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Trying to figure out how I can do a zine with three sheets, but still have it fold to fit in a normal letter envelope… March 23, 2023
So I thought charging $3 was more than enough (and quite expensive, if I’m being honest) for my single-page zine. March 22, 2023
The first couple copies of my single-page zine are getting mailed out today. March 22, 2023
🦸‍♂️ sequential variants vol. March 21, 2023
However, it feels like one of those things I’d print one of for myself and that’s it… March 20, 2023
My desire to make something in print is at an all-time high and while the larger zine helps scratch that itch, having to rely on others for submissions and the work that goes into it just takes a lot longer to see the results. March 20, 2023
So… while working in the background on my larger zine project, I had the idea of producing a smaller black & white, single page, 6-column, z-fold zine as a supplement that I could potentially do on a monthly basis. March 20, 2023
Was curious how many times none of the four big blues (Kansas, Duke, UNC, Kentucky) managed to make it to the Sweet Sixteen—turns out it happened just two years ago, which was the first time in 40 years. March 19, 2023
I feel like society’s expectations around text messaging (and other forms of IMs) are a bit crazy. March 17, 2023
St. March 17, 2023
Went ahead and bought foofaraw. March 16, 2023
Two March Madness games complete, two outcomes incorrectly predicted in my bracket… March 16, 2023
Even came up with a name that fits with the theme of all my other stuff: Sequential Variants March 15, 2023
Have been thinking a lot about doing something like my tv newsletter, streaming variability, but for comics. March 15, 2023
I don’t know that I’d ever be able to work in an office again. March 15, 2023
Bears letting Montgomery go has me a little nervous. March 15, 2023
Pretty epic day of comic releases from publishers other than the big two. March 15, 2023
🌅 streaming variability 017 March 14, 2023
Bears seem to be making the right moves in free agency with LBs Tremaine Edmunds and T. March 13, 2023
Starting a (soon to be) public notebook on Tana to document the progress/process of building out my zine. March 11, 2023
Got a little Airtable submission form set-up for the zine… March 11, 2023
Bears have officially traded down from their No. March 10, 2023
Interested in Apple Music Classical as an easy way to find some nice background music, but I’m hoping it won’t then start influencing my recommendations and begin suggesting classical music in the regular Music app… March 9, 2023
It’s a meager amount compared to what established short fiction magazines pay out for a full issue and also something I’d never make back… but the idea of being able to create something like that is a dream. March 9, 2023
Now that I’m subscribed to some short fiction magazines, I’ve been thinking a lot about my half finished zine… thinking about potentially taking $500 to take submissions/commission some fiction, essays, columns, art, comics, etc. March 9, 2023
With Lonzo facing a third knee surgery, I think the Bulls need to start planning for what this team looks like without him, DeMar, and Vooch… the pieces, timing, and chemistry just never came together. March 9, 2023
Confirmed: Jon Bernthal is returning to play The Punisher in the new Daredevil: Born Again series for Disney+. March 8, 2023
Fired up Kinopio on my work laptop for the first time in awhile—opened up to an old journal space from last year and has me really missing doing that everyday in Kinopio. March 8, 2023
It’d be nice if Heavy Metal could get their shit together. March 7, 2023
Been looking at subscribing to a couple more sci-fi/short fiction magazines. March 7, 2023
Decided to give Animal Control a shot… first episode was pretty rough… don’t think I’ll be returning to it unless I hear it gets a lot better. March 7, 2023
📺 Sitting down with a gin old fashioned to watch the season premier of Perry Mason. March 7, 2023
📺 Streaming Variability 016 March 6, 2023
Considering getting a new MacBook since I’ve been on my current Pro since 2015. March 6, 2023
These last two episodes of Poker Face have been 👨‍🍳😘 March 3, 2023
Social_Detox=Complete, at least for the time being. March 3, 2023
Setting out on a social detox for at least a week. February 24, 2023
Well apparently this is going to be the last season of Succession… 😟 February 23, 2023
Add 1/2oz of Cointreau to an Old Fashioned. February 22, 2023
For the big readers out there, I’m looking for some new book recommendations in the vein of Robin Sloan, Haruki Murakami, and Kurt Vonnegut. February 22, 2023
💬 Even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thought TÁR was disappointing/overrated: February 22, 2023
📌 It Is Journalism’s Sacred Duty To Endanger The Lives Of As Many Trans People As Possible - The Onion February 18, 2023
Diving into Hello Tomorrow! February 17, 2023
Given how great St Agrestis’ Phony Negroni is, I really want them to make a “Bogus Bijou” or take a crack at an herbal liqueur a la Green Chartreuse to go along with their line-up of (alcoholic) Amaros. February 17, 2023
📌 Best Pizza Cities - Axios - Facts February 17, 2023
Have more thoughts from my first experience with some N/A bottles to come, but I’m really not a fan of Amass Riverine… everything else has been at least palatable to even surprisingly great. February 16, 2023
Anyone have a guide/resource for adding a Dark Mode to a Blot website? February 14, 2023
I think there should be a law requiring double opt-in (sign-up online + confirm in e-mail) to be added to any e-mail list (marketing/newsletter/etc. February 14, 2023
Been thinking about @JohnPilpin question about three artists, but decided to get more broad and more specific. February 12, 2023
Threw on Post - Nothing by Japandroids today and it was exactly what I needed to get myself going after a rough morning. February 12, 2023
Okay, so the Phony Negroni is the real deal. February 11, 2023
Quick 9pts for PatWil is a great start for the Bulls. February 11, 2023
They’d be an even worse disaster on defense and from three. February 11, 2023
My dad told me the Chicago papers have been writing about the Bulls as one of two potential Landing spots for Russell Westbrook after he gets bought out in Utah. February 11, 2023
Anyone seen/experienced a plugged in iOS device that shows its charging, but the battery percentage never actually goes up..? February 10, 2023
If anyone knows of any English sites/blogs that cover international/non-English indie/alternative music, let me know. February 10, 2023
Been trying to expand my musical horizons a bit outside of the US. February 10, 2023
Squid’s upcoming album O Monolith has officially been announced with its first single out and a release date of June 9. February 9, 2023
This NBA trade deadline has been absolutely nuts—even besides the obvious blockbuster trades 🤯 February 9, 2023
Spencer Dinwiddie back with the Nets, D’Angelo Russell back with the Lakers. February 8, 2023
📌 Kareem on LeBron Breaking the Scoring Record February 8, 2023
Towards the end of last year we decided to start going through all the meal kit delivery services (taking advantage of the great promo pricing each has) starting with Blue Apron, which we loved. February 8, 2023
38,388 February 7, 2023
MJ is still better though 😝 February 7, 2023
I feel like the only person in the world who has no problem with what Netflix and AMC are doing. February 7, 2023
I’ve been keeping an eye on the NA space for awhile, but today I made a concerted effort to collect various brands here and finally pulled the trigger on a few items. February 6, 2023
Brought my dog in to have a mass removed from the top of his head and now he’s been drugged up with a giant cone all evening… plus a nasty gash with sutures… Trying to keep him from banging the cone on every corner has been quite the challenge… February 6, 2023
My usage of Tana has basically plummeted with the new year. February 5, 2023
Tickets for the Bulls game in Portland have been purchased. February 4, 2023
💬 Wife just sent me this from The Cut: February 2, 2023
📺 Streaming Variability 015 January 31, 2023
I know the odds have shifted a bit already (and I don’t actually gamble nor do I know anything about football), but I’ve got Philly (-1) and the Over (49. January 29, 2023
I’ve written about him in my newsletter (multiple times), but Murray Bartlett is just an incredible actor. January 29, 2023
Made a miasma as my last cocktail before dry February begins for tonight’s episode of The Last of Us. January 29, 2023
Any decent printer recommendations out there? January 29, 2023
Thinking about moving the newsletter back to Buttondown or something other than Substack. January 28, 2023
Today’s failed cocktail experiment: ½oz Campari, ½oz St Germain, ½oz key lime juice, small bottle of dry champagne. January 28, 2023
Typically find Apple Music recommendations to be less than stellar, but these 9 albums/EPs from bands I had never heard of previously all came up at once and have restored my faith in the algorithm. January 28, 2023
Finally getting back to Andor now that I finally have a night to myself. January 27, 2023
Lastly, given my preference towards micro. January 27, 2023
I think I’m going to try to keep a split of following micro. January 27, 2023
I’ve changed some background config that won’t be noticeable, but now all posts will originate from blot/micro. January 27, 2023
Watched the first episodes of both Poker Face (Peacock) and Shrinking (Apple) and loved them both. January 26, 2023
💬 Charlie, played by Natasha Lyonne in Poker Face: January 26, 2023
Apple just suggested a bunch of Indie Rock albums from 2022 from bands I’ve never even heard of, all of which sound promising so far (and I’ll probably throw on AlbumWhale), but the one that popped out was an EP featuring Idris Elba singing on the whole thing. January 26, 2023
After all my time spent configuring and setting up multiple mastodon accounts and micro. January 24, 2023
Finally took the time to update my omg page with (I think) all the places I can be found on the web. January 23, 2023
And if they think certain aspects of the government waste time and money, maybe don’t exploit it for personal gain, but rather work to fix it to be more efficient. January 6, 2023
Okay. January 6, 2023
Is the House required to consistently vote multiple times a day or can they take a break until some deal has been made. January 6, 2023
Working on my “All-time Favorites” list on AlbumWhale (will share a link when it’s at least 50% complete…), but felt the need to share this declaration: “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” is the greatest song ever. January 6, 2023
I’ve gone all in on niche tracking services: Letterboxd, Trakt, Last. January 5, 2023
Gakpo should be a solid addition to Liverpool shoring up the attack with two viable options at all three spots (when healthy). December 30, 2022
Just discovered Hope D while browsing upcoming albums and Clash of the Substance has quickly become a highly anticipated album for me based on the few singles out. December 30, 2022
📌 A Note about the American Teacher Act - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency December 29, 2022
I know nothing about TV’s so I’m looking for some last minute advice before I pull the trigger… $1200 for an LG 65” 4K OLED w/ Dolby Vision. December 25, 2022
💬 1899: December 20, 2022
Planning to write up a longer post, but I think I’ve settled on a solution for mastodon, my blog, and micro. December 20, 2022
Looks like the Suns are finally getting sold. December 20, 2022
Am I the only one who struggles sometimes to tell if notifications are stacked or not..? December 20, 2022
In the mood to be productive… except for work stuff… December 19, 2022
One day you’re in shape, working out, and playing basketball multiple times a week, the next day (aka three years of a pandemic later) it hurts to look under the couch and then takes more than a minute to get back up… December 19, 2022
Thanks to the genius idea of including audiobooks, graphic novels, and McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, I’ve managed to exceed my 15 book goal for 2022. December 16, 2022
Haven’t used pen and paper much at all since COVID, so I decided to go all in on some Hobonichi’s with a Techo, Weeks, and 5-yr and then spent the last week cleaning all of my dried out fountain pens. December 16, 2022
Anyone paying for 1Password out there? December 9, 2022
Whelp… both my World Cup predictions for today were wrong… 🤷‍♂️ December 9, 2022
📺 South Side is back! December 8, 2022
When I was much younger, people would always say: “just wait, one day you’ll get excited about dishes and silverware too. December 8, 2022
Big day in news today with Brittney Griner getting freed in a prisoner swap (Paul Whelan is still in a Russian prison though…), the Respect for Marriage Act making it’s way to Biden’s desk, and least importantly, gas prices officially lower than than this time last year. December 8, 2022
I so badly want to give Superhuman a shot (just realized it works with Outlook now…), but $30/mo is still outrageous. December 7, 2022
I’m cheering for Morocco to find a way to pull this one out, but I’m also the president of the Ansu Fati fan club and have been disappointed by the lack of opportunities he’s had this World Cup. December 6, 2022
🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷 December 5, 2022
Came to the realization, since I never use the physical Apple Card, that I have no idea where it is and haven’t seen it since I lived in Chicago over two years ago… 😅 December 5, 2022
The Inbox and Feed should be the same thing in Readwise Reader. December 3, 2022
Well look at that, Berhalter took my suggestion and put in Reyna for Ferreira and he does appear to be playing more of a false nine role so far. December 3, 2022
Whelp… I turned on the US game as the 9th minute started and 28 seconds later Netherlands scored… December 3, 2022
After ditching my RSS reader almost a year ago, I’m starting from scratch again with Readwise Reader. December 2, 2022
Starting to collect some research on meal kit subscriptions in a Kinopio space. December 2, 2022
Uber Eats need to add Live Activities to their app. December 2, 2022
📌 omg. December 2, 2022
📚 Started Inside Voice today by Lake Bell on Audible—the blending of audiobook and podcast that Pushkin has been doing is really interesting. December 1, 2022
Has anyone had success setting up a custom email domain on iCloud+ with a domain from Hover? November 29, 2022
All of this just makes me want access to Tana even more now… I’m not sure what the public/sharing is like with Tana, but every other aspect is exactly what I want, need, in my life right now. November 29, 2022
Spent a good amount of time playing around with Capacities. November 29, 2022
Exploring using Capacities for my TV and Movie databases for 2023 instead of Notion. November 29, 2022
I thought paying for a year of Readwise Full might bump me up for Readwise Reader beta access… does not seem to be the case… 😞 November 28, 2022
A large part of me feels like I went down the wrong career path and should’ve been a magazine/comics editor (books too, but they feel a bit daunting to me, atm). November 26, 2022
Think it might be time to quit listening to podcasts again. November 24, 2022
Boom Studios has always had some fun books, but it feels like ever since Tynion’s Something is Killing the Children took off, they are really stepping their game up. November 23, 2022
Bummed that Mem still can’t hook up to Outlook calendar… November 22, 2022
And that I still don’t have access to Tana… November 22, 2022
Currently 85 songs into what I’m planning to be my 100 song magnum opus playlist. November 22, 2022
Now that I have a hosted micro. November 21, 2022
Americans (and likely all humans) should not have allegiances to politicians or political parties. November 21, 2022
Setting up a hosted micro. November 19, 2022
Currently have Are. November 18, 2022
Just set-up @humdrum2 as a secondary account to pull in other feeds like Are. November 18, 2022
Anyone have experience posting videos on micro. November 18, 2022
Thinking about starting a tumblr… November 17, 2022
I hope voters in GA don’t relax now that the Dems have held NV and with it, Senate control. November 14, 2022
Slight visual refresh on the blog today. November 9, 2022
It’s all up to Arizona and Georgia… November 9, 2022
Today was the first time I’ve voted not in person—pretty great experience. November 8, 2022
I currently have my status. November 2, 2022
Films I’m most excited to get my eyeballs on: Decision to Leave, Triangle of Sadness, TÁR, The Banshees of Inisherin, and Aftersun, Bardo, and Babylon. November 1, 2022
💬 F. October 30, 2022
Thinking of adding a Thursday issue to my Streaming Variability newsletter that focuses more on movies, box office, what movies are hitting theatres/streaming over the weekend, and general entertainment news… October 28, 2022
I know cable news is dying, but I feel like the NY Times is in prime position to standup a 24hr streaming news channel to overtake CNNs position as the go-to place for live news events. October 28, 2022
I’m curious what the make up of Twitter users are if you bucket them into three groups: users who hate Musk buying Twitter, users who love every breathe he takes, and those oblivious / don’t care. October 28, 2022
These comparisons are far from perfect, but I think they are directionally accurate. October 23, 2022
The word reinvention gets thrown around a lot in media, but is overused and overblown. October 23, 2022
Mubi Go looks really, really cool. October 21, 2022
Reading @jack talk about Tana makes me feel like it’s exactly what I want. October 21, 2022
I don’t use my X100S camera enough as it is, but I still fawn over one day having a Hasselblad 907X 50C and a Leica Q2. October 21, 2022
After seeing @gaby have a status. October 20, 2022
The Bulls win last night (and the NBA being back) has me so jazzed right now. October 20, 2022
Smoke today is, I think, the worst it’s been since I’ve been in Seattle. October 19, 2022
I’ve quickly become obsessed with Marvel Snap. October 19, 2022
At my first Kraken game and they go down 1-0 in the first twelve seconds. October 15, 2022
Whelp DC’s comics subscription just upped the ante big time with all comics being available just 30 days after print vs six months previously (and Marvel’s at three months). October 10, 2022
Because I can’t let things be… I now have three separate Substacks… working through getting everything tidy now. October 9, 2022
Whelp… I went ahead and started a new newsletter about the NBA and the Chicago Bulls… bullyball… October 9, 2022
After skipping The Problem with John Stewart completely last season, I really enjoyed the first episode of season 2 last night. October 8, 2022
I’ve gone six straight weeks of newslettering twice a week, which feels like a personal record. October 7, 2022
Absolutely loving this wallpaper for my iPhone. October 2, 2022
💬 Ken Burns: September 23, 2022
Paraphrased from Reservation Dogs 2:9 September 23, 2022
Dumb question: are there any image formats that can have text in the image act as links? September 21, 2022
Over the last eleven months, A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance has easily been one of my favorite comics and they 100% stuck the landing with the final issue. September 17, 2022
Started a new Twitter account to accompany the newsletter I’ve been doing for the last month all about TV and streaming… probably a bad idea… but it’s been decided… September 15, 2022
Kinopio launched as Kinopio 3. September 13, 2022
🎥 Elvis - ★★★★ September 10, 2022
I considering subscribing to mymind again. September 9, 2022
I’ve always been pro-notch and the new dynamic island notch animations on Pro’s is nifty. September 7, 2022
📌 What’s the Secret of Success in America? September 7, 2022
Woke up at 3:30 AM this morning to fly back to Chicago and went straight to Bob Chinn’s from the airport to surprise my mom for her 70th birthday. September 2, 2022
Coby White, Derrick Jones Jr. September 1, 2022
CARVALHO!!! August 31, 2022
Tried a new format for the newsletter, previewing the week in tv and tv news, and of course I forgot to check which shows were premiering and left off The Rings of Power and Rick & Morty… 🤦‍♂️ August 30, 2022
Got my wife AirPods Max for her birthday and I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit so far 😝 August 26, 2022
Getting frustrated with Hey… emails in my Imbox 🙄 are different across devices. August 25, 2022
🔗 Federal judge blocks HHS emergency abortion guidance - Literally living in medieval times. August 24, 2022
In the vein of All the Marvels, I’ve been thinking about trying to go back and read all the Batman and Bat-Family related books on DC Universe. August 22, 2022
I did not have “MoviePass makes a comeback” on my 2022 bingo card. August 22, 2022
I was surprised how much I liked the first episode of She-Hulk. August 19, 2022
Had to hop on a client call this morning and the only way I can describe my voice is that of someone who has found a way to sustain their life on nothing but cigars since they were four years old. August 8, 2022
Wish I was more productive when I’m sick. August 8, 2022
Safe to say I learned the answer to the first question here the hard way (with some googling). August 7, 2022
All set-up: https://omg. August 7, 2022
💬 René Vidal, Irma Vep: August 1, 2022
Just preseason, but I feel really good about Liverpool’s chances this year. July 30, 2022
📌 What’s the Deal With Water Bottles? July 29, 2022
When you miss a morning meeting with your client because the invite went to your junk folder, you know you’re in for a great day… July 27, 2022
📌 Waymo Cars, Honey Bears, and the Future of San Francisco July 25, 2022
Decided I needed a cross-platform task manager. July 25, 2022
Axios is reporting 67% of Americans (82% Dems / 57% Repubs) support SCOTUS term limits. July 25, 2022
Had put it off for awhile, but now that we’ve started, we can’t stop watching Loot. July 23, 2022
Back to Roam again (on the private side of things, at least). July 22, 2022
My mom has been making pretty intricate and nice looking hand-crafted cards (birthday, wedding, Christmas, etc. July 21, 2022
I’ve become obsessed with the Cookies & Cream Chex bars. July 14, 2022
A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance from Rick Remender and André Lima Araújo is truly brilliant. July 12, 2022
Aren’t many things better than a cold kolsch on the balcony on a sunny day in the summer. July 9, 2022
📌 Brett Kavanaugh’s Right to Dine Shall Not Be Infringed - Esquire July 8, 2022
To understand “the other side” better, I’ve started to expand my news sources and have taken another look at The Dispatch and The Bulwark, both of which are center-right Substack news orgs and this podcast/interview was a great place to start. July 7, 2022
Help Highland Park July 6, 2022
The Bear on Hulu/FX is very, very good. July 5, 2022
I hate to generalize, but… I’m back in Chicago for a couple days and food (and even beer) is just soooo much better here than Seattle 🤤 June 30, 2022
I love that the government times this shit perfectly. June 24, 2022
micro241257 June 24, 2022
The drinking of alcoholic beverages will commence quite early today… June 24, 2022
Just in case it was ever in doubt, America had to go and make it as clear as possible that it values guns more than women. June 24, 2022
Forgot to link to this previously: Track your Media - a little guide I wrote last week for Kinopio and how I use it for my TV and Movie tracking. June 20, 2022
11 US cities are hosting World Cup matches in 2026 and Chicago isn’t one of them 🙀 June 16, 2022
I feel like whenever I hear about a super smart persons writing/note-taking process it’s always something simple like Apple Notes. June 16, 2022
Thinking about setting up an automation with Zapier that allows me to blog through a discord channel… June 8, 2022
Stage Manager*** and I think I have the right iPad Pro for it 🤞 June 6, 2022
Lock Screen widgets and Sleep Stages are the two things I’m really loookong forward to. June 6, 2022
📌 Plan a Routine June 3, 2022
Now that Bandcamp support deleted hundreds of unwanted albums I got in a 99 cent discography purchase because I said “why not? June 3, 2022
Don’t really like asking for this kind of help… but I figured I’d see if anyone in the micro. June 3, 2022
Finished season two of Hacks last night and it’s so great. June 3, 2022
Hi internet.. May 27, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 25, 2022
I wish Apple would do more with comics in their Books app. May 21, 2022
Considering moving my blog to micro. May 20, 2022
I really want Bike outliner for iOS. May 20, 2022
📌 Marvel Snap is a speedy digital card game from former Hearthstone developers May 19, 2022
Experimenting with the idea my designs could live in zine form on my Substack, for anyone who might want to follow along… A quick example in that issue, but I have some ideas to take a bit further still. May 11, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 10, 2022
Just yesterday I said I was going to drop are. May 6, 2022
humdrum no-news vol. May 6, 2022
📌 RRR - The Biggest Blockbuster You’ve Never Heard Of May 5, 2022
Thinking of ditching are. May 5, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 5, 2022
📌 Why abortion rights are under threat in America from TheEconomist May 4, 2022
📌 What’s Missing from Samuel Alito’s Draft Decision to Revoke the Right to Abortion | The New Yorker May 4, 2022
📌 Alito’s Plan to Repeal the 20th Century May 4, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 4, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 3, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 2, 2022
Watched the first episode of The Offer last night and loved it. May 1, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 1, 2022
Dammit… just realized my last design said “2020” not “2022”… 🤦‍♂️ April 30, 2022
humdrum news vol. April 30, 2022
humdrum news vol. April 29, 2022
humdrum news vol. April 28, 2022
micro272129 April 27, 2022
📌 “Winning Time” Isn’t Just Deliberately Dishonest, It’s Drearily Dull April 24, 2022
Considering dipping my toes in RSS again. April 22, 2022
I’m 100% letting myself believe the Bulls have a shot in this series right now, just to make the inevitable defeat that much more painful. April 20, 2022
📌 Ep. April 19, 2022
📌 In Defense of Tucker Carlson Touting ‘Testicle Tanning’ April 19, 2022
Hints looks like a really nice app. April 18, 2022
Everything Everywhere All at Once is a must see. April 18, 2022
Went ahead and setup Osaka (Kinopio’s font) to be used in Drafts and it’s glorious. April 15, 2022
Instead I went ahead and made it extremely easy to post to my blog from drafts, eliminating the prompt step for tags and permalink/file name. April 15, 2022
Was thinking about setting up a new Twitter account with my semi- pseudonym “humdrum”, but between my blog and the fact Twitter keeps freezing up when I try to “sign up with Apple”, I gave up and decided against it. April 15, 2022
So apparently vanilla nitro Pepsi is a thing and I actually like it… April 13, 2022
📌 International Coöperation in a Bakery, in “Refuge” April 9, 2022
📌 Redesigning an App, One Day a Week at a Time April 7, 2022
📌 How Democrats Evened the Congressional Map — The Daily March 31, 2022
Playing around with the wiki again… probably a dumb decision that will die before it really gets started, but I’ve been itching for something that meets all my needs and I think it gets the closest. March 15, 2022
Enjoyed the first episode of Bomani Jones’ new HBO show, Game Theory. March 13, 2022
Anyone out there still watching The Problem with John Stewart? March 12, 2022
I gave up on The Ringer a bit ago, but they’ve been partnering with some smart people for podcasts lately. March 10, 2022
📌 50 // Build in public with Pirijan — Metamuse March 2, 2022
Finally got around to watching the first episode of [[Super Pumped]]… don’t really think it’s for me… I’m a big fan of JGL, but he just does not feel like the right person for the role to me. March 1, 2022
Last nights episode of Painting with John is an all-timer. February 26, 2022
If I take some time to figure out relational databases in Notion, I think I can get my calendar closer to where I want it. February 25, 2022
📌 Putin’s New Iron Curtain February 25, 2022
Built out a little calendar on Notion to keep track of upcoming tv shows, movies, and a few other things. February 24, 2022
Not that I need a new productivity tool in my life… but I think I might be diving into Notion here… February 24, 2022
📌 America Could Have Done So Much More to Protect Ukraine February 24, 2022
🇺🇦 February 24, 2022
Started All of the Marvels last night. February 23, 2022
Painting with John S2! February 20, 2022
Has anyone ever been contacted by a company after receiving the boilerplate rejection of “we will keep your resume on file and get in touch about future opportunities”? February 18, 2022
Current TV Schedule after finishing Ozark and Book of Boba Fett February 13, 2022
I’m actually kind of interested in CNN+ launching. February 4, 2022