🖋️TIV, Micro.blog, and Mastodon

20 December 2022

So I finally took the plunge and created a mastodon account. Not that long ago I went through the process of creating a hosted micro.blog on a separate micro.blog account, which is where I had originally created a mastodon compatible username. But today I went through the process of reconciling both those micro.blog accounts back here to my main micro.blog account (@humdrum).

So all in all I have three main blogging” places now: my main blog, The Independent Variable, powered by Blot, my hosted micro.blog, and my mastodon account. And since I set it up so my mastodon actually feeds into my micro.blog, giving my fleeting thoughts a permanent home, all of it flows into the micro.blog feed.

All that being said, if you are only interested in my fleeting thoughts, follow me on mastodon @humdrum@social.lol, if you just want posts from my blog, follow it through rss, but if you want everything, follow me on micro.blog @humdrum or on mastodon with my micro.blog compatible username @humdrum@humdrum.tiv.today. The downside here is if you follow both on mastodon you’ll see duplicates of the thoughts that originate on mastodon.

Well that was a mouthful and barely makes sense to me so I assume it won’t make sense to you either. But I think it might just work out for me.

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