🚰 Sparkling Water Blind Taste Test v3

21 November 2022 water rankings

Back at it with the third blind taste test. This time we have the reigning champ Topo Chico, along with Q Club Soda and Liquid Death.

I had a pretty good idea of how I thought this would turn out—and I was spot on.

  1. Topo Chico
  2. Q Club Soda
  3. Liquid Death

Liquid Death, from just a quick glance had the least amount of carbonation and then tasted the closest to tap water.

Q had more carbonation from a quick glance, but it didn’t appear to have much more. Once I took a sip though, it clearly had a lot more and the overall taste was much better too.

(Liquid death is trash, is what I’m basically trying to say)

And lastly, the reigning champ keeps the belt once again. The bubbles are aggressively delightful in Topo Chico and the light mineral content with the carbonation is perfect.

Until next time. 🫧

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