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Billy Donovan to be the Bulls next head coach… he wasn’t one of the people I was hoping for, but what he did with OKC this past season was impressive after being counted out. September 22, 2020
Half-baked NBA challenge idea: only in the last two minutes of a game is the clock stopped and handled as it currently is. September 17, 2020
Kawhi should’ve signed with the SGA/Gallinari Clippers… September 15, 2020
Holy Adebayo! September 15, 2020
Whoa, did not see Steve Nash becoming the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets at all. September 3, 2020
📌 The NBA’s corporate sponsors donated $3. September 3, 2020
I get why people like Stephen A. September 1, 2020
📌 About 100 NBA employees join protest | ESPN August 28, 2020
I’d love to see professional athletes in all sports boycott games until charges are brought and government officials put forward plans to both reduce these situations and for how they will handle them when they inevitably happen again. August 26, 2020
Still tons of work to be done given the fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the GOP comes out talking about how important it is for amateur athletes in college football to play their season. August 26, 2020
Super happy with the decision the Bucks made today in boycotting their game. August 26, 2020
📌 Raptors discussed boycotting Game 1 vs. August 25, 2020
I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but LaMelo Ball might be the best prospect for the Bulls with the fourth pick. August 21, 2020
Bulls moving up to the fourth pick is wonderful. August 20, 2020
DAME! August 18, 2020
A few other names I wouldn’t mind seeing pop-up: Becky Hammon, Ime Udoka, Jamahl Mosley, or Lindsay Gottlieb. August 14, 2020
I’ve been planning for this day for years now. August 14, 2020
Bye bye Boylen! August 14, 2020
Was really hoping Memphis would lose today so we could get a Suns/Trailblazers 8/9 play-in… August 13, 2020
That Dame shot at 1:30… 🤯🤯🤯 August 11, 2020
If he sticks with it, Vince Carter is going to end up being the best player -> analyst since Kenny “The Jet” Smith. August 4, 2020
🏀 Disney Bubbleball - an NBA Restart Live Weblog July 30, 2020
A Quick Summary of How I Feel July 30, 2020
The NBA is back in 48 hours! July 28, 2020
Both the Knicks and Nets are interested in Zach LaVine, you say? July 25, 2020
📹 The NBA Bubble: A Disney Musical | NBA Desktop July 17, 2020
I really feel like the NBA season is going to end up getting cancelled before it even begins and it makes me incredibly sad. June 23, 2020
🎙 Gregg Popovich on America in 2020, the Leadership Void, and What Needs to Change June 5, 2020
If the NBA approve’s their plan for 22-team return with eight regular-season games to be played at Disney World, I will be giddy like a kid getting to go the Disney World for the first time. June 3, 2020
Watching The Last Dance just makes me want to do a Jordan career binge. April 20, 2020
GAR FORMAN WAS FIRED!!! April 13, 2020
When it comes to team-building there are only a few teams who have truly done it well over a consistent period for both the present and future. April 9, 2020
🔗 Sources: Bulls start search to hire top executive April 3, 2020
📌 Michael Jordan series on ESPN moved up to April 19th | ESPN | And I couldn’t be more excited. March 31, 2020
📹 Zion Is Too Close (Official Music Video) | The Ringer March 27, 2020
No better owner to be on TV the moment the season gets suspended than Mark Cuban. March 11, 2020
Wow… the NBA has suspended their season. March 11, 2020
If the Warriors don’t ship Wiggins, their go-to lineup next year will be Curry, Klay, Wiggins, Paschall, and Green. March 10, 2020
I’ve been listening to The Athletic’s No Dunks podcast for a little bit now, but a daily hour plus podcast needs to be exceptional to warrant listening to every episode. March 10, 2020
Bulls better go get Kenny Atkinson. March 7, 2020
This Brooklyn/Boston game right now! March 3, 2020
Watching the Rockets for the first time since their trades and additions. February 26, 2020
🎙 Nick Elam — The Lowe Post February 18, 2020
📹 Ja Ja Ja Morant - The Ringer Music Video February 5, 2020
Happy to see Rudy Gobert finally make the Allstar team. January 30, 2020
🔗 Losing Kobe Bryant, the Dad January 29, 2020
Happy Zion Day to all!!! January 22, 2020
The Athletic has a Wizards podcast and five Warriors podcasts, but no Bulls podcast. January 9, 2020
allstarvotes January 9, 2020
This is ridiculous. December 17, 2019
And Denzel can score! December 14, 2019
Kris Dunn would start for the Lakers or the Bucks… just sayin’… December 14, 2019
The key to winning basketball is simple. December 6, 2019
I’m at the point where I think the Bulls should be building around Wendell Carter Jr. December 6, 2019
Melo back?! November 14, 2019
Since the Nets have moved on to superstar mode, Caris LeVert (besides the injuries) would basically be the perfect 2 guard for the young Bulls moving forward. November 14, 2019
📹 How Ricky Rubio Has Transformed the Phoenix Suns’ Offense November 14, 2019
Free Wiseman. November 8, 2019
The Montrezl/LouWill duo is a national treasure. October 24, 2019
COBY! October 23, 2019
🏀 It All Begins Tonight - an NBA Live Weblog October 22, 2019
🏀 NBA Season Preview 19/20 October 22, 2019
I’ve been ruminating on a post about craft beer, the locality, freshness, and limitedness of the entire scene that’s been happening for the last five years, but really kicking up in the last two or three. October 18, 2019
But also, don’t sleep on Chicago’s own Jahlil Okafor. October 18, 2019
While there are some crap teams, front offices are definitely getting better. October 18, 2019
Getting my fix of JJJ + Ja tonight. October 14, 2019
So Zion basically dunked all over the entire city of Atlanta last night in his first preseason game 🦢🏀☄️ October 8, 2019
Bulls should bring back Noah. October 8, 2019
🔗 Coby White has been the most impressive 2019 lottery pick at Las Vegas summer league (somewhat by default) July 11, 2019
With the first round over and seven picks until the 38th for Chicago, there are three guys still on the board I targeted for this pick: KZ Okpala, Zypan Cheatham, and Nicolas Claxton. June 20, 2019
Trae, Huerter, Cam, Collins, and Hunter. June 20, 2019
And just after I publish my draft preview, Atlanta trades for the fourth pick. June 20, 2019
🏀 An NBA Draft Preview, Chicago 2019 June 20, 2019
📌 For My Father - By Coby White | The Players Tribune June 18, 2019
Amid news that Chicago (along with BOS and MIN) is interested in moving up to draft Garland, I’ve been watching highlights of Garland and Coby White and I think White is the better prospect. June 18, 2019
📌 Why the Toronto Raptors’ title is a victory for the NBA, Canada … and the US | The Guardian June 17, 2019
Well it happened. June 15, 2019
Good shit Canada. June 13, 2019
🏀 Oracle’s Last Hurrah - an NBA Live Weblog June 13, 2019
💬 Jalen Rose via: The Athletic June 12, 2019
Listening to the Bill Simmons Podcast today, and one thing caught my ear: Lonzo Ball for the 7th pick. June 6, 2019
Raptors going to Gasol early and often is very smart. June 5, 2019
🔗 Korver: I outlasted the copy machine I was traded for June 4, 2019
I really want to pick the Raptors… But… Raptors in six! May 30, 2019
Lowry’s smile right now. May 25, 2019
I recently scrubbed my Twitter history, but after I chose the Warriors to beat the Raptors in the Finals back in February, once the season ended, I flipped it to Toronto beating Golden State. May 23, 2019
More overtime playoff basketball?!?! May 20, 2019
This double overtime game is really messing with my sleep. May 19, 2019
I meant to post this last night, but don’t underestimate the home team down 0-2. May 19, 2019
I really can’t wait to see what Bob Myers can build around Curry, Klay, and Green this off-season with Durant and Cousins off the books. May 19, 2019
Obviously, I’m disappointed with the Bulls falling to seven, but Zion in NOLA will be electric and then Ja and JJJ could develop into a great duo, even greater than Conley and Gasol. May 17, 2019
Brook Lopez is pumped. May 15, 2019
🏀 Hashtag Keep AD in NOLA May 15, 2019
Bulls getting the seventh pick is so depressing, especially considering the fact there are six guys I like in this draft: Zion, Ja, RJ, Garland, Culver, and White. May 15, 2019
🏀 Lotto Balls and Western Battles - an NBA Live Weblog May 14, 2019
📹 Flat World: The Ballad of Kyrie Irving | The Ringer May 14, 2019
I didn’t get to watch everything. May 12, 2019
fourseconds May 12, 2019
Obviously, Klay had the great first half, Curry poured in 33 in the second, and Iggy & Green were grinding away, as they do, but it was Looney’s confidence and assertiveness that won it for GS. May 10, 2019
Refs have been too quick on the whistle tonight. May 10, 2019
I feel like I just saw Ted Cruz in the stands at the Warriors/Rockets game in Houston, and now I definitely want the Warriors to close this out tonight… May 10, 2019
🏀 Warriors @ Rockets: Game 3 - Live Weblog May 4, 2019
🏀 Denver’s Pressure May 1, 2019
It took longer than I expected, but Harden got a foul called on his three-point shot towards the end of the third quarter. April 30, 2019
🏀 Harden vs. The Refs April 30, 2019
I’m conflicted. April 24, 2019
65 seconds in, this Warriors @ Clippers game is already off to a fantastic start. April 18, 2019
🔗 Is Brooklyn in the House? Nets Fandom Is Having Its Playoff Moment. April 18, 2019
📹 Nikola Jokic analysis | The 7-foot point guard April 14, 2019
Going to go out on a limb and say Raptors beat Warriors in six, closing it out in Oakland. April 13, 2019
Kind of surprised Luke Walton is out in LA. April 12, 2019
Obviously Zion is the big get this year. April 11, 2019
Bulls finish the year with the fourth worst record in the NBA. April 11, 2019
I usually always cheer against Duke, but this year I just want to continue to watch Zion play through the whole tournament. March 29, 2019
✖︎ Sweet Sixteen Predictions March 28, 2019
Ja, LaVine, OBJ, Lauri, and Carter? March 22, 2019
The only way the Warriors don’t win the championship again is either a) injuries or b) Toronto beats them in seven where Kawhi locks down Durant, and Lowry dishes out twelve plus assists. March 7, 2019
Chuck and Kenny just said the Portland Trailblazers will be representing the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. March 7, 2019
📹 Thanks Luke, Next March 3, 2019
🏀 Warriors @ 76ers - Live Weblog March 2, 2019
I’m really not a fan of Players Only nights on TNT. February 26, 2019
📹 NBA All-Star Weekend Bonanza | NBA Desktop February 20, 2019
✖︎ NBA Season Review Thus Far 🏀 February 19, 2019
I absolutely love what Otto Porter is doing, but he needs to slow down so the Bulls can secure a top draft pick. February 14, 2019
Even Philly’s second unit, of McConnell, Ennis, Simmons, Scott, and Boban could beat some teams in the East, which isn’t really saying much. February 10, 2019
Butler needs to be the Bosh. February 10, 2019
Embiid is the focal point. February 10, 2019
Watching the 76ers, for the first time post-trade deadline, against the Lakers, and they could be dangerous. February 10, 2019
📹 NBA Desktop - Surviving the NBA Trade Deadline February 8, 2019
Rajon Rondo just hit a buzzer-beater jumper off a loose ball rebound to beat the Celtics in Boston. February 7, 2019
So much happening at the trade deadline. February 7, 2019
I think I might actually like the Otto Porter trade…? February 6, 2019
🏀 Boston Should’ve Traded Kyrie February 1, 2019
🏀 Porzingis to the Mavs January 31, 2019
📹 Klay and Boogie - Future of the Warriors January 27, 2019
🏀 Warriors at Celtics - Live Weblog January 26, 2019
Trying to get additional details, but apparently the Bulls have traded for Carmelo Anthony. January 21, 2019
🔗 Doctors recommend Bulls’ Wendell Carter have thumb surgery January 18, 2019
Extremely excited for the return of Boogie Cousins tonight, making his debut with the Warriors. January 18, 2019
NBA All-Star Votes. January 10, 2019
🔗 Ben Simmons Is Not Holding the Sixers Back January 7, 2019
Bulls receive Michael Carter-Williams (who will be waived with MarShon Brooks) and cash for a “heavily protected future second-round pick that is unlikely to ever convey. January 7, 2019
📊 Kris Dunn: 16 pts on 6/9, 17 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 turnovers. January 4, 2019
🏀 Bulls trade Justin Holiday to Memphis January 3, 2019
📹 The Last Dance - Trailer - A Documentary on MJ 🏀 December 27, 2018
📊 Kris Dunn: 17-8-7 on 8/11 FG. December 23, 2018
Missed the game last night, but by looking at the box score, I’m happy to see Dunn being more aggressive, but it’s also on him to make sure Lauri gets more than six shots. December 20, 2018
🔗 Deandre Ayton Can Score, but Can You Build a Winner Around Him? December 4, 2018
💬 Paulo Uggetti - The Ringer: December 4, 2018
🔗 Bulls fire Fred Hoiberg, name Jim Boylen interim coach December 3, 2018
rosestatsbs December 3, 2018
🏀 Bulls @ Houston Rockets - Live Weblog - Return of Markkanen December 1, 2018
📹 Halleluka - The Ringer November 27, 2018
🏀 Bulls vs. San Antonio Spurs - Live Weblog November 26, 2018
Gonzaga is up by 8 on Duke at half right now. November 21, 2018
A lot of good basketball games on tomorrow night. November 18, 2018
🏀 Bulls vs Toronto Raptors - Live Blog November 17, 2018
🏀 Bulls at Milwaukee Bucks - Live Blog November 16, 2018
🏀📊 In a game and a half since Butler left Minnesota, Karl Anthony-Towns has gone 17/21 from the field, 4/5 from three, for 45pts, and 31rbs. November 14, 2018
🏀 Bulls @ Boston Celtics - Live Blog November 14, 2018
🏀 Bulls vs Dallas Mavericks - Live Weblog November 12, 2018
I’m going to call it now and say Jimmy Butler doesn’t move the needle for Philadelphia. November 11, 2018
Jimmy Butler to the 76ers for Covington and Saric. November 10, 2018
Hot take 🔥: Trevor Ariza was way more important to the Rockets than Eric Gordon. November 8, 2018
✖︎ Bulls @ Pelicans - Live Weblog 🏀 November 7, 2018
🔗 Zion Williamson Is Here to Melt Your Brain, Over and Over Again 🏀 November 7, 2018
Zion Williamson is indescribable. November 6, 2018
Bulls got the win at NYK in a super sloppy 2OT game, 116-115, off of LaVine’s 41 pts. November 5, 2018
It’s an absolute joy to see Robin Lopez on the court during crunch time. November 5, 2018
PSA: College basketball starts tomorrow! November 5, 2018
Missed the Bulls game tonight. November 3, 2018
Tyson Chandler to the Lakers is a solid move. November 3, 2018
Aaaand to no one’s surprise LaVine takes a bad jumper trying to play hero ball and the Bulls lose the game. November 2, 2018
Forgot the Bulls even played tonight. November 2, 2018
➲ Magic Johnson admonishes Luke Walton after Los Angeles Lakers’ slow start | ESPN - If Luke Walton ends up getting fired this season… I’d be speechless. November 2, 2018
📹 Derrick Rose’s 50 Point Night 🏀 November 1, 2018
Wendell Carter Jr. November 1, 2018
➲ The Timberwolves’ new uniforms, featuring Prince | ESPN - To my surprise, the finished product actually looks really nice here. November 1, 2018
➲ Derrick Rose scored 50 points and NBA players loved it | ESPN - I didn’t get a chance to watch this game but I love seeing Rose succeed. November 1, 2018
➲ Manu Forever: Reflecting on the Retirement of a Legend October 31, 2018
Really thought the Bulls were going to grab the W against Denver… Tough way to lose this one. October 31, 2018
🔗 The Kings Aren’t Light-years Behind - The Ringer - The Kings have been one of the most fun teams to watch this year. October 31, 2018
► Butler’s Dagger October 29, 2018
➲ Trick or Treat: Early Season Surprises October 29, 2018
Watching the Bulls tonight was just downright depressing. October 29, 2018
🔗 The Boy Who Couldn’t Find What He Was Looking For - by Shea Serrano - theringer. October 27, 2018
✖︎ My Young, Underrated Starting Five October 27, 2018
Another 30+ point game for LaVine and the first W for the Bulls tonight. October 24, 2018
I have to say, I’m really diggin’ Jru Holiday’s headband. October 23, 2018
I still think Dunn is going to be a really good player. October 22, 2018
Really happy to see Kris Dunn back on the court for the Bulls. October 22, 2018
► NBA TV Intros - The Ringer October 21, 2018
I feel like something must have happened to really tick off Ingram during the game. October 21, 2018
Craziness in the LAL/HOU game. October 21, 2018
Boston looked completely frantic and unorganized down the stretch, and Toronto held strong defensively, behind Lowry’s charges and his control over the pace of the game. October 19, 2018
“Come here, run a play” - LeBron says to Rondo. October 18, 2018
“Anytime ya’ll fall stay down, LeBron gonna pick ya’ll up” - LeBron ✖︎ October 18, 2018
Two minutes in and I am absolutely fascinated by the body language between LeBron and Rondo. October 18, 2018
Not the best start for Wendell Carter Jr. October 18, 2018
🔗 Bulls jerseys will have a sponsorship patch for the 1st time: ‘We took our time because the jersey is somewhat sacred to us’ October 18, 2018
Well LaVine is out here chucking away already. October 18, 2018
I still get depressed every time I think of the contract the Bulls gave LaVine. October 18, 2018
Championship rings have just gotten way too damn big. October 16, 2018
► Harry Giles Pass Compilation October 15, 2018