🔗 Bulls jerseys will have a sponsorship patch for the 1st time: We took our time because the jersey is somewhat sacred to us’

October 18, 2018 🏀 🐂 🔗


K.C. Johnson:

We took our time because the jersey is somewhat sacred to us,” Bulls President and Chief Operating Officer Michael Reinsdorf said in an interview with the Tribune. We’re an iconic brand, the Chicago Bulls. And we wanted to make sure we had the right partner. We had some opportunities to do deals with some other companies that didn’t feel right to us. So we pulled back. Zenni is an exciting new brand. And it’s the right fit.”

According to Chicago Business Journal, these partnerships can be extremely valuable. The trade magazine said the Lakers have a patch partnership with online shopping company Wish that’s worth between $12 million and $14 million annually, while the Warriors’ recent jersey patch deal with Rakuten (like Wish, an e-commerce retailer) is valued at $20 million annually.”

Given how cheaper the Bulls management and ownership has been I’m surprised they didn’t jump on this, especially looking at the potential money they left on the floor.

However, the Zenni logo does look relatively classy, compared to some others, the way it seamlessly blends into the jersey.

I always assumed they just couldn’t find a sponsor given how shitty they were. This still might be true but it probably had more to do with the asking price than not being able to find a partner at all.