🔗 Apple Teams With A24, Distribution Company Behind Moonlight’ and Hereditary’, For New Movies

19 November 2018 🔗 🎥 streaming 🍎


Ben Pearson:

The Hollywood Reporter says that Apple has signed a multi-year agreement with A24 to produce a slate of multiple films”, though no details have been released yet as to what those films could entail.

This is pretty awesome. A24 seems to be one of the best places to make non-blockbuster movies and I’m essentially an Apple fanboy.

Sadly, I think this is a sign of times to come where the superhero blockbusters will eventually be the only films with wide theatrical releases, and more and more, the indie film scene will mostly be witnessed at homes through streaming services. Maybe most people enjoy seeing these films at home more, and only wanted to cough up money for a theatre viewing when they are going to see a ton of shit blow up on screen. I hope I’m wrong and that services like AMC Stubs A-List will help prop up the theatre experience for smaller films.

I still am excited to see what A24 and Apple come up with. Ultimately, the more high-quality filmmaking we get, the better it will be for everyone.

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