🎵 blink-182 Albums, ranked

November 9, 2022 🎵 📝

I’ve done this once before, but in anticipation of the forthcoming album, I thought I’d take another look, now including NINE and Dogs Eating Dogs as well. I put this together without looking at the previous ranking and it’s almost identical, with the exception of Dude Ranch swapping spots with The Mark, Tom and Travis Show.

  1. Enema of the State
  2. Take off Your Pants and Jacket
  3. Blink-182 (self-titled)
  4. The Mark, Tom and Travis Show (Live)
  5. Dude Ranch
  6. Cheshire Cat
  7. Dogs Eating Dogs (EP)
  8. Buddha
  9. California
  10. NINE
  11. Neighborhoods

One and two are more or less a toss up for me. I went with Enema because of the moment in time that it hit during my life, but Take off is just as good. Both are such complete and perfect albums.

Man, I remember when the self-titled album came out… it was such a departure and I hated it at first. Boy, was I wrong. While it was so different, bringing a whole new sound to blink, it’s aged like a fine wine. Feeling This, I Miss You and Down are truly great songs.

Dammit might still be the best blink song ever…

I included Dogs Eating Dogs because I think it’s actually pretty underrated. It came after the utter disappointment that was Neighborhoods, following the reunion of the band, but DED actually has a pretty solid set of tracks.