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28 December 2018 ✖︎ 🖋 👨‍💻


This is a long time coming. I maintain numerous Instagram accounts to have a place to put some of the images I create. Given the Facebook ownership and my tendency to follow the indieweb, I’ve wanted to move away from the service, at least partially, for some time now.

For those who haven’t seen any of these images, none of it is art”, it’s more a practice I enjoy to do. I have design images, some of which I’ve previously shared here on TIV, there are random collages of cool images across the web, there are collages of comic issues I’ve enjoyed, drawings of my Grub character, and who knows what else might come in the future.

I’ve thought about just posting them here on TIV, but I almost see TIV as a personal newspaper, with a focus on words not images, inspired by the likes of Warren Ellis, Jason Kottke, the Awl, and many others (see my About page for my inspiration). The volume of images is also quite high at times so I didn’t want to diminish the value of words on the TIV page.

A few things I’m still pondering are whether or not my series of Below photos should move to Complete Nonsense. I like the idea of keeping them here as it feels very Awl-like, partially inspired by their ratings of New York weather on a regular basis. The other thing I’m not sure about is syndicating all of these images to my micro.blog account. Because of the frequency, I might build a second RSS field and selectively send certain images to that feed when I feel compelled. Feedback is always welcome.

I’m also using Flickr as the host for all of my images for this Blot blog. It makes me a little nervous if they ever change how links for images work or go away entirely. Sometimes I think I should just make the switch to a pro Dropbox account, but for now I’m sticking with Flickr.

So that’s it. Complete Nonsense will become the new home for all of my nonsensical images to live and breathe. Another step towards the indieweb movement as I wane off of Instagram.

I’ve started it out with four different types of images and you can check it out here.

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