Constant Confusion S1E2 Of 8

28 June 2018

✖︎ Pink Crush ✖︎

Silent. Curious. Intelligent.

Respect is everything and She has it in spades. Hidden below the Desolation, there is no one more revered.

With everyone in despair, those who have escaped underground below the Desolation, have turned to Her for leadership. She didn’t ask for it, but she refused to run from the task She was presented with.

It was a tightly kept secret, but She had discovered a way into the Oppressor’s tower through what they began calling, The Gateway”.

The Council was the only group of people who knew of this Gateway and they planned to keep it this way. They discussed how to use this to their advantage to one day overthrow the Oppressor but everyone knew how they would inevitably approach their mission.

And She was up to the task. The people below the Desolation followed one person and one person only. They put their faith in her and through this faith, the belief they could rise above the corrupt Oppressor stayed alive within all of them.

Even though She didn’t speak much, just as the cliche goes, her actions spoke louder than words. She ensured everyone would be taken care of no matter who they were and she worked to better herself in every aspect both mentally and physically so she could be the hero the people truly needed.

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