30 October 2018


30 October 2018

➲ Untitled Blog Posts - @frankm

26 October 2018


12 October 2018

Discovered the issue with my blog posts from Blot to seem to stem from using these icons, ► ➲ ✖︎ ❏, in the titles. Hoping to find a way around this so I can continue to use icons in titles.

11 October 2018

I've really enjoyed tinkering with Blot so far and going back through the last four years of blog posts to see how the conversion went. Still a few things to figure out with non-micro posts but everything else seems to be working great.

10 October 2018

Seems like I have to get something sorted out with the RSS feed since full posts aren't coming though with links now...

10 October 2018

Besides a few tweaks needed for older posts in the feed, the move to Blot seems to be a resounding success.

9 October 2018

Really digging blot so far. The one thing I seem to be struggling with is images pulling through to my timeline.. whether it is with text, a title, or by itself it doesn't seem to come through.