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🧠 Brainstorming: foofaraw zine March 10, 2023
CNN+ is launching March 29th (happy birthday to me… I guess) for $3/mo if you sign up in the first couple of weeks. March 11, 2022
Considering if I really need to get The New Yorker, The Economist, and The Atlantic in print… November 25, 2021
Staying up late is detrimental to my wallet. November 15, 2021
It might be too late, but Charlie Warzel is moving his newsletter to The Atlantic and apparently even free subscribers will get a free year to The Atlantic. November 2, 2021
I used the be a big fan of Wired magazine, but after following their RSS feed for a little bit, I feel like there is a lot more listicle/gear/summary noise to sort through to get to the good stuff. April 4, 2020
With an RSS reader that pulls the articles full text, you can basically get The Economist and other magazines for free… maybe old news for some. March 10, 2020
I was thinking of unsubscribing to Ben Thompson’s Stratechery, because I fall behind far too often, but him launching the Daily Update podcast might change that. February 18, 2020
I’m hoping that some extended usage with Apple News the “Today” section will get better at serving me the articles I want to see so I don’t have to constantly go to the “Following” tab to look through each publication. February 6, 2020
Plus for Apple News is getting Wired, Atlantic, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, and National Geographic all for basically the same price I currently pay for The New Yorker. February 6, 2020
I cancelled my subscriptions to The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Economist to save a little money for a little bit. February 6, 2020
Debating whether I need to subscribe to both the Economist and NYT. January 20, 2020
💬 Politics this week from The Economist: June 17, 2019
I’ve been an avid listener of The Daily, and Today, Explained so I wanted to see what other daily news podcasts were out there. May 21, 2019
I like Apple News+, and appreciate the wealth of choices, but I’m still considering cancelling it and just subscribing to The New Yorker, Wired, and Rolling Stone in print again, despite it costing more… May 20, 2019
Looking for suggestions: how do you follow US political news; in my ideal world there’d be a Ben Thompson/Stratechery of US political news (if you know of this let me know). March 28, 2019
I’m excited to see what Apple is going to due with their news subscription service. February 12, 2019
Polynomial vol. 001 January 23, 2019
Dave Winer mentioned Blogtrottr this morning. November 27, 2018
As I’ve been looking around for good places to read interesting journalism, The Correspondent seems like it could be one of those places. November 18, 2018
What are your top sources for news/media on the interwebs? November 13, 2018
Every quarter or so it seems I go through a process of adding tons of RSS feeds, podcasts, and newsletters to my daily intake before culling it down to what interests/resonates most at the time. November 13, 2018