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I hate to generalize, but… I’m back in Chicago for a couple days and food (and even beer) is just soooo much better here than Seattle 🤤 June 30, 2022
I love that the government times this shit perfectly. June 24, 2022
micro241257 June 24, 2022
The drinking of alcoholic beverages will commence quite early today… June 24, 2022
Just in case it was ever in doubt, America had to go and make it as clear as possible that it values guns more than women. June 24, 2022
Forgot to link to this previously: Track your Media - a little guide I wrote last week for Kinopio and how I use it for my TV and Movie tracking. June 20, 2022
11 US cities are hosting World Cup matches in 2026 and Chicago isn’t one of them 🙀 June 16, 2022
I feel like whenever I hear about a super smart persons writing/note-taking process it’s always something simple like Apple Notes. June 16, 2022
Given the (relatively simple) work I put in to be able to post to my blog through Discord, I’m now curious how much work it would be to build a small app that has a simple messaging-like interface for creating txt files in Dropbox to work with my Blot blog… June 9, 2022
Second test worked! June 8, 2022
This is test number two for Discord → IFTTT → Blog post June 8, 2022
Thinking about setting up an automation with Zapier that allows me to blog through a discord channel… June 8, 2022
Stage Manager*** and I think I have the right iPad Pro for it 🤞 June 6, 2022
Lock Screen widgets and Sleep Stages are the two things I’m really loookong forward to. June 6, 2022
📌 Plan a Routine June 3, 2022
Now that Bandcamp support deleted hundreds of unwanted albums I got in a 99 cent discography purchase because I said “why not? June 3, 2022
Don’t really like asking for this kind of help… but I figured I’d see if anyone in the micro. June 3, 2022
Finished season two of Hacks last night and it’s so great. June 3, 2022
Hi internet.. May 27, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 25, 2022
I wish Apple would do more with comics in their Books app. May 21, 2022
Considering moving my blog to micro. May 20, 2022
I really want Bike outliner for iOS. May 20, 2022
📌 Marvel Snap is a speedy digital card game from former Hearthstone developers May 19, 2022
Experimenting with the idea my designs could live in zine form on my Substack, for anyone who might want to follow along… A quick example in that issue, but I have some ideas to take a bit further still. May 11, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 10, 2022
Just yesterday I said I was going to drop are. May 6, 2022
humdrum no-news vol. May 6, 2022
📌 RRR - The Biggest Blockbuster You’ve Never Heard Of May 5, 2022
Thinking of ditching are. May 5, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 5, 2022
📌 What’s Missing from Samuel Alito’s Draft Decision to Revoke the Right to Abortion | The New Yorker May 4, 2022
📌 Why abortion rights are under threat in America from TheEconomist May 4, 2022
📌 Alito’s Plan to Repeal the 20th Century May 4, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 4, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 3, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 2, 2022
Watched the first episode of The Offer last night and loved it. May 1, 2022
humdrum news vol. May 1, 2022
Dammit… just realized my last design said “2020” not “2022”… 🤦‍♂️ April 30, 2022
humdrum news vol. April 30, 2022
humdrum news vol. April 29, 2022
humdrum news vol. April 28, 2022
micro272129 April 27, 2022
📌 “Winning Time” Isn’t Just Deliberately Dishonest, It’s Drearily Dull April 24, 2022
Considering dipping my toes in RSS again. April 22, 2022
I’m 100% letting myself believe the Bulls have a shot in this series right now, just to make the inevitable defeat that much more painful. April 20, 2022
📌 Ep. April 19, 2022
📌 In Defense of Tucker Carlson Touting ‘Testicle Tanning’ April 19, 2022
Hints looks like a really nice app. April 18, 2022
Everything Everywhere All at Once is a must see. April 18, 2022
Went ahead and setup Osaka (Kinopio’s font) to be used in Drafts and it’s glorious. April 15, 2022
Instead I went ahead and made it extremely easy to post to my blog from drafts, eliminating the prompt step for tags and permalink/file name. April 15, 2022
Was thinking about setting up a new Twitter account with my semi- pseudonym “humdrum”, but between my blog and the fact Twitter keeps freezing up when I try to “sign up with Apple”, I gave up and decided against it. April 15, 2022
So apparently vanilla nitro Pepsi is a thing and I actually like it… April 13, 2022
📌 International Coöperation in a Bakery, in “Refuge” April 9, 2022
📌 Redesigning an App, One Day a Week at a Time April 7, 2022
📌 How Democrats Evened the Congressional Map — The Daily March 31, 2022
Playing around with the wiki again… probably a dumb decision that will die before it really gets started, but I’ve been itching for something that meets all my needs and I think it gets the closest. March 15, 2022
Enjoyed the first episode of Bomani Jones’ new HBO show, Game Theory. March 13, 2022
Anyone out there still watching The Problem with John Stewart? March 12, 2022
I gave up on The Ringer a bit ago, but they’ve been partnering with some smart people for podcasts lately. March 10, 2022
📌 50 // Build in public with Pirijan — Metamuse March 2, 2022
Finally got around to watching the first episode of [[Super Pumped]]… don’t really think it’s for me… I’m a big fan of JGL, but he just does not feel like the right person for the role to me. March 1, 2022
Last nights episode of Painting with John is an all-timer. February 26, 2022
If I take some time to figure out relational databases in Notion, I think I can get my calendar closer to where I want it. February 25, 2022
📌 Putin’s New Iron Curtain February 25, 2022
Built out a little calendar on Notion to keep track of upcoming tv shows, movies, and a few other things. February 24, 2022
Not that I need a new productivity tool in my life… but I think I might be diving into Notion here… February 24, 2022
📌 America Could Have Done So Much More to Protect Ukraine February 24, 2022
🇺🇦 February 24, 2022
Started All of the Marvels last night. February 23, 2022
Painting with John S2! February 20, 2022
Has anyone ever been contacted by a company after receiving the boilerplate rejection of “we will keep your resume on file and get in touch about future opportunities”? February 18, 2022
Current TV Schedule after finishing Ozark and Book of Boba Fett February 13, 2022
I’m actually kind of interested in CNN+ launching. February 4, 2022