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With the TestFlight beta, I think I’m actually going to give Logseq a real go now despite it being so long since I’ve even used Roam at this point. January 5, 2022
Whelp, I got it working, mostly… the entries are a bit off center compared to the title and nav now… October 29, 2021
I don’t know if I’d actually be able to figure it out though… October 29, 2021
I wonder if it would be beneficial to have the date between posts rather than off to the left side so the distinction between days is a little more clear. October 29, 2021
Since I’ve been reading less on the internet over the past six months, I’ve had less to write about… October 29, 2021
Successfully implemented the non-RSS feature on TIV. October 28, 2021
Alright, reverted my fonts back to what I previously had. October 28, 2021
Don’t think I’m digging these fonts… October 27, 2021
The css file for my site is such a hodgepodge of stuff I just barely understood and have mostly forgotten that making any changes is rolling the dice of despair. October 27, 2021
Curious what my blog would look like if I wrote in outlines October 23, 2021
Updated and cleaned up my Central Hub today on Kinopio. October 22, 2021
Although I don’t think Drummer is for me, seeing everyone use it makes me want to get back to this blog a bit more. October 18, 2021
🖼 Some Sketchbook Pages September 1, 2020
Been loving having a Field Notes book designated to sketching. August 31, 2020
I really like the new Today pane in Day One, but wish this were the default way to open up the app. August 7, 2020
Analog from Ugmonk looks pretty nifty. June 23, 2020
Strongly considering switching to Seraphs Variable Font here. April 14, 2020
I haven’t actually felt like sitting down and writing something in a really long time. December 17, 2019
With microblogvember, I’ve been thinking about how a lot more average thoughts are worth posts, even if it’s as simple as this. November 18, 2019
✖︎ Live Blogging with Blot and Drafts October 11, 2019
I’ve made some changes to the Shortcut that powers my Links page, displaying articles, podcasts, and videos consumed, to try to give more clarity, but I’m still struggling getting the podcast name, along with the episode title, through Shortuts (and Overcast). July 16, 2019
Going to spend some time updating the site to improve live weblogs. June 10, 2019
If I weren’t already way over my budget for May, I’d be buying a couple packs of Studio Neat’s new Totebooks. May 28, 2019
Looking for opinions. February 23, 2019
Spent the weekend incorporating an edit button into one of my Blot blogs. February 18, 2019
Went with Karla as my body font. February 4, 2019
Went with some new fonts on The Independent Variable. February 4, 2019
Inspired by h0p3’s wiki reviews, I built a Siri Shortcut that grabs all my posts from yesterday (through Dropbox), turns each title into a markdown link, and formats it in Drafts so I can add a note below each link as a daily review practice. January 28, 2019
I’ve been kicking around some ideas for another blog. January 17, 2019
Restructuring the site a little bit. January 16, 2019
✖︎ Introducing Complete Nonsense - a weblog of images December 28, 2018
Thinking about starting a second Blot site for design and photos. December 23, 2018
✖︎ Getting a Flickr Photo Link December 14, 2018
Was looking at Flickr Pro as a place to store photos as well as host them for my Blot blog, but getting the actual image URL on an iPhone is incredibly tedious. December 12, 2018
Spent a considerable amount of time tweaking my Now page Siri Shortcut. November 22, 2018
Inspired by Where Is Felix, I made a Shortcut to create and update a Now page with Blot. November 22, 2018
✖︎ Embracing Emoji 🤓 November 19, 2018
Any Blot folks use Github rather than Dropbox? October 30, 2018
Trying to figure out the best way to delineate between link posts with a pull quote and extensive thoughts versus a link by itself, or maybe with a quick accompanying thought. October 29, 2018
I’ve realized my favorite thing about having a blog is just tinkering around and learning different things you can do. October 13, 2018
Discovered the issue with my blog posts from Blot to micro. October 12, 2018
I’ve really enjoyed tinkering with Blot so far and going back through the last four years of blog posts to see how the conversion went. October 11, 2018
Seems like I have to get something sorted out with the RSS feed since full posts aren’t coming though with links now… October 10, 2018
Besides a few tweaks needed for older posts in the feed, the move to Blot seems to be a resounding success. October 10, 2018
Really digging blot so far. October 9, 2018