📺 2022 TV, So Far

August 24, 2022 📺

Almost a full 8 months through the year, I keep looking back at the TV that has come out so far and am pretty stunned. Given the news (and turmoil) coming out of Warner Bros. Discovery and Wall Street’s general hesitance with spending in streaming, this year (and next, given things already in motion) could potentially be the last time we see such breadth of both quality and quantity.

I’d put my top ten so far this year against any other year and be pretty confident. This is before we even get a chance to know how Reservation Dogs, House of Dragon, The Rings of Power, and more, will end up.

So without further ado, my current Top Ten of 2022 TV1:

  1. Barry S3 (HBO)
  2. Severance S1 (Apple)
  3. The Bear S1 (Hulu/FX)
  4. The Sandman S1 (Netflix)
  5. Hacks S2 (HBO)
  6. The Boys S3 (Amazon)
  7. Winning Time S1 (HBO)
  8. Irma Vep S1 (HBO)
  9. Slow Horses S1 (Apple)
  10. Peacemaker S1 (HBO)

I feel pretty confident saying the first nine here are legitimately great seasons of television. And Peacemaker is pretty darn fun and good too. For good measure, I think the next 8 or so shows are all pretty good as well. Between The Offer S1, Solar Opposites S3, Loot S1, Paper Girls S1, Physical S2, Minx S1, and Flight Attendant S2, there’s just so much goodness. It’s quite a joy.

I keep track of what I’ve watched, what I’m watching, and what’s yet to come in this Kinopio Space for those who want to follow along through the remainder of the year. Excited to see what’s left in store for us.

  1. I reserve the right to change my mind and end up with a completely different top ten. Sandman already feels like it might be placed a smidge too high.↩︎