28 June 2024 thought politics election

So I ended up not watching the debate last night. It was giving me too much anxiety and there was better stuff to spend my time on…

Reading about it this morning (mainly from headlines) has me depressed and scared. However, this is not a lesser of two evils” situation (neither was 2016, for the record). There’s only one evil” here and one elderly man who I sincerely hope will find a way to still be in office next year…

When it comes to CNN and fact-checking… it’s ridiculous to say it’s not their job and it’s up to the candidates to debate.” To debate” your arguments need to be grounded in facts or at a minimum a shared reality with some semblance of truth, otherwise you’re just shouting things (likely made up out of thin air) past each other.

Instead of fact-checking, CNN let two old men make shit up and promoted their lies (over 20 from Trump and 9 from Biden, according to CNNs own fact-checker… after the fact…).

I don’t think a president needs to be great at debates, but if Biden is going to have a shot, I think he’s going to need to be a lot more public and energized throughout these next four months.

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