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I get they need stakes, but I think it would’ve been more interesting if Marvel took the James Bond route and just replaced actors. July 29, 2020
cavellstretchneck May 30, 2020
🔗 ‘Sweet Tooth’: Robert Downey Jr. to Executive Produce Netflix Adaptation of Vertigo Comic May 12, 2020
Never read Watchmen before, so I borrowed the Absolute edition from a friend and am diving in today. April 24, 2020
Are there any newish (in the last three years or so) comic writers for Marvel I should check out now that I have Marvel Unlimited? March 11, 2020
🦸‍♂️ Finally Gave In To Marvel Unlimited March 11, 2020
Speaking of comics, switching from issues to trades is more difficult than expected. September 12, 2019
If Marvel Unlimited was on a three month delay rather than six, it’d be a no-brainer for me. September 12, 2019
I’ve been trying to switch from issues to trades because I tend to fall behind on issues (currently 100+ unread in Comixology), but making the switch and keeping track of trades is a lot more tedious than just subscribing to series’ with Comixology… August 14, 2019
🔗 Marvel is Adapting Its Iconic Comic Book Stories Into Audiobooks June 10, 2019
🔗 ‘New Gods’ Movie Taps Comic Writer Tom King to Co-Write Screenplay With Ava DuVernay May 29, 2019
📹 Watchmen - Teaser Trailer May 9, 2019
Hill and Allred doing a book together for Marvel? May 9, 2019
📌 Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for February 17, 2019 - GoComics February 18, 2019
🔗 Marvel’s ‘Loki’ Series Lands ‘Rick Morty’ Writer as Showrunner, Plot Sounds Like ‘Quantum Leap’ February 15, 2019
🔗 ‘Howard the Duck’ From Kevin Smith, ‘M.O.D.O.K.’ From Patton Oswalt, and Other Marvel Animated Shows Coming to Hulu February 11, 2019
✖︎ 2018 Top Ten - Comics and Podcasts January 9, 2019
Absolutely loved Middlewest #1 from Image Comics by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona. November 21, 2018
⌯ Cemetery Beach and Gideon Falls added to Recently: comics. October 22, 2018