📹 How Ricky Rubio Has Transformed the Phoenix Suns’ Offense

14 November 2019 basketball bulls

J. Kyle Mann has been killing it so far with these NBA videos for The Ringer this season. This one has been my favorite; breaking down the effect Rubio and Baynes have had on the super surprising Phoenix Suns. There’s one Rubio pass, specifically, he points out that blows my mind.

At the beginning of the season, I predicted my Chicago Bulls would end up breaking out in a similar fashion (maybe not this great though) to the Suns. Never in a million years would I have predicted it would be the Suns in this position instead of someone like the Kings or the Pelicans. And my Bulls prediction sends me into a whirlpool of depression every night. Lauri hasn’t taken that next step and I’m worried he won’t. LaVine has only proven my skeptical approach towards him. On the positive side, Wendell Carter Jr. is showing exactly what I expected, being the beast he is, and Coby White has shined as well, especially vs. NYK! I stand by the fact Carter and White are the second best at their position from the respective drafts, only falling behind the duo in Memphis1.

  1. This is probably a confusing sentence and I don’t feel like workshopping it to be clear and concise. Basically Carter is the second best big from the 2018 draft behind Jackson Jr. (better than Ayton and Bagley) and White is the second best guard from the 2019 draft behind Ja Morant (better than Garland who was drafted before him.)↩︎

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