➲ The Asynchronous Life

13 October 2018 link tech


Om Malik:

For the first time in many years, my mind is breathing on its own. It is thinking on its own. The words are forming. Thoughts are taking shape. Once again, my mind is shifting from what to why? It is making thinking about things more interesting.

I’ve been much more conscious as of late about how and when I use my devices, but am still planning on taking a mini sabbatical from being connected.

Later in his post, Om talks about just connecting when you need something. The key seems to be: take advantage of the connectedness, but don’t be consumed by the connectedness.

But there is an option. We can be asynchronous or connect when you need. Want to listen to Spotify, connect. Want to call Uber, simply connect. Want to pay bills, just connect. Need to Amazon, connect. Want to socialize — go have coffee or call a friend for a coffee. Want to inform yourself, skip Social Media. Instead, just read a book or two.

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