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30 October 2018 blot blogging 🔗


Frank McPherson:

For that matter the blog can simply be for yourself.

I never really thought titles were a big barrier but as I was beginning to respond to this I realized the real log” feel you get with micro.blog or with someone like Dave Weiner both provides an ease to the process of posting, as well as being aesthetically pleasing on the homepage, in my opinion.

The original point I wanted to bring up was a blog can be for yourself. With a lot of talk on micro.blog about wikis lately, I have started to think about my blog (hosted with blot.im) as a wiki itself. For example, my Recently” page shows what I’ve read/watched recently but it also links out to different logs such as film and books. This is still a work-in-progress but it’s something I’m continuing to build out. The great thing is it’s just based on .txt files in Dropbox. It’s almost replaced note taking apps for me as a central place to go and find things.

Lastly, another thing to point out is David at Blot.im mentioned multi-file posts are a planned feature, which I think lends itself even more to this idea of a blog branching out as a wiki itself.

P.S. not sure how the title and link to @frankm is going to work out.

P.S.S. it didn’t work and was removed from the title.

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