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Having used YNAB, I already have April 100% budgeted and funded, which is huge. March 25, 2020
Well I knew it wouldn’t be long before the company I work for had to make tough decisions. March 25, 2020
After reminiscing on Humdrum, I started to poke around some of the wikis I used to creep around. February 25, 2020
I miss my old blog, Humdrum Life. February 25, 2020
Currently - 01/04/2020 January 4, 2020
✖︎ Live Blogging with Blot and Drafts October 11, 2019
I’ve had a hectic three weeks at the office with three huge automations launching last week. October 8, 2019
Been using these three services a lot more lately. October 8, 2019
Restructuring the site a little bit. January 16, 2019
✖︎ Introducing Complete Nonsense - a weblog of images December 28, 2018
I’ve been admiring Peloton from afar for awhile now. December 2, 2018
I’ve been looking at making something with Newspaper Club for awhile now. November 28, 2018
Just held the door open for two people leaving the movie theatre. November 18, 2018