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20 October 2018 video trailers soccer️

I played soccer into high school but afterwards didn’t pay much attention since my focus was mostly on basketball. With the World Cup this past summer, and the recent All or Nothing documentary about Manchester City’s last season, I’ve been hit with the futbol bug again.

I’ve mostly been following Liverpool this season, but behind Pep Guardiola, Manchester City is the most exciting team in the EPL. Before Manchester City, Pep managed Bayern Munich, and Barcelona, where he installed a high paced offense comparable to Mike D’Antoni’s 7 seconds or less offense with the Phoenix Suns. Unlike D’Antoni, Pep has turned his high scoring teams into champions.

Take the Ball, Pass the Ball is an upcoming documentary about Pep’s four years managing Barcelona. From the Manchester City documentary, it’s hard not to be entrhalled with Pep’s personality and fire for the game. This looks like a great follow-up to that, looking at Pep’s first years as a top league manager.

Via: kottke.org

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