📹 Klay and Boogie - Future of the Warriors

27 January 2019 basketball video

I’ve heard the Warriors wouldn’t be able to afford Boogie for next season, but assuming Durant leaves, as most people do, I don’t quite understand why not? Although Boogie hasn’t been the easiest individual to deal with throughout his career, he has shown a history of loyalty, with his stint in Sacramento. And despite all the crap that went down, he was sad to leave that franchise.

If I’m management for the Warriors, knowing Durant is probably gone, and, unless you think Green’s decrease in production is due to playing alongside Durant, the future of the dynasty is in peril.

The way they can continue the dynasty is by creating a big three around Curry, Thompson, and Cousins. Now, maybe everything implodes with Cousins before the season even wraps. But if it doesn’t… It’s a path worth considering.

The contracts would have to be large for all three, but is it that different than the four contracts they have to manage now?

Just a thought I’ve been considering now that Boogie has hit the floor and played pretty well from the jump. If he continues to have a positive attitude as a screener who gets open shot after open shot and let’s the game come to him rather than force post-up, it’s a recipe for extending this dynasty, whether that’s a good thing or not is a different conversation.

Curry will always be the number one option, but the two-man game displayed in the above video between Thompson and Cousins, where both are a threat to score anywhere on the court, and can screen for each other, will absolutely be a deadly threat against any team, adding a great half court dynamic.

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