❨ sonic vibrations vol.005 ❩

26 September 2023 newsletters music albums

i went to the ends of earth, sunburnt

black as pompeii

Some changes are afoot here on foofaraw, I’ll save that news for streaming variability though since more people receive that… and it’s coming very very shortly so keep your eyes peeled. Or don’t, I don’t care, I’m not your mother–I mean, can you imagine, that would be awful–to have to put up with you… ughhhhhh

🏆 Release of the (Last) Week

My too early to really say” favorite album of the week

💽 USA by Petey

I might be Petey’s biggest fan. I discovered him first through Instagram and the extremely odd, but extremely up-my-alley skits he does there (and I assume TikTok). To make things even better, he makes killer alternative rock music and is from Chicago. I mean, what else could you want. This record is terrific and you should listen to it. No, like now–click that link and just do what I say for once. Jeez. Like pulling teeth out here to give you some sonic ewnjoyment. Your ears will thank me later. Probably. Maybe. Who knows, what’s even happening right now. I can’t get myself to stop typing at this point and we are all worse off for it, but the fingertips keep clacking away and here we are, like 30 words later and the word salad/vomit keep coming.

🦣 / OLD GUYS /

Respect your elders, young buck

💽 Nothing Lasts Forever by Teenage Fanclub

Haven’t dug into this one yet (even though I’m quite late to this newsletter), but I figure Teenage Fanclub should be a fun listen.

💽 Live in Hiroshima 1975 by Buddy Guy and Junior Wells

I mean, Buddy Guy is a blues/rock legend/god making this live album from 1975 one of the easiest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of recommending. I’ve seen Buddy Guy live a few times over the last decade and he still shreds like no other. And lastly, even though he is considered a legend, he is still underrated, imo.


hot off the presses, you feel me???

💽 Halo by Bakar

💽 Wallsocket by underscores

💽 Laundry Pile by Arkells

💽 Flying Wig by Devendra Banhart

💽 Collection by Patio

💽 Wishes to Fulfill by Another Michael

💽 Ultrapure by Briston Maroney

🥨 / SNACKS /

other bits and bobs, jack, you don’t know

🎵 Karaoke Night by Soccer Mommy

🎵 serious person (part 2) by corook

🎶 Would You Come To My Funeral by Crawlers

🎶 The Gods Must Be Crazy feat. El-P by Armand Hammer

🎶 Modern Girl by Bleachers

This has been sonic vibrations.

Unfortunately, I just got to witness the Cubs blow a six run lead and continue to hurt their wildcard chances. So I’m going to go wallow in my feels with some incredible live recordings of the one, the only, Buddy Guy.

As always, stay sane,


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