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Bulls signing so many ten-day contracts as their whole squad is basically decimated from health protocols. December 10, 2021
Vooch. November 29, 2021
💬 This Quote from Hollinger Turned into More than a Micropost November 28, 2021
🏀 PF Targets for YOUR CHICAGO BULLS November 27, 2021
Now that it’s all said and done, I wonder if Lauri might have actually fit as the Bulls 4; bring PatWil off the bench at the 3 or 4… Looking throughout the league the options at 4 that are actually gettable seem pretty limited… putting a list together now. November 27, 2021
🍄 Live Space for //241121// November 24, 2021
What a comeback for the Bulls! November 1, 2021
Bulls off to a fast start from three tonight in Boston. November 1, 2021
🔗 Everybody, the Bulls are back, alright! October 30, 2021
carusodish October 30, 2021
Bulls playing inside-out through Vuc seems to be working great. October 28, 2021
I was lucky enough to be at the 3OT Game 6 in the 2009 playoffs vs Boston. October 28, 2021
LaVine is on his way to being that next most important Bull, but has a ways to go. October 28, 2021
Super pumped for Joakim Noah night as the Knicks with D Rose, Taj, and Thibs come to Chicago. October 28, 2021
Man, I love these Bulls October 25, 2021
LaVine just went scoreless in the first 18 minutes only to put in 20 over the last six minutes of the half. October 22, 2021
Fun Q1 for the Bulls tonight in their home opener against NOLA. October 22, 2021
🏀 One Giant Leap - The Luc Longley Story August 13, 2021
I’ve paid basically zero attention to the NBA Draft since the Bulls don’t have a pick until # 38… Given Artūras’ history in Denver, I trust they’ll snag a sold role player, but they are still a move away from really competing, which assumes the LaVine and Vučević pairing works. July 28, 2021
Bulls have a 20% chance to get a top four pick, which would allow them to keep it (vs sending it to Orlando if it falls 5+. May 25, 2021
Whelp… we knew it was coming, but the Bulls are officially eliminated from a playoff spot. May 14, 2021
Second Bulls trade of the day: Daniel Gafford and Chandler Hutchison to Washington for Troy Brown Jr. March 25, 2021
Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it. March 25, 2021
Whelp, surprisingly, the Chicago Bulls move first (and big) on deadline day and decided to ship out Wendell Carter Jr. March 25, 2021
Franz doesn’t give them a pure Point Forward like Cade Cunningham, but he seems like he can help with Point Guard by committee alongside Coby and LaVine with his playmaking abilities. March 22, 2021
With a way to early look at the NBA Draft, I’m putting Franz Wagner as my target for the Bulls (unless they magically have a shot at Cade Cunningham. March 22, 2021
While we’ve had our differences, I’m excited to see Zach LaVine make his first All-Star team. February 23, 2021
Billy Donovan has done a tremendous job with the Bulls this season. February 22, 2021
When fully healthy, the Bulls second unit (Tomas Satoransky, Garrett Temple, Otto Porter Jr. January 17, 2021
Of course the Bulls lose on a last second three by Damion Lee… December 27, 2020
I’m starting to think I may have been wrong and the Bulls were right in taking Patrick Williams over his teammate, Devin Vassell (who I loved and who started over PatWil at Florida St. December 17, 2020
Coby needs a tall PG next to him so he can play off-ball and still match up with the opposing teams smaller guard. December 16, 2020
Coby, Cade, PatWil, Lauri, and WCj. December 16, 2020
Bulls need to tank for Cade Cunningham this year. December 16, 2020
But back to the Bulls first preseason; I saw what I wanted to see out of Coby, Lauri, and the rookie Williams. December 11, 2020
It’s great to hear Stacey King’s voice again! December 11, 2020
I like (don’t love) Patrick Williams at 4. November 18, 2020
If the Bulls trade Wendell Carter Jr. November 18, 2020
And then if the Bulls could swing Hield for LaVine, you have Coby, Buddy, Vassell, Lauri, and Wendell as a your five for the future. November 17, 2020
Vassell would slot in wonderfully at the 3, with my assumption being Porter Jr. November 17, 2020
After watching some film, I’ve settled on Devin Vassell for the Bulls to take with the fourth pick in the draft. November 17, 2020
Still no chance of making the playoffs, even in the East, but maybe a year away from being a year away from the playoffs… October 28, 2020
Selling myself on the draft this year for the Bulls… Could draft Killian Hayes or LaMelo Ball to play alongside Coby in the backcourt with Lauri and Carter Jr. October 28, 2020
Also… kind of wish the Bulls would’ve waited before pulling the trigger on Donavon now… Nothing against Billy D, but Doc is easily a tier above him. September 28, 2020
Billy Donovan to be the Bulls next head coach… he wasn’t one of the people I was hoping for, but what he did with OKC this past season was impressive after being counted out. September 22, 2020
I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but LaMelo Ball might be the best prospect for the Bulls with the fourth pick. August 21, 2020
A few other names I wouldn’t mind seeing pop-up: Becky Hammon, Ime Udoka, Jamahl Mosley, or Lindsay Gottlieb. August 14, 2020
I’ve been planning for this day for years now. August 14, 2020
Bye bye Boylen! August 14, 2020
Both the Knicks and Nets are interested in Zach LaVine, you say? July 25, 2020
Watching The Last Dance just makes me want to do a Jordan career binge. April 20, 2020
GAR FORMAN WAS FIRED!!! April 13, 2020
When it comes to team-building there are only a few teams who have truly done it well over a consistent period for both the present and future. April 9, 2020
🔗 Sources: Bulls start search to hire top executive April 3, 2020
Bulls better go get Kenny Atkinson. March 7, 2020
The Athletic has a Wizards podcast and five Warriors podcasts, but no Bulls podcast. January 9, 2020
This is ridiculous. December 17, 2019
And Denzel can score! December 14, 2019
Kris Dunn would start for the Lakers or the Bucks… just sayin’… December 14, 2019
I’m at the point where I think the Bulls should be building around Wendell Carter Jr. December 6, 2019
Since the Nets have moved on to superstar mode, Caris LeVert (besides the injuries) would basically be the perfect 2 guard for the young Bulls moving forward. November 14, 2019
📹 How Ricky Rubio Has Transformed the Phoenix Suns’ Offense November 14, 2019
COBY! October 23, 2019
Bulls should bring back Noah. October 8, 2019
🔗 Coby White has been the most impressive 2019 lottery pick at Las Vegas summer league (somewhat by default) July 11, 2019
With the first round over and seven picks until the 38th for Chicago, there are three guys still on the board I targeted for this pick: KZ Okpala, Zypan Cheatham, and Nicolas Claxton. June 20, 2019
🏀 An NBA Draft Preview, Chicago 2019 June 20, 2019
Amid news that Chicago (along with BOS and MIN) is interested in moving up to draft Garland, I’ve been watching highlights of Garland and Coby White and I think White is the better prospect. June 18, 2019
Listening to the Bill Simmons Podcast today, and one thing caught my ear: Lonzo Ball for the 7th pick. June 6, 2019
Obviously, I’m disappointed with the Bulls falling to seven, but Zion in NOLA will be electric and then Ja and JJJ could develop into a great duo, even greater than Conley and Gasol. May 17, 2019
Bulls getting the seventh pick is so depressing, especially considering the fact there are six guys I like in this draft: Zion, Ja, RJ, Garland, Culver, and White. May 15, 2019
🏀 Lotto Balls and Western Battles - an NBA Live Weblog May 14, 2019
Obviously Zion is the big get this year. April 11, 2019
Bulls finish the year with the fourth worst record in the NBA. April 11, 2019
Ja, LaVine, OBJ, Lauri, and Carter? March 22, 2019
I absolutely love what Otto Porter is doing, but he needs to slow down so the Bulls can secure a top draft pick. February 14, 2019
I think I might actually like the Otto Porter trade…? February 6, 2019
Trying to get additional details, but apparently the Bulls have traded for Carmelo Anthony. January 21, 2019
🔗 Doctors recommend Bulls’ Wendell Carter have thumb surgery January 18, 2019
Bulls receive Michael Carter-Williams (who will be waived with MarShon Brooks) and cash for a “heavily protected future second-round pick that is unlikely to ever convey. January 7, 2019
📊 Kris Dunn: 16 pts on 6/9, 17 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 turnovers. January 4, 2019
🏀 Bulls trade Justin Holiday to Memphis January 3, 2019
📊 Kris Dunn: 17-8-7 on 8/11 FG. December 23, 2018
Missed the game last night, but by looking at the box score, I’m happy to see Dunn being more aggressive, but it’s also on him to make sure Lauri gets more than six shots. December 20, 2018
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🏀 Bulls @ Boston Celtics - Live Blog November 14, 2018
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✖︎ Bulls @ Pelicans - Live Weblog 🏀 November 7, 2018
Bulls got the win at NYK in a super sloppy 2OT game, 116-115, off of LaVine’s 41 pts. November 5, 2018
It’s an absolute joy to see Robin Lopez on the court during crunch time. November 5, 2018
Missed the Bulls game tonight. November 3, 2018
Aaaand to no one’s surprise LaVine takes a bad jumper trying to play hero ball and the Bulls lose the game. November 2, 2018
Forgot the Bulls even played tonight. November 2, 2018
Wendell Carter Jr. November 1, 2018
Really thought the Bulls were going to grab the W against Denver… Tough way to lose this one. October 31, 2018
Watching the Bulls tonight was just downright depressing. October 29, 2018
Another 30+ point game for LaVine and the first W for the Bulls tonight. October 24, 2018
I still think Dunn is going to be a really good player. October 22, 2018
Really happy to see Kris Dunn back on the court for the Bulls. October 22, 2018
Not the best start for Wendell Carter Jr. October 18, 2018
🔗 Bulls jerseys will have a sponsorship patch for the 1st time: ‘We took our time because the jersey is somewhat sacred to us’ October 18, 2018
Well LaVine is out here chucking away already. October 18, 2018
I still get depressed every time I think of the contract the Bulls gave LaVine. October 18, 2018