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⚾️ Fix Baseball May 6, 2021
I haven’t actually watched baseball this year, but I’m all for 7 inning double headers. May 4, 2021
Wore a Cubs shirt to a Sox game in Seattle tonight. April 5, 2021
📹 The Blaseball Roundup: The Discipline Era ⚾️🔥 March 11, 2021
I’ve basically spent my entire day learning about and “watching” Blaseball… March 3, 2021
I’m reading about Blaseball right now and am completely fascinated. March 3, 2021
I don’t watch a lot of baseball, but I’m so glad I watched the last four innings tonight. October 24, 2020
Disappointed the Cubs went forward with their game tonight especially in light of Seattle deciding to skip their game as well now. August 26, 2020
The fact the Cubs have started the season so hot has me worried we are in store for another 4 of 45… 🤢 August 13, 2020
COVID is basically America’s hangover after blacking out and making bad decisions because the Cubs won the World Series. August 13, 2020
💬 Joe Maddon via The Athletic June 13, 2019
yutriplekill April 16, 2019
Cubbies crushed it on opening day in Texas, winning 12-4. March 28, 2019
🔗 No Team Should Be Worried About Overpaying Manny Machado or Bryce Harper January 10, 2019