🔗 The Worst Outcome

18 March 2020 link politics covid


David Frum:

There is always something malign in Trump’s incompetence. He has no care or concern for others; he cannot absorb the trouble and suffering of others as real. He monotones his way through words of love and compassion, but those words plainly have no content or meaning for him. The only thing that is real is his squalid vanity. This virus threatens to pierce that vanity, so he denied it as long as he could. What he refuses to acknowledge cannot be real, can it?

Similar thoughts have probably been running through the brains of anyone who would actually come across this post.

I’ve been considering writing a long rant on this whole situation for awhile, but I think this article captures a lot of my current feeling. The only thing missing is the parallel to climate change. Essentially, a group of people refusing to acknowledge the existence until they are literally confronted with the consequences all around them. The only problem is, once we get to a point where the evidence is truly unavoidable it’ll be too late and no quarantinian1 measures will be able to reverse course.

  1. using some license with a made up word. It feels appropriate given the circumstances.↩︎

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