🏀 Raptors @ 76ers - Game 1 Live Weblog

16 April 2022 🕸 🏀

Sitting down and getting ready for what I feel like will be one of the better first round series’ in the NBA Playoffs.

15:27 - Didn’t realize the game already started while watching the end of the Wolves / Griz game. Trying to switch over now but the ESPN app isn’t being very agreeable at the moment.

15:33 - Raptors are going heavy on the Embiid double team, which was expected given the lack of size, buts opening up wide open threes and tons offensive rebounds.

16:39 - Whelp got distracted I the first half…

Raptors 51-69 76ers

16:42 - Frustration evident for the rook, Barnes, shoving and trying to step over Maxey in the screen.

16:47 - Embiid swatted that thing like a volleyball before it even got close to leaving Barnes’ hands 😳

16:48 - Feeling really good about my prediction of Philly in 5 right now. Less good about picking Miami to beat them though.

17:00 - I was hoping the way Toronto can fly around would allow them to cause havoc and turnovers. But that hasn’t come to light at all. I don’t think Philly had a single turnover in the first half.

17:01 - Philly only has a single turnover so far vs TORs 6.

17:06 - Maxey, man!

17:10 - Raptors sending doubles at Maxey at half court! 🤣

Raptors 88-107 76ers

17:16 - Doc Rivers just said, about Maxey’s performance, he plays with no anxiety.” Feels like a shot at a certain ex-76er.

17:25 - Scottie Barnes injured, Van Fleet fouled out. Just not Toronto’s day. Hopefully they can get healthy and bounce back to at least make the series a little more competitive.

17:42 - Just more of the same here in the 4th. Surprised Embiid, Harden, and Maxey are still in with three minutes left.

Raptors 111-131 76ers

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