Widows’ Featurette: How Chicago Shapes The Steve McQueen Heist Thriller

15 October 2018 🎥 chicago 🔗


Hoai-Tran Bui:

At this point, moviegoers may best know Chicago onscreen as the location doubling for Gotham City in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight — which Widows may unintentionally recall in various heist and chase scenes sprinkled throughout this featurette

Steve McQueen, director:

The location for the setting of Widows was very strategic. I wanted an environment that dealt with current-day issues. Race, politics, crime, policing. Chicago is the epicenter of all of that.

As someone from the suburbs of Chicago, with a deep love for the city, I love seeing stuff like this. I was already looking forward to Widows based on the people involved but to see the thought and the utilization of the city has my excitement up to another level.

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