➲ Wrigleyville Taco Bell sees its last day

31 October 2018 chicago


Sara Freund:

In just a very short amount of time, Wrigleyville has transformed from a beloved but rough around the edges neighborhood into a blur of shiny, new, generic development. The climbing gym, housed in three-story glassy modular building, will join other recently opened projects such as Wrigley Field’s town square Gallagher Way (formerly the Park at Wrigley), Hotel Zachary and its handful of restaurants, The Wheelhouse boutique hotel, Addison & Clark retail and apartments, and more.

It’s a double-edged sword really. I don’t really care about the Taco Bell, but it’s more everything else going on. Wrigleyville just isn’t the same anymore. It’s crazy how the change in ownership of the Cubs has transformed the entire neighborhood around them. In the end, it’s ultimately for the better, but at the same time it loses the charm.

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