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9 July 2019 newsletters

Air Mail, a forthcoming paid email newsletter1 from Graydon Carter (Vanity Fair and Spy) and Alessandra Stanley (The New York Times), is set to launch July 20. It will be a weekly newsletter, released on Saturday’s at 5am CST2.

It feels like forever ago when I first heard about it and entered my email address to be notified of the launch, but it’s here now. Signing up now will get you six issues free, but you do have to put down a credit card and cancel later if you so choose.

It feels like it’s worth giving a shot. I know Substack has been leading the charge, so it’s good to see an independent service from that trying it’s hand and there is obviously a pedigree with the people involved to hopefully release something solid. I was hoping to be able to see an issue before giving my credit card to have a better idea of the content and feel, but it’s not that big of a deal.

I don’t actually know much about either Carter or Stanley, but I remember hearing Carter on The Bill Simmons Podcast way back in 2017 and he seemed like an interesting person and I’m always looking for new and different places to read.

  1. since they are all the rage now.↩︎

  2. the best timezone.↩︎

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