January 13, 2015

Alvara Serrano writing for Tools and Toys:

The promise of quality gear is not one of specs and features, but of peace of mind. It’s the assurance that your gear will keep up with you no matter how hard you push. The freedom to test your limits, all the while knowing you are in control.

I long have been obsessed with finding the perfect bag for every potential job. Ben Brooks speaks to this idea of searching for the best product here.

The number of bags I have and have had in the past is astonishing in my relatively short life. To list a few, I’ve had what I like to call an adventurer backpack, but essentially it was a basic school book bag with a bunch of pockets and crap I never used. From that I got a pricey laptop backpack from the Apple Store that never got as much use as it should have. Then there was a tiny backpack that wouldn’t fit more than an iPad and a few small gadgets. After that I got an iPad sling bag which fit even less. Once I needed more space than just an iPad, I picked up a small green backback from the kids section of target because I still wanted to keep it relatively small.

Nowadays, I use an Indiana Jones-like leather messenger bag from Fossil which I haven’t looked back from. It fits most of the things that I use on a daily basis: laptop, iPad, gym clothes, and all my other accessories to boot.

I have yet to find a good bag to travel with and this GORUCK G2 seems perfect, although with my tendency to go smaller I’d probably lean towards a G1.

Either way, this is a beautifully done review that is worth a read whether you are looking for a new bag or not.