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Today was a day. June 28, 2021
What time is too early for cracking a beer when the temperature is supposed to get over 100°? June 26, 2021
Somehow I knew as soon as I left Chicago Hop Butcher would end up opening a tap room. May 8, 2021
Hop Butcher for the World are finally getting their own space and tap room. May 8, 2021
Having my first non-alcoholic beer, Run Wild IPA from Athletic Brewing. March 16, 2021
Add another one to the Ballard Brewing District as Bale Breaker announces a taproom coming this summer. February 23, 2021
🧃A Life in Liquid February 15, 2021
🔗 Past Meets Presence — A Voyage to Seattle’s Ballard Brewery District — Good Beer Hunting February 11, 2021
🍺 Top Ten Beers, 2020 January 23, 2021
I’m working on a bigger post of Chicago to Seattle brewery comps, but two of my initial thoughts are Mirage to Hop Butcher, and Lowercase to Dovetail. December 6, 2020
Derecho from Mirage Brewing - Well… I think I might have found my Seattle Hop Butcher replacement. November 30, 2020
When you can no longer get Hop Butcher and have to “settle” for a fridge full of Great Notion. November 28, 2020
When Great Notion opens their taproom in Ballard I’m going to go poor (and probably destroy my liver). November 8, 2020
Leg 1 of the road trip to Seattle has been completed. November 3, 2020
Just four days before we hit the road for Seattle, I’ll be able to try my 100th unique Hop Butcher beer. October 23, 2020
Well I think I’ve come up with the perfect first beer to brew once I’m in Seattle. October 14, 2020
The lagers in Seattle are so much better than Chicago though. October 9, 2020
I haven’t had everything, but my current opinion is Chicago does the NE/Hazy IPA soooooooooo much better than Seattle. October 9, 2020
The fresh hop beers in Seattle right now… 🤯 October 9, 2020
Currently sitting at 96 unique beers from Hop Butcher for the World, with a closing date for my condo on 10/23. October 6, 2020
With the upcoming move to Seattle, I packed away all my brewing equipment, but I’m jonesing to whip up a new recipe and brew again. August 21, 2020
Super stoked for Hop Butcher’s Riwaka hopped kolsch this week to go along with my homebrewed kolsch that’s just about ready to go now. August 11, 2020
Looks like a bunch of Other Half beers hit the Chicagoland market today. July 21, 2020
Looking through my Untappd data, Hop Butcher is by far my most consumed brewery. July 16, 2020
Brew day today. June 15, 2020
Started a Brewery database on Airtable that can be found at tiv. April 15, 2020
🍺 Second and Third Homebrews April 2, 2020
🔗 All Together | A Worldwide Collaboration | Other Half and Many Others 🍺 March 31, 2020
It’s been awhile since I’ve actually had a light beer (Bud, Miller, Coor’s, etc. March 29, 2020
When does Friday happy hour start when you are quarantined and working from home? March 20, 2020
Took the day off to brew beer number four, Creamsicle of the Cave, and things are off to a good start. March 13, 2020
🍺 This Week in Hop Butcher Vol. 03 March 5, 2020
🍺 This Week in Hop Butcher Vol. 002 February 21, 2020
Planning out my third home brew, first all-grain. December 29, 2019
🍺 First Homebrew Results November 27, 2019
Another beer label idea. October 29, 2019
🍺 Drafting Up Some Homebrew Beer Labels October 28, 2019
🍺 This Week In Hop Butcher Vol. 01 October 24, 2019
I’ve been ruminating on a post about craft beer, the locality, freshness, and limitedness of the entire scene that’s been happening for the last five years, but really kicking up in the last two or three. October 18, 2019
🍺 Potential Home Brewery Names October 15, 2019
Brewed my first batch of beer this past weekend. October 14, 2019
🍺 Hop Butcher for the World & Revolution Brewing Collab August 21, 2019
💬 via Inside Beer: July 18, 2019
So I hear beer can be a good post-workout drink, and I’ve decided for the sake of efficiency, it’s best to just skip straight to the post-workout drink. April 18, 2019
🔗 Post-workout beer gets a makeover, with less alcohol and more electrolytes - Outside Magazine April 16, 2019
🎙 Good Beer Hunting EP-204: Hop Butcher for the World February 20, 2019
✖︎ Hazy IPA + Espresso: A Story and Experiment in Images January 11, 2019
📄 Dirty Dank Juice - New England IPA - Odd Side Ales, MI - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ added to Recently: 🍺. November 19, 2018
📄 Insufficient Clearance - Hazy IPA - Sketchbook Brewing, IL - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ added to Recently: 🍺. November 19, 2018
📄 Overhaze - Northeast IPA - Marz Community Brewing - Chicago, IL and Dont Tell Mom the Baby Citra’s Dead (Blood Orange) - IIPA - Only Child Brewing, IL added to Recently: 🍺. November 16, 2018
📄 Sour Inc Honey Ginger - Sour Ale - New Holland Brewing, MI added to Recently: 🍺. November 11, 2018
📄 Double Splash - IIPA - Marz Community Brewing, Chicago, IL added to Recently: 🍺. November 9, 2018
📄 Oscar’s Pardon - Belgian Pale Ale - Haymarket Brewery, Chicago, IL added to Recently: 🍺 beer. November 3, 2018
📄 Greenway Boogie - IPA - Tighthead Brewery, IL and Pitcher of Nectar - NE IPA - Tighthead Brewery, IL added to Recently: 🍺 beer. November 2, 2018
Two Chicago breweries I’ve been digging a lot lately are Marz and Maplewood. October 28, 2018