📹 A Slew of Recent Trailers

21 August 2019 📺 🎥 📹

I kept meaning to post each of these the other day, but instead I let them sit in my drafts1. Rather than delete them, I figured I’d throw them into one post to run through some of the trailers I’ve been digging and looking forward to.

📺 The Morning Show — Apple TV+

First up, Apple’s first foray into tv. Something about it just seems bland to me, but I still am excited to see what Apple can do here.

Via: www.slashfilm.com

📺 Silicon Valley: Season 6 - The Final Season - HBO

This. Looks. Amazing.

Via: www.slashfilm.com


The art in this full length anime movie looks amazing. I’ve slowly been trying to get into anime and thus will surely make my list of things I go out of my way to see. Hopefully it shows in a theatre by me.

Via: www.slashfilm.com

🎥 Underwater

Underwater looks real creepy. And also super stylish. Although the setting is reminiscent of many horror tropes, the direction and cinematography looks like it might be enough to rank this one among the recent string of elevated horror films we’ve had the past couple of years.

Via: www.slashfilm.com

📺 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 - Amazon Prime

Maisel is basically comfort food for me at this point. Season 2 definitely lacked a lot compared to the first season, but hopefully it comes back strong.

Via: www.slashfilm.com

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