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➲ Wrigleyville Taco Bell sees its last day October 31, 2018
If you have any interest in Chicago hip-hop check out Junkyard Samurai, new album from ProbCause (he’s had Chance the Rapper featured previously) and The Palmer Squares (two guys from my high school although slightly older). October 26, 2018
The Chicago Tribune seems to be the best in terms of investing in journalism, The Chicago Sun-Times editorial seems more aligned with my own views (and design aesthetics), and The Daily Herald is the most localized (and smallest) given where I live. October 22, 2018
Looking at subscribing to a physical paper again. October 22, 2018
► Chance the Rapper - Lyrics Explained October 17, 2018
➲ ‘Widows’ Featurette: How Chicago Shapes The Steve McQueen Heist Thriller October 15, 2018