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I want Lock Screen widgets still. June 25, 2020
The more I read about the trackpad support for iPad, the more my heart aches knowing I probably won’t be able to get the new keyboard next month. April 4, 2020
Going with the iPhone 11 (non-Pro). September 10, 2019
My cousin is working on an app, Mylo, that is “a personalized user-driven recommendations platform that brings together what you’ve done and what you want to do into one convenient place. August 8, 2019
🔗 Business Model and Pricing for Unread 2 June 17, 2019
Whelp I broke down and bought a new iPad Pro. June 12, 2019
I’m trying to imagine a world where the Apple Watch completely replaces the iPhone for me, and I think I dig it. June 5, 2019