💬 Dave Pell, NextDraft

65 seconds in, this Warriors @ Clippers game is already off to a fantastic start.

So I hear beer can be a good post-workout drink, and I’ve decided for the sake of efficiency, it’s best to just skip straight to the post-workout drink.

Maybe this is all in my head, but I just re-downloaded the Apple Books app on my iPhone, and instead of showing up in the first open spot, it took the exact spot on my home screen where my Kindle app was, moving the Kindle app to the next page…


Going to go out on a limb and say Raptors beat Warriors in six, closing it out in Oakland.

Kind of surprised Luke Walton is out in LA.

Finally had a chance to dive into the Criterion Channel tonight.

Obviously Zion is the big get this year.

Bulls finish the year with the fourth worst record in the NBA.


I have an unintended routine of using Spotify for four to five months, before wanting to give Apple Music a go because a) they show upcoming albums, and b) the ability to listen to Beats Radio show recordings.


I usually always cheer against Duke, but this year I just want to continue to watch Zion play through the whole tournament.

Looking for suggestions: how do you follow US political news; in my ideal world there’d be a Ben Thompson/Stratechery of US political news (if you know of this let me know).

✖︎ Sweet Sixteen Predictions

Cubbies crushed it on opening day in Texas, winning 12-4.

Ja, LaVine, OBJ, Lauri, and Carter?

The only way the Warriors don’t win the championship again is either a) injuries or b) Toronto beats them in seven where Kawhi locks down Durant, and Lowry dishes out twelve plus assists.

Chuck and Kenny just said the Portland Trailblazers will be representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals.

📌 Font of the Month Club - really cool idea.


I’m really not a fan of Players Only nights on TNT.

📌 Movie Color Palettes | kottke

💬 Warren Ellis, Orbital Operations:

Looking for opinions.

📌 What I say when I don’t know what to say | Austin Kleon

📌 W.

📌 Chicago’s traffic is the third worst in the nation - Curbed Chicago

📌 Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for February 17, 2019 - GoComics

Spent the weekend incorporating an edit button into one of my Blot blogs.

I absolutely love what Otto Porter is doing, but he needs to slow down so the Bulls can secure a top draft pick.

📌 Hollywood is Not Happy About Oscar Ceremony Cuts — /Film

📌 Chadwick Boseman to Star in Spike Lee’s Vietnam Veteran Drama ‘Da 5 Bloods’ at Netflix

I’m excited to see what Apple is going to due with their news subscription service.

📌 The Cafe With a View of the Waterfall | Craig Mod - Ridgeline issue 006

📌 The space in between the writing | Kleon

Even Philly’s second unit, of McConnell, Ennis, Simmons, Scott, and Boban could beat some teams in the East, which isn’t really saying much.

💬 Dave Winer, Scripting News

Butler needs to be the Bosh.

Embiid is the focal point.

Watching the 76ers, for the first time post-trade deadline, against the Lakers, and they could be dangerous.

📌 My disabled son’s amazing gaming life in the World of Warcraft | BBC

Rajon Rondo just hit a buzzer-beater jumper off a loose ball rebound to beat the Celtics in Boston.

So much happening at the trade deadline.

I think I might actually like the Otto Porter trade…?

Went with Karla as my body font.

Went with some new fonts on The Independent Variable.

Finally getting back around to where I left off in High Maintenance S2.

📷 Below 084 After -45 wind chill on Wednesday, it practically feels like summer minus the snow.


📌 Facebook Pays Teenagers to Install VPN That Spies on Them

Took Bruce Wayne for a quick walk… Can confirm, Midwest cold 🥶

💬 Tyler Foggatt, The New Yorker:

Inspired by h0p3’s wiki reviews, I built a Siri Shortcut that grabs all my posts from yesterday (through Dropbox), turns each title into a markdown link, and formats it in Drafts so I can add a note below each link as a daily review practice.

📷 Below 083 It’s been awhile.

📌 The Layers of Motherhood | kottke.

📌 AeroMexico Trolls Xenophobic Americans with “DNA Discounts” Commercial | kottke.

Roma and The Favourite are my favorites to win pretty much every Oscar this year.

📌 A New Book of Paintings by Tiffany Bozic Explores the Unity and Disjunction of the Natural World | Colossal

📌 25 Most Anticipated New Shows of 2019 | /Film

Trying to get additional details, but apparently the Bulls have traded for Carmelo Anthony.

📷 Below 082 The snow Friday night through Saturday seemed like it was never going to stop.

Deliberate intention.

What a morning in the EPL.

Extremely excited for the return of Boogie Cousins tonight, making his debut with the Warriors.

I’ve been kicking around some ideas for another blog.

Jason Mantzoukas was on the new episode of Reply All #134 and I’ve come to the conclusion he’s a podcasting national treasure.

Restructuring the site a little bit.

📷 Below 081 Snow seems to be sticking around for awhile even with the sun poking its head out for a bit.

📷 Below 080 The snow cometh down once again.

📌 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Drops Watchmen Reference to Critics | io9

📷 Below 079 Worked from home today so I had a chance to take Bruce Wayne for a nice walk during the day.

When I Said I Never Said

💬 Dave Pell | NextDraft:

📌 The Rise and Demise of RSS | Motherboard

NBA All-Star Votes.


📌 The Art of the Pan: What’s the Point of a Bad Review in 2019?

📷 Below 078 Ice cold with a little bit of wind just hitting you in the face.

🎥 Album of the Week: Wait by Arlie

📷 Below 077 Another wet morning.

📌 Why we need to slow time and scale down | On my Om

📌 How marginal tax rates actually work, explained with a cartoon | Vox

Happy to see Parkey’s missed field goal was officially ruled as blocked.

Bulls receive Michael Carter-Williams (who will be waived with MarShon Brooks) and cash for a “heavily protected future second-round pick that is unlikely to ever convey.

Forgot to include my Spotify Playlist for my Top Ten Albums in my original post.

📷 Below 076 It’s cooled down a little bit from yesterday but it’s still pretty nice out.

I’ve had a couple hours to digest Aquaman now and I think it’s on par with Wonder Woman; tied for the best DC movie post-Dark Knight.

📷 Below 075 It’s absolutely beautiful outside.

📊 Kris Dunn: 16 pts on 6/9, 17 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 turnovers.

Micro test..

I really wish I could figure out this micro.

📌 Cold feet | Austin Kleon

Tough loss for Liverpool.

📷 Below 074 Back at work… Should be a relatively light day, but going back to the office after a long break is always tough.

📷 Below 073



In the three games since Mourinho was fired, Paul Pogba has four goals and three assists.

📷 Below 072 Snow is clearing away once again with help from a bit of sun shining through.

📷 Below 071 A little bit of snow overnight led to a small covering over the grass.

📷 Below 070 Mornings have been too dark and I didn’t want to forget to take a shot this afternoon so here’s another indoor office shot.

📷 Below 069 Rainy day putting a damper on things.

I use Pinboard to save links I like or find interesting that I know I’ll never actually go back to look through.

Just found out Barrack Obama, the Beastie Boys, and MC Hammer follow me on Twitter.

📌 A Massive Ice-Filled Crater On Mars | kottke.

📷 Below 068 41°/36° - a bit frigid this morning but it looks like some sun will shine through to warm up the atmosphere a little bit this afternoon.

📷 Below 067 Merry Chrismas Eve!

📷 Hazy IPA Flight 🍺

Thinking about starting a second Blot site for design and photos.

📊 Kris Dunn: 17-8-7 on 8/11 FG.

📷 Below 066 My goal is to try and write something everyday with these photos.

Huge weekend for Liverpool.

📷 Below 065

📷 Below 064 - Casual Office Edition 🏢

Anyone use or have experience with Audm?

Missed the game last night, but by looking at the box score, I’m happy to see Dunn being more aggressive, but it’s also on him to make sure Lauri gets more than six shots.

📷 Below 063

📷 Below 062

📷 Below 061

📌 SNL cold open imagines Alec Baldwin’s Trump isn’t president | Vox ✖︎

Liverpool’s Mane reminds me of Ben Gordon, previously of the Chicago Bulls.

📷 Below 060

📷 Below 059

📷 Below 058

📌 The Explorer and The Hermit | kottke ✖︎

📷 Below 057

Was looking at Flickr Pro as a place to store photos as well as host them for my Blot blog, but getting the actual image URL on an iPhone is incredibly tedious.

📷 Below 056

📷 Below 055

📷 Below 054


📷 Below 053

📌 Getting in Shape | The Brooks Review ✖︎

📷 Below 052

📷 Below 051

📌 France’s deadly and growing protests, in 17 pictures | Vox ✖︎

📷 Below 050

📌 How to Travel Like Anthony Bourdain Did | Cool Material via Om on Tech ✖︎

📷 Below 049

💬 Paulo Uggetti - The Ringer:

📷 Below 048


I’ve been admiring Peloton from afar for awhile now.

📷 Below 047

📷 Below 046


📷 Below 045

📷 Below 044

I’ve been looking at making something with Newspaper Club for awhile now.

📷 Below 043

📌 Lincoln Yards Proposal Revised | Curbed ✖︎

Dave Winer mentioned Blogtrottr this morning.


Will probably have to slow down on my Below photos given the fact the ones with lots of snow essentially look the same… ✖︎

📷 Below 042

🎵 This Weeks Album: Bad Together - Rozzi ✖︎

📷 Below 041

📷 Below 040

📷 Below 039

📌 Cards Against Humanity 99% Sale - This is amazing.

📷 Below 038

Spent a considerable amount of time tweaking my Now page Siri Shortcut.

📷 Below 037

Inspired by Where Is Felix, I made a Shortcut to create and update a Now page with Blot.

Absolutely loved Middlewest #1 from Image Comics by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona.

Gonzaga is up by 8 on Duke at half right now.

📷 Below 036

📄 You Were Never Really Here ⭐️⭐️⭐️ added to Recently: 🎥.

📌 The department store of the future just opened in Texas | Vox ✖︎

🎵 This Weeks Album: White Album (2018 Mix) - The Beatles ✖︎

📷 Below 035

📌 On November 26th, a mole will land on Mars | The Oatmeal ✖︎

📌 Ultra-Impressionistic Portraits Made with Just a Few Thick Strokes of Paint | Kottke - these are fantastic.

📄 Dirty Dank Juice - New England IPA - Odd Side Ales, MI - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ added to Recently: 🍺.

📄 Patriot Act added to Recently: 📺.

📄 Insufficient Clearance - Hazy IPA - Sketchbook Brewing, IL - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ added to Recently: 🍺.

Mobile setup with new keycaps that came in the mail today.

📷 Below 034

📌 The Remarkable Brain Waves of High Level Meditators | Kottke.

As I’ve been looking around for good places to read interesting journalism, The Correspondent seems like it could be one of those places.

A lot of good basketball games on tomorrow night.

Just held the door open for two people leaving the movie theatre.

📷 Below 033

First brew of coffee from YESPLZ, Mix 000.

📷 Below 032

📄 Overhaze - Northeast IPA - Marz Community Brewing - Chicago, IL and Dont Tell Mom the Baby Citra’s Dead (Blood Orange) - IIPA - Only Child Brewing, IL added to Recently: 🍺.

📷 Below 031

📷 Below 030

Looks like a great morning of podcasts already.

🏀📊 In a game and a half since Butler left Minnesota, Karl Anthony-Towns has gone 17/21 from the field, 4/5 from three, for 45pts, and 31rbs.

📌 Elon Musk’s Teslaquila Hits a Speed Bump | Vox

📷 Below 029

What are your top sources for news/media on the interwebs?

Every quarter or so it seems I go through a process of adding tons of RSS feeds, podcasts, and newsletters to my daily intake before culling it down to what interests/resonates most at the time.

📄 Adventures in New America added to Recently: 🎙.

📷 Below 028

💬 Stan Lee via NextDraft:

📷 Below 027

📄 Sour Inc Honey Ginger - Sour Ale - New Holland Brewing, MI added to Recently: 🍺.

📷 Below 026

I’m going to call it now and say Jimmy Butler doesn’t move the needle for Philadelphia.

📌 The Raptors May Have Perfected the Modern Art of Team Building | The Ringer ✖︎

Jimmy Butler to the 76ers for Covington and Saric.

📄 The Horror of Dolores Roach added to Recently: 🎙.

📌 Laws for Nature Journaling | Austin Kleon ✖︎

📷 Below 025

📄 Double Splash - IIPA - Marz Community Brewing, Chicago, IL added to Recently: 🍺.

Been listening to a lot fiction podcasts lately.

📌 We are verbs not nouns | Austin Kleon ✖︎

💬 Carl Sagan via Om Malik:

📄 Patriot S2 added to Recently: 📺.

Super stark difference between yesterday’s and today’s Below shot.

📷 Below 024

Hot take 🔥: Trevor Ariza was way more important to the Rockets than Eric Gordon.

My Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse came today.

💬 Two Quotes from CAH’s Pulse of the Nation Poll 12:

Due to the micro.

💬 Jason Kottke | kottke.

📄 Sandra added to Recently: 🎙.

📷 Below 023

📌 Dave Winer on the Midterms | scripting.

📷 Below 022

Zion Williamson is indescribable.

Two big House races I’ve been paying close attention to, being from Illinois, are IL-06 and IL-14.

📷 Below 021

Bulls got the win at NYK in a super sloppy 2OT game, 116-115, off of LaVine’s 41 pts.

📄 Forever S1 added to Recently: 📺 tv.

It’s an absolute joy to see Robin Lopez on the court during crunch time.

📷 Below 020

PSA: College basketball starts tomorrow!

📄 Heavyweight S3 added to Recently: 🎙 podcasts.

📷 Below 019

The Manchester City Warriors are on pace to win this one 14-0.

Missed the Bulls game tonight.

Tyson Chandler to the Lakers is a solid move.

The brilliance of the design of our government is that we can have a mini-revolution very two years and an all-out revolution every four.

📄 Oscar’s Pardon - Belgian Pale Ale - Haymarket Brewery, Chicago, IL added to Recently: 🍺 beer.

📷 Below 018

Watched the first episodes of Bodyguard and Homecoming.

📄 Bodyguard S1 and Homecoming S1 added to Recently: 📺 tv.

Aaaand to no one’s surprise LaVine takes a bad jumper trying to play hero ball and the Bulls lose the game.

Forgot the Bulls even played tonight.

📄 Greenway Boogie - IPA - Tighthead Brewery, IL and Pitcher of Nectar - NE IPA - Tighthead Brewery, IL added to Recently: 🍺 beer.

My name is Alex and I’m seven years old and I’m hacking into voting… It’s actually really easy I bet the Russians could do it in their sleep.

Surprised at how long the line was for early voting.

➲ Magic Johnson admonishes Luke Walton after Los Angeles Lakers’ slow start | ESPN - If Luke Walton ends up getting fired this season… I’d be speechless.

📷 Below 017

➲ James Pennebaker on Therapeutic Journaling | Austin Kleon - Good thoughts on journaling.

Wendell Carter Jr.

📷 Below 016

➲ The Timberwolves’ new uniforms, featuring Prince | ESPN - To my surprise, the finished product actually looks really nice here.

Self-interest in America is at record levels and I’m opting out.

➲ Derrick Rose scored 50 points and NBA players loved it | ESPN - I didn’t get a chance to watch this game but I love seeing Rose succeed.


Really thought the Bulls were going to grab the W against Denver… Tough way to lose this one.

❏ Below 015

🔗 The Kings Aren’t Light-years Behind - The Ringer - The Kings have been one of the most fun teams to watch this year.

➲ ‘Castlevania’ Renewed For Season 3 On Netflix | Deadline - haven’t gotten to season 2 yet, but this is great news.

Either you sympathize with other people.

❏ Below 014

Any Blot folks use Github rather than Dropbox?

As much as I’ve moved away from Twitter recently, it was the best way to follow along with the Apple event this morning while at the office.

Trying to figure out the best way to delineate between link posts with a pull quote and extensive thoughts versus a link by itself, or maybe with a quick accompanying thought.

Watching the Bulls tonight was just downright depressing.

🔗 Stochastic Terrorism - kottke.

⌯ Bare - Jim Jefferies added to Recently: standup.

❏ Below 013

❏ Below 012

Two Chicago breweries I’ve been digging a lot lately are Marz and Maplewood.

🔗 The Boy Who Couldn’t Find What He Was Looking For - by Shea Serrano - theringer.

Second go at a Milkshake IPA.

❏ Below 011

First time at a chiropractor this morning.

Been tinkering with my blog to distinguish between microposts and blog posts.

I made the mistake of checking my Twitter feed, rather than my much smaller, curated list hooked into Feedbin.

If you have any interest in Chicago hip-hop check out Junkyard Samurai, new album from ProbCause (he’s had Chance the Rapper featured previously) and The Palmer Squares (two guys from my high school although slightly older).

First time trying a Milkshake IPA.

Pantsdrunk, the Finnish Art of Relaxation - This is my life.

❏ Below 010

Watched Adam Sandler’s new comedy special, 100% Fresh, and was pleasantly surprised.

Another 30+ point game for LaVine and the first W for the Bulls tonight.

❏ Below 009

I’m always baffled when a critic takes the time to write an awful review of something without actually providing substantial thoughts or any constructive criticism.

I have to say, I’m really diggin’ Jru Holiday’s headband.

❏ Below 008

I still think Dunn is going to be a really good player.

Really happy to see Kris Dunn back on the court for the Bulls.

The Chicago Tribune seems to be the best in terms of investing in journalism, The Chicago Sun-Times editorial seems more aligned with my own views (and design aesthetics), and The Daily Herald is the most localized (and smallest) given where I live.

Looking at subscribing to a physical paper again.

⌯ Cemetery Beach and Gideon Falls added to Recently: comics.

❏ Below 007

What a catch by Kevin White.

Considering a switch back to Apple Music from Spotify just to be able to see upcoming albums and their release dates.

❏ Below 006

I feel like something must have happened to really tick off Ingram during the game.

Craziness in the LAL/HOU game.

❏ Below 005

I don’t understand what people see in Mane.

Nice to finally see Fabinho out there for Liverpool.

I feel like I woke up in the Twilight Zone with ManU currently beating Chelsea 2-1.

Boston looked completely frantic and unorganized down the stretch, and Toronto held strong defensively, behind Lowry’s charges and his control over the pace of the game.

❏ Even

⌯ Anthem of the Peaceful Army - Greta Van Fleet added to Recently: music.

❏ Below 004

“Come here, run a play” - LeBron says to Rondo.

“Anytime ya’ll fall stay down, LeBron gonna pick ya’ll up” - LeBron ✖︎

Been looking at setting up a FastMail account with my own domain but I’m curious what reasons/benefits others have besides privacy moving from Gmail?

Two minutes in and I am absolutely fascinated by the body language between LeBron and Rondo.

Not the best start for Wendell Carter Jr.

Well LaVine is out here chucking away already.

I still get depressed every time I think of the contract the Bulls gave LaVine.

❏ Below 003

❏ Below 002

Championship rings have just gotten way too damn big.

Got the Drafts for Mac beta installed and am already super impressed.

Drafts for Mac beta released for Pro subscribers.

❏ Hidden Chaos

Three great quotes on Arrows and Targets from Austin Kleon’s blog.

Cards Against Humanity’s new Remember to Vote Worms look pretty great.

❏ Below 001

⌯ The Haunting of Hill House added to Recently: tv

As someone who just got back into watching the EPL, after not paying attention for years since I played soccer, I find these international breaks quite annoying.

Watched The Shining for the first time tonight.

I’ve realized my favorite thing about having a blog is just tinkering around and learning different things you can do.

The new episodes of Reply All (127 and 128) were excellent taking a look at the computer systems driving the NYPD.

Bruce Wayne at night.

Discovered the issue with my blog posts from Blot to micro.

I’ve really enjoyed tinkering with Blot so far and going back through the last four years of blog posts to see how the conversion went.

Playing around with the camera on the iPhone XS Max.

This episode of Today, Explained was fantastic going over the recent climate change report from the UN.

Seems like I have to get something sorted out with the RSS feed since full posts aren’t coming though with links now…

Besides a few tweaks needed for older posts in the feed, the move to Blot seems to be a resounding success.

Eiffel Tower

Really digging blot so far.



“I drank beer.

Three episodes into Maniac so far.


Cannes Triangle