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12 September 2022 tv

Since I’m essentially a tv blogger at this point (well at least in my newsletter, which tends to come in short-lived bursts), I figured I’d talk a bit about the Emmy’s coming up very shortly tonight and make my picks.

Timing is always weird with the Emmy’s since they go by their own fiscal calendar, essentially, from June - May. As opposed to my preference for viewing, ranking, and comparing, on a standard Jan-Dec calendar.

Anywho…… let’s get into the picks. My pick is in Bold, my guess for who will actually win is in Italic. If there is no italic, my pick is also my guess.

Drama Series

This is really, really tough. Severance truly blew me away, and it would be a big win for Apple. Succession is probably the Hollywood favorite as the big HBO shows always tend to do good and continues to be appointment viewing. And then there’s Yellowjackets, which was superb and something completely new and had me enraptured the entire time. My wife went deep down the rabbit hole for YJ, following along and trying to get the scoop of every twist and turn on Reddit, which was new for her. Ultimately, I think I have to give the slight edge for my pick to Severance.

Comedy Series

Hacks is just too friggin’ good. Barry is probably the better show, I mean this last season was probably it’s best, but I needed to give Hacks some recognition because I don’t want it to go away. And Hacks is actually a comedy.

Limited Series

I don’t think there is any debate here. The White Lotus could potentially sweep.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series

I’ve been going back and fourth on this one. I could see them giving it to Odenkirk as a farewell to the show, but I feel a high likelihood Strong comes away with it, despite the profile from last year.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series

I don’t know with this one. I don’t even watch Euphoria… Comer is always great, but I soured a bit on Killing Eve this season (although I wasn’t one of the people who hated the ending).

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

This one isn’t really up for debate either to me either. This season of Barry was superb and it all comes down to Hader. But I wouldn’t blame you for picking Sudeikis or Hoult, who were both great, you’d just be wrong.

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

This one is real tough. I’m a Maisel stan, which feels a bit rare. Cuoco is way better than people seem to give her credit for. Fanning is absolutely terrific in The Great. I love Issa Rae, although I’m way behind on Insecure. But are any of them actually better than Jean Smart??? (I sadly haven’t watched _Abbott Elementary, but I hear great things, which are all on Brunson’s shoulders).

Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie

I don’t really have much to add here… I found this category a bit dull, to be honest. This will become more common the farther down we get.

Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie

Feel pretty confident that Seyfried grabs this without much debate.

Variety Talk Series

It’s always the same here.

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

It feels like we are in a bit of a Sweeney-saince, but Ricci is chef’s kiss in Yellowjackets.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

There is a reason basically the entire cast of Succession is listed here, but we need to recognize the Turturro / Walken powerhouse combo on display in Severance and ultimately I give the edge to Turturro here. No idea where the Emmy’s will actually go though.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

I could see one of the Ted Lasso Actresses here, but I think the Emmy’s will go to McKinnon for her final SNL season. And my pick is for Borstein, who I just think is great in Maisel.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

It’s hard to go against Shalhoub and Winkler (who was amazing this season in Barry) + the Ted Lasso dominance is clearly on display. But I can never get enough of Carrigan in Barry.

Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie

As someone who hasn’t seen Dopesick this is a bit tough for me. But Coolidge is always great, but again I can see Sweeney taking something home, and this award feels like it could be hers.

Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie

Bartlett is amazing in both The White Lotus and the newest season of Physical. And again, no idea about Dopesick, but I love Stuhlbarg…

Guest Actress in a Drama Series

Guest Actor in a Drama Series

Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

Variety Sketch Series

Outstanding Animated Program

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