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Justin Fields makin’ moves. October 31, 2021
Things were going so great for the Bears, then the announcer had to go mention the 49ers haven’t scored a touchdown against the Bears in 14 quarters, since 2015, and then bam! October 31, 2021
Oh boy… Andy Dalton… 😕 March 16, 2021
Given his offseason comments though, I don’t know that Wilson would be very happy with the Bears O-Line. February 26, 2021
Here’s to hoping the Bears can somehow come out of the offseason with Russell Wilson (sorry fellow Seattleites…) or Deshaun Watson. February 26, 2021
That moment you realize you can’t watch the Bears on local TV anymore… and then the next moment when you realize you get to watch a real QB during the local game. November 8, 2020
Nick Foles!!! September 27, 2020
Imagine if the Bears actually had a QB who knew how to throw a football given all the weapons they actually have this year… September 13, 2020
Still tons of work to be done given the fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the GOP comes out talking about how important it is for amateur athletes in college football to play their season. August 26, 2020
🔗 Why Tony Romo Is a Genius at Football Commentary January 29, 2019
Happy to see Parkey’s missed field goal was officially ruled as blocked. January 7, 2019
🏈 Bears vs Green Bay Packers - Live Weblog December 16, 2018
🏈 Bears vs Minnesota Vikings - Live Weblog November 18, 2018
What a catch by Kevin White. October 21, 2018