emails in my Imbox 🙄 are different across devices.

🔗 Federal judge blocks HHS emergency abortion guidance - Literally living in medieval times.

In the vein of All the Marvels, I’ve been thinking about trying to go back and read all the Batman and Bat-Family related books on DC Universe.

I did not have “MoviePass makes a comeback” on my 2022 bingo card.

I was surprised how much I liked the first episode of She-Hulk.

Had to hop on a client call this morning and the only way I can describe my voice is that of someone who has found a way to sustain their life on nothing but cigars since they were four years old.

Wish I was more productive when I’m sick.

Safe to say I learned the answer to the first question here the hard way (with some googling).

All set-up: https://omg.

💬 René Vidal, Irma Vep:


Just preseason, but I feel really good about Liverpool’s chances this year.

📌 What’s the Deal With Water Bottles?

When you miss a morning meeting with your client because the invite went to your junk folder, you know you’re in for a great day…

📌 Waymo Cars, Honey Bears, and the Future of San Francisco

Decided I needed a cross-platform task manager.

Axios is reporting 67% of Americans (82% Dems / 57% Repubs) support SCOTUS term limits.

Had put it off for awhile, but now that we’ve started, we can’t stop watching Loot.

Back to Roam again (on the private side of things, at least).

My mom has been making pretty intricate and nice looking hand-crafted cards (birthday, wedding, Christmas, etc.

I’ve become obsessed with the Cookies & Cream Chex bars.

A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance from Rick Remender and André Lima Araújo is truly brilliant.

Aren’t many things better than a cold kolsch on the balcony on a sunny day in the summer.

📌 Brett Kavanaugh’s Right to Dine Shall Not Be Infringed - Esquire

To understand “the other side” better, I’ve started to expand my news sources and have taken another look at The Dispatch and The Bulwark, both of which are center-right Substack news orgs and this podcast/interview was a great place to start.

Help Highland Park

The Bear on Hulu/FX is very, very good.


I hate to generalize, but… I’m back in Chicago for a couple days and food (and even beer) is just soooo much better here than Seattle 🤤

I love that the government times this shit perfectly.


The drinking of alcoholic beverages will commence quite early today…

Just in case it was ever in doubt, America had to go and make it as clear as possible that it values guns more than women.

Forgot to link to this previously: Track your Media - a little guide I wrote last week for Kinopio and how I use it for my TV and Movie tracking.

11 US cities are hosting World Cup matches in 2026 and Chicago isn’t one of them 🙀

I feel like whenever I hear about a super smart persons writing/note-taking process it’s always something simple like Apple Notes.

Thinking about setting up an automation with Zapier that allows me to blog through a discord channel…

Stage Manager*** and I think I have the right iPad Pro for it 🤞

Lock Screen widgets and Sleep Stages are the two things I’m really loookong forward to.

📌 Plan a Routine

Now that Bandcamp support deleted hundreds of unwanted albums I got in a 99 cent discography purchase because I said “why not?

Don’t really like asking for this kind of help… but I figured I’d see if anyone in the micro.

Finished season two of Hacks last night and it’s so great.


Hi internet..

humdrum news vol.

Took some time late last night to try to figure out how to port some of the code on my blot blog to a micro.

I wish Apple would do more with comics in their Books app.

Considering moving my blog to micro.

I really want Bike outliner for iOS.

📌 Marvel Snap is a speedy digital card game from former Hearthstone developers

Spent the morning with high anxiety levels, ignoring work and daydreaming about my zine and my dream of a bar + comic/coffee shop… will probably devote this weekend to wrapping up the first issue of the zine…

At the point where I’m brainstorming names for my zine now…

Experimenting with the idea my designs could live in zine form on my Substack, for anyone who might want to follow along… A quick example in that issue, but I have some ideas to take a bit further still.

humdrum news vol.

Just yesterday I said I was going to drop are.

Following up on the last design, not sure if this blog is the right place to post them.

humdrum no-news vol.

📌 RRR - The Biggest Blockbuster You’ve Never Heard Of

Thinking of ditching are.

humdrum news vol.

📌 Why abortion rights are under threat in America from TheEconomist

📌 What’s Missing from Samuel Alito’s Draft Decision to Revoke the Right to Abortion | The New Yorker

📌 Alito’s Plan to Repeal the 20th Century

humdrum news vol.

humdrum news vol.

humdrum news vol.

Watched the first episode of The Offer last night and loved it.

humdrum news vol.


Fixed it!

Dammit… just realized my last design said “2020” not “2022”… 🤦‍♂️

humdrum news vol.

humdrum news vol.

humdrum news vol.


📌 “Winning Time” Isn’t Just Deliberately Dishonest, It’s Drearily Dull

Considering dipping my toes in RSS again.

I’m 100% letting myself believe the Bulls have a shot in this series right now, just to make the inevitable defeat that much more painful.

📌 Ep.

What a stunner in Phoenix.

📌 In Defense of Tucker Carlson Touting ‘Testicle Tanning’

Hints looks like a really nice app.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a must see.

What an ending in Boston.

Went ahead and setup Osaka (Kinopio’s font) to be used in Drafts and it’s glorious.

Raindrop could probably serve my Instapaper and Are.

Loving Jack’s new blog where he has beautifully incorporated daily notes and blog posts.

Instead I went ahead and made it extremely easy to post to my blog from drafts, eliminating the prompt step for tags and permalink/file name.

Was thinking about setting up a new Twitter account with my semi- pseudonym “humdrum”, but between my blog and the fact Twitter keeps freezing up when I try to “sign up with Apple”, I gave up and decided against it.

Glass is super nice and all, but I guess I’m just not that into photography… I used to be… but I just don’t find much there to be too enticing.

So apparently vanilla nitro Pepsi is a thing and I actually like it…

Played basketball tonight for the first time since COVID and now I’m only 70% sure I’ll live to see another day.

📌 International Coöperation in a Bakery, in “Refuge”

📌 Redesigning an App, One Day a Week at a Time


📌 How Democrats Evened the Congressional Map — The Daily

Holy Oscar’s.

I really want to build something with another person.

Food + Wine Magazine was filming a food truck that was parked at one of the breweries by my house and now Bruce Wayne (my pup) may become famous.

Playing around with the wiki again… probably a dumb decision that will die before it really gets started, but I’ve been itching for something that meets all my needs and I think it gets the closest.

After saying I’d use this blog for my Daily Notes, looking back at it, I don’t love it…

Went down a rabbit hole last night looking into how I might be able to build a system within Drafts that can drive my Daily Notes and wiki-style note-taking… Don’t think I have the energy and know-how to actually implement at this point.

Think I’m going to set-up some new Draft actions to make posting quicker.

I’ve decided, for now, I’m staying away from Roam.

I set-up separate Shortcut actions for sending things to my Kinopio journals.

Enjoyed the first episode of Bomani Jones’ new HBO show, Game Theory.

Cool to see maya.

Anyone out there still watching The Problem with John Stewart?

Half of me really wants to get back to using Roam on a daily basis for just jotting down thoughts and thinking through things… the other half of me wants to try to make it work here on TIV… the problem with TIV is not being able to see what I’ve written before while composing…

How long until a Zoë Kravitz Catwoman movie gets announced?

I’m typing these posts out pretty quickly with Drafts, but then I need to choose an action, type my permalink, add tags, and hit send.

I wonder if it would be possible to use the Roam API to post to this blog (Blot + Dropbox txt files).

I want a blog that works like Roam.

I miss the Futureland community, but I’m not sure how I’d want to use it now and it feels weird to just hop back in without intention at this point.

CNN+ is launching March 29th (happy birthday to me… I guess) for $3/mo if you sign up in the first couple of weeks.

I gave up on The Ringer a bit ago, but they’ve been partnering with some smart people for podcasts lately.

I’ve been wracking my brain since Friday to remember that actors name…

They payed all that money to Colin Farrell and put all that make up on him just to have him look like Paul Guilfoyle in the end.

I’ve found myself pretty addicted to Are.

Saw people on Twitter looking for alternatives to Bandcamp given the Epic sale and came across Resonate — “the ethical music streaming co-op.

You know you’re terrible when the Taliban has to tell you to be peaceful:

📌 50 // Build in public with Pirijan — Metamuse

Finally got around to watching the first episode of [[Super Pumped]]… don’t really think it’s for me… I’m a big fan of JGL, but he just does not feel like the right person for the role to me.


Last nights episode of Painting with John is an all-timer.

If I take some time to figure out relational databases in Notion, I think I can get my calendar closer to where I want it.

📌 Putin’s New Iron Curtain

Set up the Notion calendar to basically show when a tv show is premiering it’s first episode… would much rather have each episode show up, but Notion’s calendaring system isn’t really designed for reoccurring events…

Built out a little calendar on Notion to keep track of upcoming tv shows, movies, and a few other things.

Not that I need a new productivity tool in my life… but I think I might be diving into Notion here…

Spent most of the morning reading news, watching CNN, and following a distant relative as they wrangled their family from Kyiv to Ternopil.

📌 America Could Have Done So Much More to Protect Ukraine

Been paying very close attention to the Ukraine news the last few days… my paternal grandparents were born there and I technically have a bunch of family there mostly in Kyiv, although I’ve never personally met them (my cousin has gone out there a couple times).


Started All of the Marvels last night.

Painting with John S2!

Took some time to catch up on WikiTown.

Has anyone ever been contacted by a company after receiving the boilerplate rejection of “we will keep your resume on file and get in touch about future opportunities”?

Current TV Schedule after finishing Ozark and Book of Boba Fett

📌 Technology Is Terrifying in Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Kimi’

I’m actually kind of interested in CNN+ launching.


📌 Horror and Hormones, Grief and Gore, in “Yellowjackets”

📌 Liner notes: Sonant

📌 The Childhood Amnesia Edition

📌 Dear Anxiety

Think I might start a reoccurring feature on the blog where I feature my favorite single comic pages and bask in their glory.

With the TestFlight beta, I think I’m actually going to give Logseq a real go now despite it being so long since I’ve even used Roam at this point.

📌 Constitutional Crisis No.

📌 Dirt: Embracing ambivalence

📌 In Conversation with: Joey Feldman

📌 Kraken Fan Saves Canucks Equipment Manager’s Life By Banging On The Glass



📌 Ten Years of Logging My Life - Art Chaidarun

Testing rss changes.

📌 Media Report Card!

📌 2021 Year in Review: Best Writer

📌 How I Build

📌 Hollywood’s Villain of the Year Is… Adam Aron

📌 Dirt: New Nick Jr.

📌 Just When You Thought It Was Over .

I’ve only watched five minutes of this Kentucky game, but TyTy Washington gives me D-Rose/SGA vibes right now.

Part of my struggle with trying to replicate everything I did on Roam over in Kinopio is that creating a new space in Kinopio feels like a substantial thing as opposed to creating a page // link in Roam.

📌 From Bernie’s mittens to Taylor’s scarf, 12 objects that defined 2021

On another note, I’ve done another round of futzing with the blog and think I’m happy with where it’s add.

One thing that I’m clamoring for, that Roam used to be ideal for, but Kinopio just doesn’t feel right for, is having public lists that are dynamic and easy to add to, remove from, and reorder on the fly.

Going to stop posting my Kinopio journal spaces everyday on the blog and therefore kill the Kinopio RSS feed.

With Kinopio’s new embed feature, I think I can create a page on TIV that embeds my daily journal and use Siri Shortcuts to automate updating to the right space everyday.

📌 On “Succession,” Jeremy Strong Doesn’t Get the Joke

📌 Half a Billion in Bitcoin, Lost in the Dump

I’m still thrilled I can do microposts that don’t hit the RSS feed though.

Have some cool ideas I’d like to implement on the blog, but they are probably beyond my ability.

Bulls signing so many ten-day contracts as their whole squad is basically decimated from health protocols.

Planning to kickoff my newsletter again with the goal of making it weekly.

📌 The Movies with Mikey Movie Tournament - Pt.

📌 The Movies with Mikey Movie Tournament - Pt.

📌 The Movies with Mikey Movie Tournament - Pt.

📌 How to Spend 432,870 Minutes on Spotify in a Year

📌 Project MAYBACH with Virgil Abloh: an installation in homage to a visionary, trusted partner and collaborator

📌 I See a Sh*tshow — Cover Story


A lot of upsets around the league tonight: Nuggets beat the Heat, Spurs beat the Wizards, Cavs beat the Mavs, Pelicans beat the Clippers, and Rockets beating the Thunder can probably be included as well considering the Thunder seem to have actually won a handful of games.




💬 Julia Ioffe, Puck:

Now that it’s all said and done, I wonder if Lauri might have actually fit as the Bulls 4; bring PatWil off the bench at the 3 or 4… Looking throughout the league the options at 4 that are actually gettable seem pretty limited… putting a list together now.

I have a free audiobook credit.

Thinking maybe the Kinopio link should be posted at the end of the day (or maybe even the next day), this way it doesn’t just link to an empty space…

Considering if I really need to get The New Yorker, The Economist, and The Atlantic in print…

I wonder if I can get blot to render dates in the format I like to use when k type things: //241121//

Testing my new Kinopio Journal RSS Feed…

I think the only thing that would make my Blot blog even better would be to be able to authenticate on the web somehow and write directly into the blog and have it create the txt file in the background for me somehow.

Also set-up some logic to check the space name against the current day of the week.

So I set-up another Siri Shortcut Automation to run at the beginning of every day, getting the link to the current day’s Kinopio Journal and posting here to my blog.

Has anyone kept up with The Problem with John Stewart?

I’m actually really excited for the Hawkeye show.

Set this Shortcut up to run every four hours in the background.

Microblog posts (like this) already flow to Kinopio through a Drafts action -> Siri Shortcut at the time of creation.

For things that can output RSS (Raindrop, Futureland, etc.

Been thinking a lot about my various places on the internet, what goes where, and how I can automate collecting everything into one place.

📌 Pop-Up Magazine via Why is this interesting?

Poking around Roam again for Daily Notes…

Lakers would have a solid starting line up if Avery Bradley were truly the defender we thought he was when he was in Boston.

The Kenosha shit is complete bullshit.

After seeing The French Dispatch, I want to get a tattoo that says “Les enfants sont grognons” in the script from the movie but I can’t find a screenshot of the wall that’s on.

Staying up late is detrimental to my wallet.

Very much in a sports mood with the NBA season starting and the Bulls off to a hot start so I went ahead and resubscribed to The Athletic and Cleaning the Glass.

It might be too late, but Charlie Warzel is moving his newsletter to The Atlantic and apparently even free subscribers will get a free year to The Atlantic.

What a comeback for the Bulls!

Bulls off to a fast start from three tonight in Boston.


Justin Fields makin’ moves.

Still obsessed with sports on the west cost.

Things were going so great for the Bears, then the announcer had to go mention the 49ers haven’t scored a touchdown against the Bears in 14 quarters, since 2015, and then bam!

🔗 Everybody, the Bulls are back, alright!


Good morning world!

Whelp, I got it working, mostly… the entries are a bit off center compared to the title and nav now…

I don’t know if I’d actually be able to figure it out though…

I wonder if it would be beneficial to have the date between posts rather than off to the left side so the distinction between days is a little more clear.

Since I’ve been reading less on the internet over the past six months, I’ve had less to write about…

Watching the first of the Phish Vegas shows for Halloween.

Bulls playing inside-out through Vuc seems to be working great.

Successfully implemented the non-RSS feature on TIV.

I was lucky enough to be at the 3OT Game 6 in the 2009 playoffs vs Boston.

LaVine is on his way to being that next most important Bull, but has a ways to go.

Super pumped for Joakim Noah night as the Knicks with D Rose, Taj, and Thibs come to Chicago.

First test post that shouldn’t flow to RSS.

Alright, reverted my fonts back to what I previously had.

Don’t think I’m digging these fonts…

The css file for my site is such a hodgepodge of stuff I just barely understood and have mostly forgotten that making any changes is rolling the dice of despair.

Man, I love these Bulls

Why are there no national games on the first Saturday of the NBA season…?!?!

Whelp, it’s safe to say basketball season has begun and I’m listening to podcasts again.

Curious what my blog would look like if I wrote in outlines

Updated and cleaned up my Central Hub today on Kinopio.

LaVine just went scoreless in the first 18 minutes only to put in 20 over the last six minutes of the half.

Fun Q1 for the Bulls tonight in their home opener against NOLA.

Things I’m currently thinking about:

Although I don’t think Drummer is for me, seeing everyone use it makes me want to get back to this blog a bit more.

As much as I hate to say it and despite their age, I feel like we are underestimating LeBron, Melo, Rus, and AD.


FedEx is the worst


Kinopio 2.

Going to write a longer process post about creating the designs and then getting them ready for the tees.

If anyone is interested… I launched two shirts with Cotton Bureau.

Should I be keeping notes in Things..?

Seems legit..


A guy was riding around in his Escalade bumping some old school, soulful R&B and singing along at the top of his lungs with the windows down and it completely made my day.

I’ve paid basically zero attention to the NBA Draft since the Bulls don’t have a pick until # 38… Given Artūras’ history in Denver, I trust they’ll snag a sold role player, but they are still a move away from really competing, which assumes the LaVine and Vučević pairing works.

🏀 NBA Finals Game 6 Kinopio Space Live Blog

🏀 NBA Finals Game 5 Kinopio Space Live Blog

🏀 NBA Finals Game 4 Kinopio Space

Biggest set of Twin Films since Antz vs A Bug’s Life???

Game 3 NBA Finals Live Kinopio Space

Cool little Java Sans thingy for making some interesting looking text.

Experimenting with Kinopio for a live blog for Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight.


Curious how many times a team has made the NBA Finals after missing the playoffs the year before, let alone both teams if Atlanta advances.

Today was a day.

What time is too early for cracking a beer when the temperature is supposed to get over 100°?

Making some tweaks to tiv.

Carlisle to the Pacers is a match made in heaven.

It’d be so wild if we get a Phoenix vs Atlanta NBA Finals.

If the Clippers knew Kawhi was donezo they should’ve just let the Jazz win.

I just got the kindle update to display book covers…

So does anyone actually know how to listen to Lossless from an iPhone…?


Claxton (just a guy I’m a fan of) played 8 minutes, took zero shots, had four blocks, and was +14, third highest on the team.

📌 1000 Musicians Play Rock Songs | kottke.

Bulls have a 20% chance to get a top four pick, which would allow them to keep it (vs sending it to Orlando if it falls 5+.

Draymond and Juan T came to play!

Giddy watching actual defense in the NBA right now.

2nd dose ✔️

Whelp… we knew it was coming, but the Bulls are officially eliminated from a playoff spot.

Oh snap!

The first community grub has been added to the Multiverse Collection.

NBA suffers from too many games (like MLB,) but also suffers from too many playoff teams.

NBA play-in wrinkle idea: what if the No.

Playing around with mmm.

Moved my Links Ahoy page over to Raindrop, now I need to decide if I continue to embed on my site or just link to the full public page on Raindrop…

💬 Interesting line from The Economist:

Somehow I knew as soon as I left Chicago Hop Butcher would end up opening a tap room.

Hop Butcher for the World are finally getting their own space and tap room.

Since maique and gaby have their own gluon icons now, I went ahead and made my own that matches my blog to use with Shortcuts 🤣

Probably still room to remove.

Just deleted 80% of the apps on my phone as I try to reduce it’s uses and gravitational pull.

Anyone have tips on finding/buying a typewriter?

via: The Stranger

I haven’t actually watched baseball this year, but I’m all for 7 inning double headers.

The Passion Fruit + Vanilla Ginger Beer from Rachel’s in Seattle is an otherworldly beverage that I do not feel worthy of.

Watching Marvel’s Arena of Heroes presentation of the Warriors v Pelicans basketball game and it’s mostly pointless.

I guess now I need to figure out how to, like, actually function as a human being again.

Well friends… I come bearing good news… After a very, very, very, very, very long search, I’ve finally received a job offer for something I actually want to do.

The NBA has this “#OnlyHere” campaign and the commercial starts, “Where else can a sun rise and buckets fall,” and I’m pretty sure anywhere buckets exist, both of those things happen.

The Sweet Tooth show should feel like Iggy Pop being directed by Wes Anderson wrapped in flannel.


Multiverse has become my favorite place to read things.

For the anime fans out there, I highly recommend checking out Yasuke on Netflix.

Sweet Tooth was an all-timer comic for me, but sadly the trailer for the Netflix show doesn’t appear to get the vibe right, whatsoever.

Someone other than me cut my hair for the first time in 12 years.

Well I officially changed my username on basically every platform…

I wonder if half court shots were worth four points, would Steph Curry take them within the offense?

Got my first dose of Pfizer today.

Trying out HEY for Domains with me@tiv.

And the turn the Champion’s League into a Super League vs European League competition that also gives relegation/promotion incentives.

Have similar quota’s per league and allow teams to move up and down between the Super League and European leagues.

A European Super League is super interesting, but it should’ve been something UEFA got ahead of with no permanent members.


Been messing around a bit with the blog today.

Taking a new header typeface out for a test drive.

Guess who has two thumbs and a J+J vaccine appointment for Thursday Friday?!

Mind is blown seeing Robin Sloan pop up in kicks Discord.

Wore a Cubs shirt to a Sox game in Seattle tonight.

T-Minus 3 days until I’m in Chicago drinking Hop Butcher.

📌 Warner Bros.


For some reason, one of my videos from the 2009 (?

Aw man, I really thought Oral Roberts was going to pull it off…

I like to imagine NBA GMs all in a shared Slack bouncing around trade ideas.

Rondo to the Clippers!

Been a busy day with trades though with Orlando emptying the coffers sending Fournier to Boston, Gordon to Denver (which is weird to me), and Vucevic to Chicago.

Second Bulls trade of the day: Daniel Gafford and Chandler Hutchison to Washington for Troy Brown Jr.

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it.

Whelp, surprisingly, the Chicago Bulls move first (and big) on deadline day and decided to ship out Wendell Carter Jr.

The greatest scene in all of cinema.

🌈 Used Kinopio to create A Meditation on Logging as I continue to stress out about digital tools and their uses.

Then you have Thiago and Wijnaldum filling the gaps behind them, Fabinho as the defensive mid, and a healthy back four with van Dijk, TAA, Robertson, and… somebody… plus Alisson obviously.

What if Liverpool move off of Salah and Mane and go all in on Haaland?

From Blot’s plans for this season: “Add support for [[Wikilinks]].

Custom themes for Drafts!

Franz doesn’t give them a pure Point Forward like Cade Cunningham, but he seems like he can help with Point Guard by committee alongside Coby and LaVine with his playmaking abilities.

With a way to early look at the NBA Draft, I’m putting Franz Wagner as my target for the Bulls (unless they magically have a shot at Cade Cunningham.


📌 John Cleese has an NFT bridge to sell you for $69.

As the resident Chicago and Basketball person around these parts, I have to point out the Loyola-Chicago v Illinois game going on right now.

Who needs a yule log when you can have four superhero’s slowly walking up twenty flights of stairs?!?

Wait… so I really need the full video of the four superhero’s in Justice League slowly walking up like twenty flights of stairs in a socially distanced manner to slow dun dun dun heavy metal music.

Completely skipped both Batman vs Superman and Justice League, but I’ve decided to dive into the depths of the Snyder Cut.


By the transitive properties of Bill Walton, bestowed upon me by Bill Walton, I give you an article about Bill Walton, written in the manner that could only exist if written about Bill Walton, for all who love Bill Walton (which is all who coexist in a world with Bill Walton): defector.


There’s a guy on Ohio St.

I completely forgot about March Madness until just now, but Abmas is making a name for himself against No.

The Thunder are still trading for more draft picks.


Having my first non-alcoholic beer, Run Wild IPA from Athletic Brewing.

Oh boy… Andy Dalton… 😕

Still struggling to get them to show up on the timeline, but I put together another moving design with sound.

🧿 Croosified

It didn’t come through the micro.

What I really want is a smaller reMarkable with Instapaper and RSS.


Goal for the week: find the best way to create some ambient/synth type music to add as a background/soundtrack to my moving designs from my iPad.

Been trying to do new things and have a bit more fun with the blog.

🧿 Pulse of the Spine

GIF Test with Blot

When you pick up your phone to look something up and then proceed to check e-mail, Instagram, micro.


Do I read the manga first or just dive into the anime… that is the question…



I’ve basically spent my entire day learning about and “watching” Blaseball…

I’m reading about Blaseball right now and am completely fascinated.

Finally got around to downloading Reeder 5.

I’ve decided the Brooklyn Nets should only wear last years white Bed-Stuy Biggie jersey or their new black Basquiat jersey moving forward.

Just sent out the final beta issue of my newsletter, The Weekly Variable.


I started to think maybe the entire team wore them on their left in solidarity or something.

The Dallas Mavericks have a group of five guys who are all on the court right now all wearing shooting sleeves on their left arms.

Given his offseason comments though, I don’t know that Wilson would be very happy with the Bears O-Line.

Here’s to hoping the Bears can somehow come out of the offseason with Russell Wilson (sorry fellow Seattleites…) or Deshaun Watson.

So Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing a Superman film reboot.

Add another one to the Ballard Brewing District as Bale Breaker announces a taproom coming this summer.

Anyone here used to read The Awl?

While we’ve had our differences, I’m excited to see Zach LaVine make his first All-Star team.

Hey World, blogging from Hey/Basecamp, actually looks pretty cool.

As much as I’ve tried, I can’t get behind the idea of digital collectibles on blockchain.

Between the way my mind works and all the stuff to consume, I’ve found myself turning everything, even the most enjoyable experiences, into tasks that needed to be completed in order to get to the next one and I’m not sure how to stop.

Billy Donovan has done a tremendous job with the Bulls this season.

Kyrie has been magnificent offensively this year.

Hadn’t watched tennis in forever, but Serena/Osaka felt like a must watch.

Need to find some time to update my About page and External Places one of these days…

Trying out grayscale again on my iPhone in order to try to get myself less glued to it.

Ritz Toasted Chips are an extremely underrated and under appreciated chip.

The second episodes of both Reply All’s The Test Kitchen and The Atlantic’s The Experiment (as mentioned in the newsletter 🤓) came out this week and continue to be excellent.

Thinking of switching up the colors on the blog to get away from the generic white and blue seen everywhere nowadays.

I feel personally attacked here.

My SodaStream broke last night… the end times are near.

What the hell Seattle?

Had the Impossible Burger for the first time tonight and thought it was light years better than the Beyond Burger.


Painting with John and How To with John Wilson on HBO are just so my jam.

Pretty exciting to see Candace Parker sign with the Chicago Sky.

Whoah the new Carrot Weather update is absolutely gorgeous.

And with that, my top ten lists for 2020 are complete.

Just here to echo the awe for Amanda Gorman.

When fully healthy, the Bulls second unit (Tomas Satoransky, Garrett Temple, Otto Porter Jr.

Breaking: Brooklyn Nets finally realize their vision of the three stooges.

Thinking about getting the Awards Winners Pass to the digital Sundance Film Festival this year.

It’s an absolute delight to scroll through micro.

🎵 Currently listening: Lessening by Ralph Kinsella

Oooooo Blot has easy Bandcamp embeds now.

I’ve decided to put together an ownership group to bring an NBA expansion team to Seattle.

I may not be in Illinois anymore, but Tammy and Dick are the best.

This is disgraceful.

Steph Curry and Draymond Green combined for 63 points to beat the Trailblazers tonight 😹😹😹

Maybe it’s just being in a city for the first time, but the obligatory spattering of fireworks, people shouting and cheering, car horns, and even ship horns from the bay as the clock struck midnight were extremely cathartic last night to end 2020.



So we got a STARZ trial on Apple Channels so we could watch Forrest Gump (I’ve never seen before) and started around 7:30 PT then I had to walk Bruce Wayne around 8:50 PT and when I got back we couldn’t resume the last 50 minutes.

View from Kerry Park on NYE.

🎵 Music is the Root of Evil by Dan Boadi and the African Internationals

Of course the Bulls lose on a last second three by Damion Lee…

Walking up Teneriffe Falls yesterday.

I still have a ton to see from this year, but so far my two favorite movies of the year are black and white Netflix films.

I’m so excited for a potential Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, Justice Winslow, Brandon Clarke, and Jaren Jackson Jr.

I was pleasantly surprised with The Flight Attendant on HBO.

Trying to make my NBA predictions for the year… Have my standings nailed down, but I have no strong feelings about the final four teams.

I’m starting to think I may have been wrong and the Bulls were right in taking Patrick Williams over his teammate, Devin Vassell (who I loved and who started over PatWil at Florida St.

Whelp Fitness+ just crashed in the middle of a workout and there doesn’t appear to be a way to recover the workout or fast-forward to get back to where I was.

Coby needs a tall PG next to him so he can play off-ball and still match up with the opposing teams smaller guard.

Coby, Cade, PatWil, Lauri, and WCj.

Bulls need to tank for Cade Cunningham this year.

📌 Plotter

🏞 Up on Poo Poo Point.

But back to the Bulls first preseason; I saw what I wanted to see out of Coby, Lauri, and the rookie Williams.

Don’t sleep on Giles!

I really really really like this Portland team.

It’s great to hear Stacey King’s voice again!

I’m working on a bigger post of Chicago to Seattle brewery comps, but two of my initial thoughts are Mirage to Hop Butcher, and Lowercase to Dovetail.

Just finished Mank and I absolutely adored it.

Is Westbrook really worth a first rounder?

U of I would get a good team as soon as I leave the state for the first time since the Deron Williams, Dee Brown, Luther Head days… 🙄

Beautiful day.

💬 Bill Walton:

Bill Walton is a national treasure.


Derecho from Mirage Brewing - Well… I think I might have found my Seattle Hop Butcher replacement.

When you can no longer get Hop Butcher and have to “settle” for a fridge full of Great Notion.

Liverpool are essentially playing the same shape, but with Origi playing more of a true nine in place of Firmino’s false nine, resulting in more gaps and vulnerabilities, forcing the midfield to work a lot harder, which results in more difficulties for this young defense.

Things aren’t looking great so far for Liverpool against Atalanta through the first twenty minutes.

With Mank hitting Netflix soon, I figured it’s about time I finally give Citizen Kane a go…

Jota has been absolutely brilliant for Liverpool.

Since I’ve been in Seattle, I’ve seen what I assume are three different people woodworking in random places.

Not feeling great about Liverpool’s chances against Leicester City today given everyone that’s out…

I was super stoked for the Memphis Grizzlies draft until I realized they traded up and actually got Tillman instead of Woodard.

I like (don’t love) Patrick Williams at 4.

I guess the good news from the 4D chess playing wizard Sam Presti, is that basketball survives to 2050.

Sam Presti is a wizard from the year 2050 playing 4D chess right now in order to secure all draft picks when he returns to his native year.

If the Bulls trade Wendell Carter Jr.

The best and worst thing about being on the west coast so far is pacific time.

And then if the Bulls could swing Hield for LaVine, you have Coby, Buddy, Vassell, Lauri, and Wendell as a your five for the future.

Vassell would slot in wonderfully at the 3, with my assumption being Porter Jr.

After watching some film, I’ve settled on Devin Vassell for the Bulls to take with the fourth pick in the draft.

We have a bed!

The Ringer/Grantland have done a great job of finding unique voices, the most recent being J.

I haven’t read anything on The Ringer basically all year, but I’d kill for a Jason Concepcion, Rembert Browne, Wesley Morris, Lindsey Zoladz, Danny Chau, Shea Serrano paid blog/Substack/Patreon publication.

Mac Mini!!!

When Great Notion opens their taproom in Ballard I’m going to go poor (and probably destroy my liver).

Well I guess real life starts again tomorrow.

That moment you realize you can’t watch the Bears on local TV anymore… and then the next moment when you realize you get to watch a real QB during the local game.

Feels kind of poetic that I left my old home of Illinois on Election Day and on the day I arrive at my new home in Seattle we officially have a new president-elect to rid the country of the idiocracy of the last four years.

The sun does seem to be shining just a bit brighter today.

I’m so weak.

Leg 1 of the road trip to Seattle has been completed.


Whelp, the condo has been completely emptied with closing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Still no chance of making the playoffs, even in the East, but maybe a year away from being a year away from the playoffs…

Selling myself on the draft this year for the Bulls… Could draft Killian Hayes or LaMelo Ball to play alongside Coby in the backcourt with Lauri and Carter Jr.

I don’t watch a lot of baseball, but I’m so glad I watched the last four innings tonight.

Just four days before we hit the road for Seattle, I’ll be able to try my 100th unique Hop Butcher beer.

Did a blind taste test of three different unflavored 1L glass bottles of sparkling water.

In line for the first day of early voting in Illinois!

Whelp as least we took a point off the first place team…

Current Road Trip Itinerary (first week of Nov): Chicago ➡️ Minneapolis (Modist Brewing & BlackStack Brewing) ➡️ Theodore Roosevelt National Park ➡️ Bozeman (MAP Brewing & Montana Ale Works) ➡️ Yakima (Bale Breaker Brewing & Single Hill Brewing) ➡️ Seattle, new home sweet home.

I kind of actually like Medium’s new logo symbol thing…

Well I think I’ve come up with the perfect first beer to brew once I’m in Seattle.

Scrolling through A Day in the Life photos on micro.

📷 Libertyville, IL USA ||| 5:37 PM UTC-5 ||| One of our final walks in the burbs before moving to Seattle ||| #adayinthelife

📌 Kamala Harris Claims Her Power by Jemele Hill | The Atlantic

The lagers in Seattle are so much better than Chicago though.

I haven’t had everything, but my current opinion is Chicago does the NE/Hazy IPA soooooooooo much better than Seattle.

The fresh hop beers in Seattle right now… 🤯

📌 Instagram Brings Back Classic Icons With 10th Anniversary Easter Egg | daringfireball.

Currently sitting at 96 unique beers from Hop Butcher for the World, with a closing date for my condo on 10/23.

What… is… happening…………

Whelp… being down 2-0 is a little more excitement than I was hoping for… Just giving away points for Chelsea and City…

Had no idea Ross Barkley was loaned to Villa.

The Drafts widget in dark mode with color tinted buttons is beautiful.

Airr seems like a pretty cool podcast app to pull highlights out of shows, but just listening to ten seconds of a show with it I realize how much Overcast really does, not to mention the playlists I rely on.

Hoping Leeds can put up a fight against City today.

Really looking forward to when Readwise can pull in highlights from Blinkist.

I’m a big fan of the monthly cover art John Gruber and Ben Thompson have been doing with Dithering.

Ansu Fati is a delight.


Cheering for the Heat tonight!


Did the world just end..?

Looking for some Drafts scripting help: is it possible for a single line to remove all instances of “**”?

Also… kind of wish the Bulls would’ve waited before pulling the trigger on Donavon now… Nothing against Billy D, but Doc is easily a tier above him.

Firing Doc Rivers is stupid.

Exciting first couple of minutes for Jota’s Liverpool debut.

I’m so excited for Thiago to eventually take the Keita/Henderson spot in the starting line-up…

Nick Foles!!!

Getting back to Star Trek: Discovery today.

Anybody have any good YA book/series recommendations?

📌 Jazz Musician Lettering | Reagan Ray | This is so great.

At the beginning of this IPL season I chose three teams, for mostly random reasons, to follow closely throughout the tournament.

Or if Things has no more items in the specified list, it doesn’t need to be seen until that changes.

Does anybody know if apps/widgets, specifically for the “Smart Stack” feature, communicate to iOS when there are significant changes where it might want to be shown?

I have 300 books in my Want to Read list on Goodreads because I’ll hear something from someone and immediately add them.

Currently using the giant Fantastical widget, which switches to Things with the medium Carrot widget, which switches to Drafts eight button grid on top.


Billy Donovan to be the Bulls next head coach… he wasn’t one of the people I was hoping for, but what he did with OKC this past season was impressive after being counted out.

✖︎ Neon Hops

Not feeling great about Fabinho starting at center back against Chelsea today.

On the verge of subscribing to ESPN+ again given they now have the Bundesliga along with Serie A.

IPL on the TV, Leeds on the iPad.

Excited to watch my first IPL season starting tomorrow morning.

What if, for Smart Stacks, you could have a 4x4 grid, but then when you swipe to the next widget it’s actually four 2x2 widgets or two 4x2 widgets.

Half-baked NBA challenge idea: only in the last two minutes of a game is the clock stopped and handled as it currently is.

I just watched Rene Ritchie and John Gruber bash the App Library folders, but if I were able to create them myself as a little widget I would in a heartbeat.

I just want Drafts and Roam to work together in a magical, cohesive way.

Think I’m going to edit my Link Log/Links Ahoy shortcut so that everything goes to the Link Log, but only the best stuff goes to the Links Ahoy posts.

Really dig this “Artists: Charge!

A Promised Land is most certainly going to get me to sign up for another month of Audible so I can hear Barry’s dulcet tones read to me for 30 hours.

The watchOS update seems to have vastly improved the reliability of connecting my AirPods (2nd Gen) and switching from iPhone to iPad to Watch playback with the AirPods is seamless.

Super excited about the Thiago signing, but I hope this doesn’t mean they end up losing Wjinaldum.

The Carrot weather widget is a teeny bit disappointing for me.

Eagerly awaiting widgets for Things, Fantastical, and Hey to complete my home screen setup.

Loving the Drafts and Unread widgets so far.

📌 The Thrills and Frustrations of a Rediscovered Thelonious Monk Recording by Richard Brody | The New Yorker

Kawhi should’ve signed with the SGA/Gallinari Clippers…

Holy Adebayo!

I’m probably wrong, but it just screams “what’s a low cost service we can provide to offset Apple News+ in the bundle?

Based on the pricing, I think Fitness+ was a throw-in solution for publishers not budging on the Apple News+ cut (guessing).

Maybe this is just a problem for me because I tried the TV app on my phone and the Time Flies tile works to stream there.

So the Time Flies button for the Apple Event on my Apple TV in the Apple TV app doesn’t actually stream the event…?

📌 Rise Up.

📌 App Sprawl | Frank Chimero

Imagine if the Bears actually had a QB who knew how to throw a football given all the weapons they actually have this year…

Liverpool/Leeds is ridiculous right now.

How Trump views his Presidency | The New Yorker

With Piranesi set to come out later this year, I might give Susanne Clarke’s first novel, Jonathan Strange & Mr.

Really, really enjoyed The Three-Body Problem, but I have no idea how this is going to get turned into a television series.

📌 How I Mastered the Art of Ventilating My Home by Craig Mod | The Atlantic

🎙 Missing America Episode 1 - Trumpism | Pod Save America

It’s existed for awhile, but I feel like Roam has really been a catalyst for basically every app to adopt linking between notes with “[[“.

I’ve had this idea for a movie, which I originally conceived in my wiki, but over the last few months I’ve been tinkering with it in Roam and it’s continuously evolved and mutated.

Whoa, did not see Steve Nash becoming the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets at all.

📌 The NBA’s corporate sponsors donated $3.

Now that my fiancé works for a winery I’m on a mission to try all their wine.

No idea what Kicks Condor is doing but it’s fascinating.

I’ve had The Three-Body Problem sitting on my bookshelf for about a year, but yesterday I found out the guys behind the GoT show are working on adapting it.

I get why people like Stephen A.


Been loving having a Field Notes book designated to sketching.

📌 Using Conservative Logic to Defend History’s Greatest Monsters | kottke.

📌 Banksy Finances a Mediterranean Refugee Rescue Boat | kottke.

Wanted Screen Time feature: specified app icons only show up during designated periods of time.

📌 About 100 NBA employees join protest | ESPN

I’d love to see professional athletes in all sports boycott games until charges are brought and government officials put forward plans to both reduce these situations and for how they will handle them when they inevitably happen again.

Disappointed the Cubs went forward with their game tonight especially in light of Seattle deciding to skip their game as well now.

Still tons of work to be done given the fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the GOP comes out talking about how important it is for amateur athletes in college football to play their season.

Super happy with the decision the Bucks made today in boycotting their game.


📌 Raptors discussed boycotting Game 1 vs.

The idea of having all of those in one book is super tempting, but I can’t get over the idea that my daily log books are always exactly one month, and have been for so many years.

I’m up to carrying three Field Notes books with me all the time now.

✖︎ Germs of Glory

Getting to try out the Magic Keyboard for iPad, and it really is magical.

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but LaMelo Ball might be the best prospect for the Bulls with the fourth pick.

With the upcoming move to Seattle, I packed away all my brewing equipment, but I’m jonesing to whip up a new recipe and brew again.

Going through and deleting every app off my phone that isn’t essential and used daily.

Bulls moving up to the fourth pick is wonderful.

Barry and Kamala giving me all the feels.


Just played Fortnite for the first time ever… and I won…?

The sign language guy dancing while signing during the last song was easily the best part of the DNC opening night.

I can’t decide what I want to read so instead I’m just going to sit here until it’s time for bed.

Watched the first three episodes of Ted Lasso tonight (the only three currently available), and while I’ll fully admit it’s not the greatest show; I loved it.

A few other names I wouldn’t mind seeing pop-up: Becky Hammon, Ime Udoka, Jamahl Mosley, or Lindsay Gottlieb.

I’ve been planning for this day for years now.

Bye bye Boylen!

The fact the Cubs have started the season so hot has me worried we are in store for another 4 of 45… 🤢

COVID is basically America’s hangover after blacking out and making bad decisions because the Cubs won the World Series.

Was really hoping Memphis would lose today so we could get a Suns/Trailblazers 8/9 play-in…

Super stoked for Hop Butcher’s Riwaka hopped kolsch this week to go along with my homebrewed kolsch that’s just about ready to go now.

That Dame shot at 1:30… 🤯🤯🤯

💬 Amy Davidson Sorkin, The New Yorker:

I really like the new Today pane in Day One, but wish this were the default way to open up the app.

💬 The Old Guard:

Future post topics when I actually get out of this funk and get some motivation: The NBA Bubble so far plus predictions, This Week in Hop Butcher, Lofi Hip Hop Instrumental music, HoX/PoX/Dawn of X (X-Men comics) roundup, getting into Formula 1.

If he sticks with it, Vince Carter is going to end up being the best player -> analyst since Kenny “The Jet” Smith.

I watched both seasons of Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix this past weekend and it’s become one of my favorite things.

📌 Dates confirmed for 2020 Indian Premier League | ICC



🎙 Waxahatchee - Fire | Song Exploder

📌 Why America Feels Like a Post-Soviet State | The New Yorker

I get they need stakes, but I think it would’ve been more interesting if Marvel took the James Bond route and just replaced actors.

The NBA is back in 48 hours!

Both the Knicks and Nets are interested in Zach LaVine, you say?

I miss Roon already…

I hate the fake fans and fake fan noise they use in sports.

Roon is such a superior experience compared to Plexamp.

I really dig Roon, and although it’s a small feature, the tagging is awesome.

Looks like a bunch of Other Half beers hit the Chicagoland market today.

💬 Jelani Cobb, The New Yorker:

I’ve got 1094 items in my Bandcamp collection (mostly due to cheap Full Disco purchases).

RSS, podcasts, Instapaper, and magazines (plus a digital library book I borrowed and already renewed, but have barely touched) are starting to pile up again… instead of looking at those I’m mindlessly watching YouTube videos…

Looking through my Untappd data, Hop Butcher is by far my most consumed brewery.

Now that I’ve been buying and downloading music, I’m trying to figure out how to manage the files.

Did the space between the bottom row of icons and the dock get a lot bigger in iOS 14…?

Didn’t realize you can play music on Music.

Can’t wait to have a Smart Stack of Things, Fantastical, and Carrot Weather.

Time to dive into the public betas…

Finally got access to mymind.

Might be moving to Seattle in the next couple of months.

💬 Scott Galloway, Pivot

Rough go for Liverpool this afternoon… I get they secured the PL, but down 3-0 in the first half… yikes.

📌 A Man of Substance | The New Yorker


📌 The False Hope of an American Rocket Launch | The Atlantic

I don’t think I’ve ever actually had decaf coffee before, but I decided to pick up some decaf beans while at my local roaster this past week for nights when I abstain from drinking beer as I’m trying to cut down a bit.

Anybody know of any apps/workflows that will package and send articles to a Kindle device besides Instapaper?

Liverpool are Champions of England!!!

After having spent a good deal of time with Hey now, there are definitely some aspects I’m struggling with, but overall, I think I’m still in for a year because the goods outweigh the bad and it’s hard to even consider going back to Mail.

📌 Lest We Forget the Horrors: A Catalog of Trump’s Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and Crimes | McSweeney’s


I want Lock Screen widgets still.

Because I don’t use/try enough tools already… After enjoying Hey I decided to give Basecamp Personal a try.

I really feel like the NBA season is going to end up getting cancelled before it even begins and it makes me incredibly sad.

Get off one waitlist, only to hop on another.

📨 kvnk@hey.

Analog from Ugmonk looks pretty nifty.

The Mark Two looks really nice.

Before I started making red eye’s in the morning, I was exclusively drinking espresso shots so I basically forgot how I made my Aeropress coffees.

✖︎ Collected Notes Daily Page Test

I’m the least patient person ever.

📌 Palo Alto, a Previously Unreleased Thelonious Monk Live Album | kottke.

I think native sleep tracking and improved Apple Pencil support might be what I’m looking forward to most.

💬 Tennille Newbold via David Remnick, The New Yorker:

I’ve been so unproductive the last few days and am still in that mood.

📌 Ganzeer on Ellis

mymind sounds super interesting.

Entirely missed the whole Noname/J.

📌 Warren Ellis Accused Of Grooming Young Women For Decades | Bleeding Cool

📌 Letter from… Orbital Operations

Might need to publish this conversation with my cousin about Spotify and open podcasting.

Currently arguing with my cousin over text why Spotify taking over podcasting is bad for podcasting in general.

Giving Phantom Planet’s new album, Devastator, a first listen through now.

Long live DACA

📌 Say This Isn’t The End | The Atlantic

📌 Reconciliation | Atlas Minor

I know a lot of people say you should own the domain your email is on, but the Hey app looks genuinely great and I haven’t actually liked an email app since Mailbox.

A bit of a lazy day for me today.

Going to be testing out Axios’ new app.

Besides a few publications I pay for and read elsewhere, I’ve started removing pretty much all digital publications from my RSS reader and am down to individual bloggers.

📌 City Enters Phase 4 Of Pretending Coronavirus Over

Brew day today.

Well… I added a bunch of Daily Pages back to Roam from Obsidian… Driving myself a bit crazy at this point, but Roam just feels like it takes the best pieces of all of the other tools for text and puts them into a package that is both streamlined and frictionless.

🎙 The Song That Found Me - Wesley Morris | The Daily

The more I use Obsidian, the more I miss Roam.

📌 Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker | The New York Times

📌 Images From a Worldwide Protest Movement | The Atlantic


Always Late and Never Great

My goal to get myself blogging more is to post at least one post and one micropost a day.

Just moved my entire Roam database into Obsidian and it feels pretty good.

Strongly considering getting back into owning my music rather than streaming services.

Any other microbloggers use Bandcamp?

If the NBA approve’s their plan for 22-team return with eight regular-season games to be played at Disney World, I will be giddy like a kid getting to go the Disney World for the first time.

Making a concerted effort to get back to posting around here.

📌 The ‘Well, Actually, Smoke Isn’t Even a “Gas”’ Defense | Daring Fireball

📌 Daily Cartoon: Wednesday, June 3rd | The New Yorker



The Quarantine Times have all but fried my brain.

Bummer about reading Instapaper articles on my Kindle is that highlights don’t sync to Readwise.

💬 Adam Serwer writing for The Atlantic:

Does anybody know of any anthology/short story publications for comics or sci-fi/fantasy that are actively publishing?

After some research, the Poke2 and potentially the “Poke2 Color” seem like they could meet my needs.

I kind of want an iPhone Plus/Max sized Kindle with e-ink screen.



The Midnight Gosepl is super weird and not at all what I expected.

Never read Watchmen before, so I borrowed the Absolute edition from a friend and am diving in today.

🏰 The Permanent Legacy Foundation

Watching The Last Dance just makes me want to do a Jordan career binge.

📌 IndieWeb: The last (and only) online social site you’ll ever need—your own.

I now log movies in way too many places… Letterboxd, TiddlyWiki, Day One, a Bear note by year, and my Media Diet on the blog… 🤦‍♂️

I’ve fallen deep into the TiddlyWiki rabbit hole…

Started a Brewery database on Airtable that can be found at tiv.

What if Ozark, but then Marty took a deal and it became a prison drama for a season, then a family sitcom with a dad who contracts with the FBI, and then a season of being on the run from the Cartel?

Strongly considering switching to Seraphs Variable Font here.


Been having fun playing around with my public Roam and TiddlyWiki this weekend.

🎵 Empty by Nils Frahm | Missed that this came out in late March.

Thanks to David @ Blot I’ve gotten on the bandwagon of having posts display in order (oldest to newest) by day (newest to oldest) on the blog.

Also setup a separate public Roam database under the same name, Variably Distressed.

Whelp, thanks to @c I have a TiddlyWiki setup: Variably Distressed.

🎵 When I Get to Heaven by John Prine | Hope he’s havin’ a cigarette that’s nine miles long.

📌 Dr.

When it comes to team-building there are only a few teams who have truly done it well over a consistent period for both the present and future.

Until my zoom conference call this evening, this was the first day where I truly felt separated from the world.

Thankful for having two smart and wonderful cousins who both looked over my resume and cover letter and then did a zoom conference call to walk through them together.

I’ve been really impressed with QCODE fiction podcasts, and they seem to be getting better with each show.

Got through a couple Quibi shows today.

I know their whole schtick is watching video on the go, but I’m still surprised Quibi doesn’t have an Apple TV app.

I’ve been trying to utilize a new trial and watch one film a day from the Criterion Channel.

Just started a Quibi trial.

Thinking more about reversing post order by day; I think my ideal set-up would have a most recent section at the top, and then everything listed in order by time for each day.

How much do we really know about these ”raccoons”?

I watched The Death of Stalin last night and loved it.

Ever since the Quarantine Days began, I’ve basically stopped listening to news podcasts.

🎙 We Have Concerns is back!

📌 How To Fix Our Voting Rules Before November | The Atlantic

🎵 Live At Carnegie Hall | One more for Mr.

I used the be a big fan of Wired magazine, but after following their RSS feed for a little bit, I feel like there is a lot more listicle/gear/summary noise to sort through to get to the good stuff.

Considering reversing post order like @colinwalker and @dave.

The more I read about the trackpad support for iPad, the more my heart aches knowing I probably won’t be able to get the new keyboard next month.

🎵 The Best of Bill Withers | R.

Also probably need to go through my tags around here.

🔮 Everyday Life

Thinking about tinkering with the blog a little bit.

📌 this place, all are mr.

Today is one of those days where productivity is lacking and nothing of note is going to get done.


📌 Michael Jordan series on ESPN moved up to April 19th | ESPN | And I couldn’t be more excited.

Really digging Wall from Amit and Blot.

Testing Wall

Thinking about exploring some musical projects soon.

💬 Ben Smith, The New York Times:

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually had a light beer (Bud, Miller, Coor’s, etc.

📌 An integration loop | Robin Sloan

📌 Ghosts V-VI | Robin Rendle

🎙 A Kids Guide to Coronavirus | The Daily

🎵 Saint Cloud - Waxahatchee

📨 The Weekly Variable #4 - The Furlough Edition

Having used YNAB, I already have April 100% budgeted and funded, which is huge.

Well I knew it wouldn’t be long before the company I work for had to make tough decisions.

📌 Eight marvelous and melancholy things I’ve learned about creativity | The Oatmeal

📌 Man dies after ingesting chloroquine in an attempt to prevent coronavirus | NBC News | via: kottke.

And using Hoopla, you can get tons of mainstream comics in trades.

Being able to rent a book from my library with Libby, and then read it on my Kindle is everything that is right with the world.

//The Virus 3//

📌 The one about the thing | Robin Rendle

Trying to figure out ways to play board games over FaceTime.

When does Friday happy hour start when you are quarantined and working from home?

//COVID-Grub// an addition to an old series that would be at well over 400 if I would’ve kept up posting them.

Using the tag 🦠 for all COVID-19 and quarantine posts moving forward as a way to catalog the moment for myself.

Although my job is 100% doable from home, the stress of the situation has me in a bit of paralysis as I try to be productive.

//Virus 2//

Motivation to do anything right now is at an all-time low.

📌 Fox to Address Coronavirus Crisis with Three-Part Series on Hunter Biden | Borowitz Report

How do normal people read the news on their phone if not with RSS???

It looks like the upcoming Smart Keyboard with trackpad will work with the current gen iPad Pros.

On the fence about Roam; I’m not really sure how to use it outside of work notes.

//The Virus//

📌 Ben Gibbard Livestream Concert From Home - now

//Starcraft Plague//

Below 101

Took the day off to brew beer number four, Creamsicle of the Cave, and things are off to a good start.

📌 An Excuse To Go Outside - Cartoon | The New Yorker

//Psychedelic Bloom//

No better owner to be on TV the moment the season gets suspended than Mark Cuban.

Wow… the NBA has suspended their season.

Holy moly!

Are there any newish (in the last three years or so) comic writers for Marvel I should check out now that I have Marvel Unlimited?

//Galactic Proportions//

The ideal for The Independent Variable looks like a complete mashup of Orbital Operations, Lordess Foudre, Kicks Condor, h0p3, stet.

If the Warriors don’t ship Wiggins, their go-to lineup next year will be Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Paschall, and Green.

📌 Our Subpar National Parks | kottke.

With an RSS reader that pulls the articles full text, you can basically get The Economist and other magazines for free… maybe old news for some.

I still don’t understand why, in Things, Headings are only available in Projects and not Areas.

I’ve been listening to The Athletic’s No Dunks podcast for a little bit now, but a daily hour plus podcast needs to be exceptional to warrant listening to every episode.

🔮 Holy Rollers

//Chainlink Outlook//

Bulls better go get Kenny Atkinson.


Thinking of ways to build a Humdrum-like page on TIV on a much, much smaller scale.

Discovered Robin Rendle through Robin Sloan.

Below 100 // I’ve still been taking these occasional pictures, just not posting.

I both love and hate discovering new podcasts.

//050320//A Rustic Demon// Have a light day after a jam-packed day yesterday.

This Brooklyn/Boston game right now!

I keep going back and fourth between wanting to subscribe to individual magazines, to get them in print and use their nicely designed apps (NYer, Atlantic, NatGeo, Wired) vs.

As a Warren supporter, I really wish the moderate side could have coalesced behind someone other than Biden (or Bloomberg, if he actually gets any traction today).

Installed Emacs on my home laptop…

Thinking about getting the iPad Smart Keyboard to have some physical keys to type on since most of my non-work computing happens on iOS.


Time based automations in Siri Shortcuts dint seem to be working for me.

Humdrum Life probably would’ve worked well as a public Roam database… Anyways, I used Roam extensively today.

Basketball game got cancelled so I picked up some Hop Butcher, watched The Lighthouse, and then read a bunch about Roam.

Really happy to see Unread 2.

Things are getting pretty Humdrumy around here… 😎

Rather than having a yearly link file like that, there’s probably a cool way to automate creating a weekly file that automatically publishes once a week with Siri Shirtcuts automation, Dropbox, and Blot without really having to change my current Shortcut and IFTTT trigger to add to the file… 🤔

I’ve been using a Siri shortcut to update this page with articles read, podcasts listened to, and videos watched, but since I like to use Instapaper and my Kindle to read as much as possible, I setup a new IFTTT trigger to automatically update with archived articles.

Watching the Rockets for the first time since their trades and additions.

🔮 Wasting Time

After reminiscing on Humdrum, I started to poke around some of the wikis I used to creep around.

I miss my old blog, Humdrum Life.

I was thinking of unsubscribing to Ben Thompson’s Stratechery, because I fall behind far too often, but him launching the Daily Update podcast might change that.

📌 Alternate Map of the Americas Features “Long Chile” | kottke.

💬 Bong Joon-Ho, accepting Best International Film Oscar:

I’m hoping that some extended usage with Apple News the “Today” section will get better at serving me the articles I want to see so I don’t have to constantly go to the “Following” tab to look through each publication.

Plus for Apple News is getting Wired, Atlantic, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and National Geographic all for basically the same price I currently pay for The New Yorker.

I cancelled my subscriptions to The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Economist to save a little money for a little bit.

📹 Ja Ja Ja Morant - The Ringer Music Video



📌 Colorado wants to use carbon dioxide from craft beer to help grow marijuana | 9news.

💬 Adam Schiff:

Happy to see Rudy Gobert finally make the Allstar team.

📌 Celluloid Lives: Major Studios Renew Deal with Kodak to Facilitate Shooting on Film | /Film

Just got the final wedding quotes and deposit schedules… time to cull all subscriptions until the end of time…

Happy Zion Day to all!!!

Debating whether I need to subscribe to both the Economist and NYT.

✖︎ Perpetual ✖︎ Systemic ✖︎ Epidemic ✖︎

The Athletic has a Wizards podcast and five Warriors podcasts, but no Bulls podcast.


I wish there was a way to subscribe to writers the same way you can use RSS.



Planning out my third home brew, first all-grain.

This is ridiculous.

I haven’t actually felt like sitting down and writing something in a really long time.

And Denzel can score!

Kris Dunn would start for the Lakers or the Bucks… just sayin’…

I’m still waiting for the Apple bundle…

I’ve found myself trying to juggle way too many interests outside of work.

The key to winning basketball is simple.

I’m at the point where I think the Bulls should be building around Wendell Carter Jr.


And to be clear, my opinion was mostly formed based on the transcript of the phone call, but I felt it important to go in open-minded.

I wasn’t able to watch all of the hearings, but after today, I felt like it was quite obvious who was forthright and candid and who spoke in measured terms to tell half-truths.

With microblogvember, I’ve been thinking about how a lot more average thoughts are worth posts, even if it’s as simple as this.

Melo back?!

Since the Nets have moved on to superstar mode, Caris LeVert (besides the injuries) would basically be the perfect 2 guard for the young Bulls moving forward.

The biggest negative about soccer is how one judgement call can swing an entire game.

Regretting not doing a live blog for this Liverpool/City match!

Free Wiseman.

💬 Andy Warhol, via Austin Kleon:



Heading to Denver for the weekend tomorrow.

Another beer label idea.

📌 My New TV Show HEAVEN’S FOREST Announced | Warren Ellis

The Montrezl/LouWill duo is a national treasure.

Current Status: ready for the weekend-ready for a nap-ready for a beer.


ESPN and Crooked Media throwing their hats in the daily podcast ring.

I’ve been ruminating on a post about craft beer, the locality, freshness, and limitedness of the entire scene that’s been happening for the last five years, but really kicking up in the last two or three.

But also, don’t sleep on Chicago’s own Jahlil Okafor.

While there are some crap teams, front offices are definitely getting better.

Trump, Brexit, Russia, Opiods, China, Saudi Arabia, Climate Change, Turkey, Assault Rifles, Spain.

Just yesterday I said how I missed The Impact and today I find out it’s coming back in January with new host Jillian Weinberger!

Brewed my first batch of beer this past weekend.

Getting my fix of JJJ + Ja tonight.

I only started listening with S2, but I sorely miss Sarah Kliff’s The Impact podcast from Vox.

Quick Hits: Maisel S3 Trailer, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, draw a perfect circle, and Nick Kroll on Without Fail.


I’ve had a hectic three weeks at the office with three huge automations launching last week.

Been using these three services a lot more lately.

So Zion basically dunked all over the entire city of Atlanta last night in his first preseason game 🦢🏀☄️

Bulls should bring back Noah.


Is time travel not a thing on Apple Watch anymore?

So I broke down and got an Apple Watch.

Thinking long and hard about 50% off an Apple Watch 5 + cellular on Sprint right now… Haven’t had one since series 0 that I gave up two years ago.

Speaking of comics, switching from issues to trades is more difficult than expected.

If Marvel Unlimited was on a three month delay rather than six, it’d be a no-brainer for me.

Second issue of my newsletter is out… Two weeks in a row.

This Jamaica/St Kitts T20 match has been tremendous so far.

I feel like $5 is cheap enough that Apple doesn’t need to give away a free year with hardware purchases.

Going with the iPhone 11 (non-Pro).


So I sent out my first newsletter… It’s basically the same as my last post.


📌 No Surprise: Anti-Abortion Advocates Care Little About Women’s Equality | kottke.

📌 The Border Wall Seesaw | kottke.

💬 Rachel Moulton in Electric Eel:

I’ve been trying to switch from issues to trades because I tend to fall behind on issues (currently 100+ unread in Comixology), but making the switch and keeping track of trades is a lot more tedious than just subscribing to series’ with Comixology…

And the PL is back!

📌 Trump Demands Facebook Investigate Why Obama’s Post Got So Many Likes | The Borowitz Report 😂😂😂

My cousin is working on an app, Mylo, that is “a personalized user-driven recommendations platform that brings together what you’ve done and what you want to do into one convenient place.

💬 Perpetual Grace, LTD.

Thinking of starting a newsletter.


Warren and Sanders dominated last night.

It’s here!

Mueller today, Tarantino tomorrow, and Chance on Friday.

📌 Thread by robin on Rosegarden, archived six hours ago

To Infinity and Beyond

💬 via Inside Beer:

The Big Day coming July 26 from Chance the Rapper.

After expirmenting with Flickr for hosting images for my Blot blog for a few months, I’m yet again changing course.

I’ve made some changes to the Shortcut that powers my Links page, displaying articles, podcasts, and videos consumed, to try to give more clarity, but I’m still struggling getting the podcast name, along with the episode title, through Shortuts (and Overcast).

As derided as Luminary seems to be in the world of podcasts and the open web, I just listened to the first episode of Anthem: Homunculus and was blown away.

Yesterday was a pretty great day for sports in England.

📌 ‘Joker’ Comic Written by John Carpenter Coming This October | /Film

📌 Spike Jonze Tapped as First-Ever IMAX Artist-in-Residence | /Film

📌 The Possible Link Between Seasonal Allergies and Anxiety & Depression | Kottke

📌 David Fincher’s Next Movie is a Black and White Netflix Film Starring Gary Oldman and Written By Fincher’s Own Father | /Film

The new Nintendo Switch Lite looks really cool.

Anyone subscribe to Dan Frommer’s The New Consummer?



💬 Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker:

📌 Two of Television’s Best Directors Have Lined Up New Shows | /Film

The word added just sounds so weird to me.

Checking out some other daily news podcasts to eventually include in my rankings soon:

📌 The New Dropbox, The Cloud OS, Connecting Versus File-Sharing | Stratechery

My podcast subscriptions have gotten a little out of hand recently.

Just overheard people talking about WhatsApp:

With the first round over and seven picks until the 38th for Chicago, there are three guys still on the board I targeted for this pick: KZ Okpala, Zypan Cheatham, and Nicolas Claxton.

Trae, Huerter, Cam, Collins, and Hunter.

And just after I publish my draft preview, Atlanta trades for the fourth pick.

📌 For My Father - By Coby White | The Players Tribune

I’d love to see Griezmann at Liverpool, but I’d want his role to align more with how he played for France than for Atletico, allowing him to share the field with Salah, Mane, and Firmino.

📌 Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Movies: 30 Films to See | IndieWire

💬 Jim Jarmusch talking about Twin Peaks: The Return on The Big Picture:

Amid news that Chicago (along with BOS and MIN) is interested in moving up to draft Garland, I’ve been watching highlights of Garland and Coby White and I think White is the better prospect.

📌 Why the Toronto Raptors’ title is a victory for the NBA, Canada … and the US | The Guardian

💬 Politics this week from The Economist:

Well it happened.

Good shit Canada.

📌 ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ Will Have the Duo Face Off Against Kid Cudi | /Film

💬 Joe Maddon via The Athletic

Whelp I broke down and bought a new iPad Pro.

Put in some improvement to the site for live weblogs that I can’t wait to give a spin tomorrow for game six of the NBA Finals.

💬 Jalen Rose via: The Athletic

Going to spend some time updating the site to improve live weblogs.

Listening to the Bill Simmons Podcast today, and one thing caught my ear: Lonzo Ball for the 7th pick.

Raptors going to Gasol early and often is very smart.

I’m trying to imagine a world where the Apple Watch completely replaces the iPhone for me, and I think I dig it.

📌 ‘Django/Zorro’ Movie Coming From Quentin Tarantino and Jerrod Carmichael /Film

📌 ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Animated Series Coming from Netflix and the Russo Brothers | /Film



🎵 Family Affair - Eagles of Death Metal

In the last day, I’ve gone from knowing zero about cricket to being all in.

📌 Mockup: New Microsoft Office Icons for iOS and Android | BirchTree via: The Newsprint

I really want to pick the Raptors… But… Raptors in six!

📌 Is your kitty a convict?

I just discovered what Twenty20 is in this post by Om Malik.

If I weren’t already way over my budget for May, I’d be buying a couple packs of Studio Neat’s new Totebooks.

Starting a dive into daily news newsletters with: NextDraft, NY Times Daily Briefing, Vox Sentences, Axios AM, The Guardian’s US Briefing, Crooked’s What a Day, The Broadsheet, The Economist’s Espresso, and Nieman Lab’s Daily Digest.

Lowry’s smile right now.

I recently scrubbed my Twitter history, but after I chose the Warriors to beat the Raptors in the Finals back in February, once the season ended, I flipped it to Toronto beating Golden State.


With the GoT season finale episode of Binge Mode coming in at 02:45:16, I can finally relate to people’s complaint that podcasts are too long.

So… I went and changed the typefaces for my site again… This time I actually paid for them.

I’ve been an avid listener of The Daily, and Today, Explained so I wanted to see what other daily news podcasts were out there.

📌 The Solitary Garden | Kottke

More overtime playoff basketball?!?!

I like Apple News+, and appreciate the wealth of choices, but I’m still considering cancelling it and just subscribing to The New Yorker, Wired, and Rolling Stone in print again, despite it costing more…

My six favorite albums of the year so far, in no particular order:

📌 Preservationists want to turn Chicago’s lakefront into a National Park

This double overtime game is really messing with my sleep.

I meant to post this last night, but don’t underestimate the home team down 0-2.

I really can’t wait to see what Bob Myers can build around Curry, Klay, and Green this off-season with Durant and Cousins off the books.

I really need to write more about music.

Obviously, I’m disappointed with the Bulls falling to seven, but Zion in NOLA will be electric and then Ja and JJJ could develop into a great duo, even greater than Conley and Gasol.

📌 ‘The Magic Order’: James Wan to Direct Mark Miller’s Netflix Pilot | SlashFilm

Brook Lopez is pumped.

📌 ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 is Coming in November This Year | SlashFilm

Bulls getting the seventh pick is so depressing, especially considering the fact there are six guys I like in this draft: Zion, Ja, RJ, Garland, Culver, and White.

Did some light housekeeping on TIV today.

📌 Don’t Worry, Blog Happy | Om

I didn’t get to watch everything.


Obviously, Klay had the great first half, Curry poured in 33 in the second, and Iggy & Green were grinding away, as they do, but it was Looney’s confidence and assertiveness that won it for GS.

Refs have been too quick on the whistle tonight.

I feel like I just saw Ted Cruz in the stands at the Warriors/Rockets game in Houston, and now I definitely want the Warriors to close this out tonight…

Hill and Allred doing a book together for Marvel?

I feel like 50% of people on the road don’t understand the concept of pulling over for sirens.

I can’t remember where I read it, but someone was saying Luminary will be successful in the same way (not same scale) as Netflix because if the advantages it provides and the increased quality, or something along those lines.


It took longer than I expected, but Harden got a foul called on his three-point shot towards the end of the third quarter.

📌 Fanny-pack Crocs are as absurd as they are a great marketing move | Quartzy via: NextDraft

As an ex-drummer, I always feel personally attacked when I hear music using drum machines with poor replications of a real kit.

💬 MJ during the sixth Finals run via Frank Isola, The Athletic:

Endgame and the Battle of Winterfell in the same weekend seems like reaching a peak in pop culture, of sorts.

Digging Reeder 4 so far.

I’m conflicted.

💬 Dave Pell, NextDraft

65 seconds in, this Warriors @ Clippers game is already off to a fantastic start.

So I hear beer can be a good post-workout drink, and I’ve decided for the sake of efficiency, it’s best to just skip straight to the post-workout drink.

Maybe this is all in my head, but I just re-downloaded the Apple Books app on my iPhone, and instead of showing up in the first open spot, it took the exact spot on my home screen where my Kindle app was, moving the Kindle app to the next page…


Going to go out on a limb and say Raptors beat Warriors in six, closing it out in Oakland.

Kind of surprised Luke Walton is out in LA.

Finally had a chance to dive into the Criterion Channel tonight.

Obviously Zion is the big get this year.

Bulls finish the year with the fourth worst record in the NBA.


I have an unintended routine of using Spotify for four to five months, before wanting to give Apple Music a go because a) they show upcoming albums, and b) the ability to listen to Beats Radio show recordings.


I usually always cheer against Duke, but this year I just want to continue to watch Zion play through the whole tournament.

Looking for suggestions: how do you follow US political news; in my ideal world there’d be a Ben Thompson/Stratechery of US political news (if you know of this let me know).

✖︎ Sweet Sixteen Predictions

Cubbies crushed it on opening day in Texas, winning 12-4.

Ja, LaVine, OBJ, Lauri, and Carter?

The only way the Warriors don’t win the championship again is either a) injuries or b) Toronto beats them in seven where Kawhi locks down Durant, and Lowry dishes out twelve plus assists.

Chuck and Kenny just said the Portland Trailblazers will be representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals.

📌 Font of the Month Club - really cool idea.


I’m really not a fan of Players Only nights on TNT.

📌 Movie Color Palettes | kottke

💬 Warren Ellis, Orbital Operations:

Looking for opinions.

📌 What I say when I don’t know what to say | Austin Kleon

📌 W.

📌 Chicago’s traffic is the third worst in the nation - Curbed Chicago

📌 Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for February 17, 2019 - GoComics

Spent the weekend incorporating an edit button into one of my Blot blogs.

I absolutely love what Otto Porter is doing, but he needs to slow down so the Bulls can secure a top draft pick.

📌 Hollywood is Not Happy About Oscar Ceremony Cuts — /Film

📌 Chadwick Boseman to Star in Spike Lee’s Vietnam Veteran Drama ‘Da 5 Bloods’ at Netflix

I’m excited to see what Apple is going to due with their news subscription service.

📌 The Cafe With a View of the Waterfall | Craig Mod - Ridgeline issue 006

📌 The space in between the writing | Kleon

Even Philly’s second unit, of McConnell, Ennis, Simmons, Scott, and Boban could beat some teams in the East, which isn’t really saying much.

💬 Dave Winer, Scripting News

Butler needs to be the Bosh.

Embiid is the focal point.

Watching the 76ers, for the first time post-trade deadline, against the Lakers, and they could be dangerous.

📌 My disabled son’s amazing gaming life in the World of Warcraft | BBC

Rajon Rondo just hit a buzzer-beater jumper off a loose ball rebound to beat the Celtics in Boston.

So much happening at the trade deadline.

I think I might actually like the Otto Porter trade…?

Went with Karla as my body font.

Went with some new fonts on The Independent Variable.

Finally getting back around to where I left off in High Maintenance S2.


📌 Facebook Pays Teenagers to Install VPN That Spies on Them

Took Bruce Wayne for a quick walk… Can confirm, Midwest cold 🥶

💬 Tyler Foggatt, The New Yorker:

Inspired by h0p3’s wiki reviews, I built a Siri Shortcut that grabs all my posts from yesterday (through Dropbox), turns each title into a markdown link, and formats it in Drafts so I can add a note below each link as a daily review practice.

📌 The Layers of Motherhood | kottke.

📌 AeroMexico Trolls Xenophobic Americans with “DNA Discounts” Commercial | kottke.

Roma and The Favourite are my favorites to win pretty much every Oscar this year.

📌 A New Book of Paintings by Tiffany Bozic Explores the Unity and Disjunction of the Natural World | Colossal

📌 25 Most Anticipated New Shows of 2019 | /Film

Trying to get additional details, but apparently the Bulls have traded for Carmelo Anthony.

Deliberate intention.

What a morning in the EPL.

Extremely excited for the return of Boogie Cousins tonight, making his debut with the Warriors.

I’ve been kicking around some ideas for another blog.

Jason Mantzoukas was on the new episode of Reply All #134 and I’ve come to the conclusion he’s a podcasting national treasure.

Restructuring the site a little bit.

📌 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Drops Watchmen Reference to Critics | io9

When I Said I Never Said

💬 Dave Pell | NextDraft:

📌 The Rise and Demise of RSS | Motherboard


📌 The Art of the Pan: What’s the Point of a Bad Review in 2019?

🎥 Album of the Week: Wait by Arlie

📌 Why we need to slow time and scale down | On my Om

📌 How marginal tax rates actually work, explained with a cartoon | Vox

Happy to see Parkey’s missed field goal was officially ruled as blocked.

Bulls receive Michael Carter-Williams (who will be waived with MarShon Brooks) and cash for a “heavily protected future second-round pick that is unlikely to ever convey.

Forgot to include my Spotify Playlist for my Top Ten Albums in my original post.

I’ve had a couple hours to digest Aquaman now and I think it’s on par with Wonder Woman; tied for the best DC movie post-Dark Knight.

📊 Kris Dunn: 16 pts on 6/9, 17 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 turnovers.

Micro test..

I really wish I could figure out this micro.

📌 Cold feet | Austin Kleon

Tough loss for Liverpool.



In the three games since Mourinho was fired, Paul Pogba has four goals and three assists.

I use Pinboard to save links I like or find interesting that I know I’ll never actually go back to look through.

Just found out Barrack Obama, the Beastie Boys, and MC Hammer follow me on Twitter.

📌 A Massive Ice-Filled Crater On Mars | kottke.

Thinking about starting a second Blot site for design and photos.

📊 Kris Dunn: 17-8-7 on 8/11 FG.

Huge weekend for Liverpool.

Anyone use or have experience with Audm?

Missed the game last night, but by looking at the box score, I’m happy to see Dunn being more aggressive, but it’s also on him to make sure Lauri gets more than six shots.

📌 SNL cold open imagines Alec Baldwin’s Trump isn’t president | Vox ✖︎

Liverpool’s Mane reminds me of Ben Gordon, previously of the Chicago Bulls.

📌 The Explorer and The Hermit | kottke ✖︎

Was looking at Flickr Pro as a place to store photos as well as host them for my Blot blog, but getting the actual image URL on an iPhone is incredibly tedious.


📌 Getting in Shape | The Brooks Review ✖︎

📌 France’s deadly and growing protests, in 17 pictures | Vox ✖︎

📌 How to Travel Like Anthony Bourdain Did | Cool Material via Om on Tech ✖︎

💬 Paulo Uggetti - The Ringer:


I’ve been admiring Peloton from afar for awhile now.


I’ve been looking at making something with Newspaper Club for awhile now.

📌 Lincoln Yards Proposal Revised | Curbed ✖︎

Dave Winer mentioned Blogtrottr this morning.


Will probably have to slow down on my Below photos given the fact the ones with lots of snow essentially look the same… ✖︎

🎵 This Weeks Album: Bad Together - Rozzi ✖︎

📌 Cards Against Humanity 99% Sale - This is amazing.

Spent a considerable amount of time tweaking my Now page Siri Shortcut.

Inspired by Where Is Felix, I made a Shortcut to create and update a Now page with Blot.

Absolutely loved Middlewest #1 from Image Comics by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona.

Gonzaga is up by 8 on Duke at half right now.

📄 You Were Never Really Here ⭐️⭐️⭐️ added to Recently: 🎥.

📌 The department store of the future just opened in Texas | Vox ✖︎

🎵 This Weeks Album: White Album (2018 Mix) - The Beatles ✖︎

📌 On November 26th, a mole will land on Mars | The Oatmeal ✖︎

📌 Ultra-Impressionistic Portraits Made with Just a Few Thick Strokes of Paint | Kottke - these are fantastic.

📄 Dirty Dank Juice - New England IPA - Odd Side Ales, MI - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ added to Recently: 🍺.

📄 Patriot Act added to Recently: 📺.

📄 Insufficient Clearance - Hazy IPA - Sketchbook Brewing, IL - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ added to Recently: 🍺.

📌 The Remarkable Brain Waves of High Level Meditators | Kottke.

As I’ve been looking around for good places to read interesting journalism, The Correspondent seems like it could be one of those places.

A lot of good basketball games on tomorrow night.

Just held the door open for two people leaving the movie theatre.

📄 Overhaze - Northeast IPA - Marz Community Brewing - Chicago, IL and Dont Tell Mom the Baby Citra’s Dead (Blood Orange) - IIPA - Only Child Brewing, IL added to Recently: 🍺.

Looks like a great morning of podcasts already.

🏀📊 In a game and a half since Butler left Minnesota, Karl Anthony-Towns has gone 17/21 from the field, 4/5 from three, for 45pts, and 31rbs.

📌 Elon Musk’s Teslaquila Hits a Speed Bump | Vox

What are your top sources for news/media on the interwebs?

Every quarter or so it seems I go through a process of adding tons of RSS feeds, podcasts, and newsletters to my daily intake before culling it down to what interests/resonates most at the time.

📄 Adventures in New America added to Recently: 🎙.

💬 Stan Lee via NextDraft:

📄 Sour Inc Honey Ginger - Sour Ale - New Holland Brewing, MI added to Recently: 🍺.

I’m going to call it now and say Jimmy Butler doesn’t move the needle for Philadelphia.

📌 The Raptors May Have Perfected the Modern Art of Team Building | The Ringer ✖︎

Jimmy Butler to the 76ers for Covington and Saric.

📄 The Horror of Dolores Roach added to Recently: 🎙.

📌 Laws for Nature Journaling | Austin Kleon ✖︎

📄 Double Splash - IIPA - Marz Community Brewing, Chicago, IL added to Recently: 🍺.

Been listening to a lot fiction podcasts lately.

📌 We are verbs not nouns | Austin Kleon ✖︎

💬 Carl Sagan via Om Malik:

📄 Patriot S2 added to Recently: 📺.

Super stark difference between yesterday’s and today’s Below shot.

Hot take 🔥: Trevor Ariza was way more important to the Rockets than Eric Gordon.

My Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse came today.

💬 Two Quotes from CAH’s Pulse of the Nation Poll 12:

Due to the micro.

💬 Jason Kottke | kottke.

📄 Sandra added to Recently: 🎙.

📌 Dave Winer on the Midterms | scripting.

Zion Williamson is indescribable.

Two big House races I’ve been paying close attention to, being from Illinois, are IL-06 and IL-14.

Bulls got the win at NYK in a super sloppy 2OT game, 116-115, off of LaVine’s 41 pts.

📄 Forever S1 added to Recently: 📺 tv.

It’s an absolute joy to see Robin Lopez on the court during crunch time.

PSA: College basketball starts tomorrow!

📄 Heavyweight S3 added to Recently: 🎙 podcasts.

The Manchester City Warriors are on pace to win this one 14-0.

Missed the Bulls game tonight.

Tyson Chandler to the Lakers is a solid move.

The brilliance of the design of our government is that we can have a mini-revolution very two years and an all-out revolution every four.

📄 Oscar’s Pardon - Belgian Pale Ale - Haymarket Brewery, Chicago, IL added to Recently: 🍺 beer.

Watched the first episodes of Bodyguard and Homecoming.

📄 Bodyguard S1 and Homecoming S1 added to Recently: 📺 tv.

Aaaand to no one’s surprise LaVine takes a bad jumper trying to play hero ball and the Bulls lose the game.

Forgot the Bulls even played tonight.

📄 Greenway Boogie - IPA - Tighthead Brewery, IL and Pitcher of Nectar - NE IPA - Tighthead Brewery, IL added to Recently: 🍺 beer.

My name is Alex and I’m seven years old and I’m hacking into voting… It’s actually really easy I bet the Russians could do it in their sleep.

➲ Magic Johnson admonishes Luke Walton after Los Angeles Lakers’ slow start | ESPN - If Luke Walton ends up getting fired this season… I’d be speechless.

➲ James Pennebaker on Therapeutic Journaling | Austin Kleon - Good thoughts on journaling.

Wendell Carter Jr.

➲ The Timberwolves’ new uniforms, featuring Prince | ESPN - To my surprise, the finished product actually looks really nice here.

Self-interest in America is at record levels and I’m opting out.

➲ Derrick Rose scored 50 points and NBA players loved it | ESPN - I didn’t get a chance to watch this game but I love seeing Rose succeed.


Really thought the Bulls were going to grab the W against Denver… Tough way to lose this one.

➲ ‘Castlevania’ Renewed For Season 3 On Netflix | Deadline - haven’t gotten to season 2 yet, but this is great news.

Either you sympathize with other people.

Any Blot folks use Github rather than Dropbox?

As much as I’ve moved away from Twitter recently, it was the best way to follow along with the Apple event this morning while at the office.

Trying to figure out the best way to delineate between link posts with a pull quote and extensive thoughts versus a link by itself, or maybe with a quick accompanying thought.

Watching the Bulls tonight was just downright depressing.

🔗 Stochastic Terrorism - kottke.

⌯ Bare - Jim Jefferies added to Recently: standup.

Two Chicago breweries I’ve been digging a lot lately are Marz and Maplewood.

🔗 The Boy Who Couldn’t Find What He Was Looking For - by Shea Serrano - theringer.

First time at a chiropractor this morning.

Been tinkering with my blog to distinguish between microposts and blog posts.

I made the mistake of checking my Twitter feed, rather than my much smaller, curated list hooked into Feedbin.

If you have any interest in Chicago hip-hop check out Junkyard Samurai, new album from ProbCause (he’s had Chance the Rapper featured previously) and The Palmer Squares (two guys from my high school although slightly older).

Pantsdrunk, the Finnish Art of Relaxation - This is my life.

Watched Adam Sandler’s new comedy special, 100% Fresh, and was pleasantly surprised.

Another 30+ point game for LaVine and the first W for the Bulls tonight.

I’m always baffled when a critic takes the time to write an awful review of something without actually providing substantial thoughts or any constructive criticism.

I have to say, I’m really diggin’ Jru Holiday’s headband.

I still think Dunn is going to be a really good player.

Really happy to see Kris Dunn back on the court for the Bulls.

The Chicago Tribune seems to be the best in terms of investing in journalism, The Chicago Sun-Times editorial seems more aligned with my own views (and design aesthetics), and The Daily Herald is the most localized (and smallest) given where I live.

Looking at subscribing to a physical paper again.

⌯ Cemetery Beach and Gideon Falls added to Recently: comics.

What a catch by Kevin White.

Considering a switch back to Apple Music from Spotify just to be able to see upcoming albums and their release dates.

I feel like something must have happened to really tick off Ingram during the game.

Craziness in the LAL/HOU game.

I don’t understand what people see in Mane.

Nice to finally see Fabinho out there for Liverpool.

I feel like I woke up in the Twilight Zone with ManU currently beating Chelsea 2-1.

Boston looked completely frantic and unorganized down the stretch, and Toronto held strong defensively, behind Lowry’s charges and his control over the pace of the game.

⌯ Anthem of the Peaceful Army - Greta Van Fleet added to Recently: music.

“Come here, run a play” - LeBron says to Rondo.

“Anytime ya’ll fall stay down, LeBron gonna pick ya’ll up” - LeBron ✖︎

Been looking at setting up a FastMail account with my own domain but I’m curious what reasons/benefits others have besides privacy moving from Gmail?

Two minutes in and I am absolutely fascinated by the body language between LeBron and Rondo.

Not the best start for Wendell Carter Jr.

Well LaVine is out here chucking away already.

I still get depressed every time I think of the contract the Bulls gave LaVine.

Championship rings have just gotten way too damn big.

Got the Drafts for Mac beta installed and am already super impressed.

Drafts for Mac beta released for Pro subscribers.

Three great quotes on Arrows and Targets from Austin Kleon’s blog.

Cards Against Humanity’s new Remember to Vote Worms look pretty great.

⌯ The Haunting of Hill House added to Recently: tv

As someone who just got back into watching the EPL, after not paying attention for years since I played soccer, I find these international breaks quite annoying.

Watched The Shining for the first time tonight.

I’ve realized my favorite thing about having a blog is just tinkering around and learning different things you can do.

The new episodes of Reply All (127 and 128) were excellent taking a look at the computer systems driving the NYPD.

Discovered the issue with my blog posts from Blot to micro.

I’ve really enjoyed tinkering with Blot so far and going back through the last four years of blog posts to see how the conversion went.

This episode of Today, Explained was fantastic going over the recent climate change report from the UN.

Seems like I have to get something sorted out with the RSS feed since full posts aren’t coming though with links now…

Besides a few tweaks needed for older posts in the feed, the move to Blot seems to be a resounding success.

Really digging blot so far.