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That moment you realize you can’t watch the Bears on local TV anymore… and then the next moment when you realize you get to watch a real QB during the local game. November 8, 2020
Nick Foles!!! September 27, 2020
Imagine if the Bears actually had a QB who knew how to throw a football given all the weapons they actually have this year… September 13, 2020
Still tons of work to be done given the fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the GOP comes out talking about how important it is for amateur athletes in college football to play their season. August 26, 2020
🔗 Why Tony Romo Is a Genius at Football Commentary January 29, 2019
Happy to see Parkey’s missed field goal was officially ruled as blocked. January 7, 2019
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What a catch by Kevin White. October 21, 2018