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📱 Pagi - an app for morning pages March 10, 2023
So does anyone actually know how to listen to Lossless from an iPhone…? June 8, 2021
Probably still room to remove. May 6, 2021
Just deleted 80% of the apps on my phone as I try to reduce it’s uses and gravitational pull. May 6, 2021
When you pick up your phone to look something up and then proceed to check e-mail, Instagram, micro. March 13, 2021
Finally got around to downloading Reeder 5. March 2, 2021
Trying out grayscale again on my iPhone in order to try to get myself less glued to it. February 15, 2021
Or if Things has no more items in the specified list, it doesn’t need to be seen until that changes. September 23, 2020
Does anybody know if apps/widgets, specifically for the “Smart Stack” feature, communicate to iOS when there are significant changes where it might want to be shown? September 23, 2020
📱 First Draft: Widget Homescreens September 23, 2020
Currently using the giant Fantastical widget, which switches to Things with the medium Carrot widget, which switches to Drafts eight button grid on top. September 23, 2020
Wanted Screen Time feature: specified app icons only show up during designated periods of time. August 31, 2020
I want Lock Screen widgets still. June 25, 2020
The more I read about the trackpad support for iPad, the more my heart aches knowing I probably won’t be able to get the new keyboard next month. April 4, 2020
Going with the iPhone 11 (non-Pro). September 10, 2019
My cousin is working on an app, Mylo, that is “a personalized user-driven recommendations platform that brings together what you’ve done and what you want to do into one convenient place. August 8, 2019
🔗 Business Model and Pricing for Unread 2 June 17, 2019
Whelp I broke down and bought a new iPad Pro. June 12, 2019
I’m trying to imagine a world where the Apple Watch completely replaces the iPhone for me, and I think I dig it. June 5, 2019