🔗 One music list to rule them all

January 3, 2019 🔗

The Outline

Rosemarie Ho:

Part year-end cheat sheet, part a primitive attempt at music sabermetrics, part a commentary on modern criticism, and part (the biggest part) a music-geek cry for help”, or so Mitchum called them in a previous piece, his spreadsheets started as an exercise in data science while he was working at the University of Chicago’s Data Science for Social Good program.

The spreadsheets are amazing. For someone who loves data like me, it’s a goldmine. Through a quick glance, it doesn’t look like me number one album if the year even made this list of 560, which on the one hand is kind of cool to have something different, but a little frustrating because of how good I though it was (my list will be coming soon).