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I’ve only watched five minutes of this Kentucky game, but TyTy Washington gives me D-Rose/SGA vibes right now. December 22, 2021
Part of my struggle with trying to replicate everything I did on Roam over in Kinopio is that creating a new space in Kinopio feels like a substantial thing as opposed to creating a page // link in Roam. December 22, 2021
test December 15, 2021
I’m still thrilled I can do microposts that don’t hit the RSS feed though. December 10, 2021
Have some cool ideas I’d like to implement on the blog, but they are probably beyond my ability. December 10, 2021
Considering if I really need to get The New Yorker, The Economist, and The Atlantic in print… November 25, 2021
I wonder if I can get blot to render dates in the format I like to use when k type things: //241121// November 24, 2021
I think the only thing that would make my Blot blog even better would be to be able to authenticate on the web somehow and write directly into the blog and have it create the txt file in the background for me somehow. November 24, 2021
Microblog posts (like this) already flow to Kinopio through a Drafts action -> Siri Shortcut at the time of creation. November 23, 2021
For things that can output RSS (Raindrop, Futureland, etc. November 23, 2021
Lakers would have a solid starting line up if Avery Bradley were truly the defender we thought he was when he was in Boston. November 19, 2021
The Kenosha shit is complete bullshit. November 19, 2021
After seeing The French Dispatch, I want to get a tattoo that says “Les enfants sont grognons” in the script from the movie but I can’t find a screenshot of the wall that’s on. November 15, 2021
🎵 Phish Halloween Eve Show - Live Weblog October 30, 2021
Good morning world! October 30, 2021
Whelp, I got it working, mostly… the entries are a bit off center compared to the title and nav now… October 29, 2021
I don’t know if I’d actually be able to figure it out though… October 29, 2021
I wonder if it would be beneficial to have the date between posts rather than off to the left side so the distinction between days is a little more clear. October 29, 2021
Since I’ve been reading less on the internet over the past six months, I’ve had less to write about… October 29, 2021
Watching the first of the Phish Vegas shows for Halloween. October 28, 2021
Bulls playing inside-out through Vuc seems to be working great. October 28, 2021
I was lucky enough to be at the 3OT Game 6 in the 2009 playoffs vs Boston. October 28, 2021
LaVine is on his way to being that next most important Bull, but has a ways to go. October 28, 2021
First test post that shouldn’t flow to RSS. October 28, 2021