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📺 Calls - Trailer March 13, 2021
Whelp Fitness+ just crashed in the middle of a workout and there doesn’t appear to be a way to recover the workout or fast-forward to get back to where I was. December 17, 2020
🍎 First Day with Fitness+ December 15, 2020
I’m probably wrong, but it just screams “what’s a low cost service we can provide to offset Apple News+ in the bundle? September 15, 2020
Based on the pricing, I think Fitness+ was a throw-in solution for publishers not budging on the Apple News+ cut (guessing). September 15, 2020
Maybe this is just a problem for me because I tried the TV app on my phone and the Time Flies tile works to stream there. September 15, 2020
So the Time Flies button for the Apple Event on my Apple TV in the Apple TV app doesn’t actually stream the event…? September 15, 2020
Watched the first three episodes of Ted Lasso tonight (the only three currently available), and while I’ll fully admit it’s not the greatest show; I loved it. August 14, 2020
📹 Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite August 13, 2020
I think native sleep tracking and improved Apple Pencil support might be what I’m looking forward to most. June 22, 2020
I’m still waiting for the Apple bundle… December 11, 2019
🔗 Alfonso Cuaron Makes Deal With Apple to Develop New Original Shows October 11, 2019
I feel like $5 is cheap enough that Apple doesn’t need to give away a free year with hardware purchases. September 10, 2019
$4. September 10, 2019
I like Apple News+, and appreciate the wealth of choices, but I’m still considering cancelling it and just subscribing to The New Yorker, Wired, and Rolling Stone in print again, despite it costing more… May 20, 2019
Maybe this is all in my head, but I just re-downloaded the Apple Books app on my iPhone, and instead of showing up in the first open spot, it took the exact spot on my home screen where my Kindle app was, moving the Kindle app to the next page… April 17, 2019
I’m excited to see what Apple is going to due with their news subscription service. February 12, 2019
🔗 Apple Teams With A24, Distribution Company Behind ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Hereditary’, For New Movies November 19, 2018
As much as I’ve moved away from Twitter recently, it was the best way to follow along with the Apple event this morning while at the office. October 30, 2018
✖︎ Apple Invitation Logos October 18, 2018
➲ Exploring Custom watchOS Watch Faces October 13, 2018