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⚽️ USA v Netherlands - First Half Thoughts December 3, 2022
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📺 Welcome to Wrexham May 19, 2021
Oh snap! May 13, 2021
⚽️ A UEFA Super League - my take April 19, 2021
And the turn the Champion’s League into a Super League vs European League competition that also gives relegation/promotion incentives. April 18, 2021
Have similar quota’s per league and allow teams to move up and down between the Super League and European leagues. April 18, 2021
A European Super League is super interesting, but it should’ve been something UEFA got ahead of with no permanent members. April 18, 2021
Then you have Thiago and Wijnaldum filling the gaps behind them, Fabinho as the defensive mid, and a healthy back four with van Dijk, TAA, Robertson, and… somebody… plus Alisson obviously. March 23, 2021
What if Liverpool move off of Salah and Mane and go all in on Haaland? March 23, 2021
Liverpool are essentially playing the same shape, but with Origi playing more of a true nine in place of Firmino’s false nine, resulting in more gaps and vulnerabilities, forcing the midfield to work a lot harder, which results in more difficulties for this young defense. November 25, 2020
Things aren’t looking great so far for Liverpool against Atalanta through the first twenty minutes. November 25, 2020
Jota has been absolutely brilliant for Liverpool. November 22, 2020
Not feeling great about Liverpool’s chances against Leicester City today given everyone that’s out… November 22, 2020
Whelp as least we took a point off the first place team… October 17, 2020
What… is… happening………… October 4, 2020
Whelp… being down 2-0 is a little more excitement than I was hoping for… Just giving away points for Chelsea and City… October 4, 2020
Had no idea Ross Barkley was loaned to Villa. October 4, 2020
Hoping Leeds can put up a fight against City today. October 3, 2020
Ansu Fati is a delight. October 1, 2020
Exciting first couple of minutes for Jota’s Liverpool debut. September 28, 2020
I’m so excited for Thiago to eventually take the Keita/Henderson spot in the starting line-up… September 28, 2020
Not feeling great about Fabinho starting at center back against Chelsea today. September 20, 2020
On the verge of subscribing to ESPN+ again given they now have the Bundesliga along with Serie A. September 19, 2020
IPL on the TV, Leeds on the iPad. September 19, 2020
Super excited about the Thiago signing, but I hope this doesn’t mean they end up losing Wjinaldum. September 17, 2020
Liverpool/Leeds is ridiculous right now. September 12, 2020
Watched the first three episodes of Ted Lasso tonight (the only three currently available), and while I’ll fully admit it’s not the greatest show; I loved it. August 14, 2020
Rough go for Liverpool this afternoon… I get they secured the PL, but down 3-0 in the first half… yikes. July 2, 2020
Pulisic!!! June 25, 2020
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Holy moly! March 11, 2020
🔗 MLS bigger than MLB in 10 years - LAFC owner February 26, 2020
⚽️ New MLS Anthem by Hans Zimmer February 26, 2020
The biggest negative about soccer is how one judgement call can swing an entire game. November 10, 2019
Regretting not doing a live blog for this Liverpool/City match! November 10, 2019
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🔗 Liverpool can’t rely on Salah, Mane and Firmino forever. Which one could they sell to make way for new talent? August 13, 2019
And the PL is back! August 9, 2019
🔗 So the President F*cking Hates My Girlfriend July 15, 2019
I’d love to see Griezmann at Liverpool, but I’d want his role to align more with how he played for France than for Atletico, allowing him to share the field with Salah, Mane, and Firmino. June 18, 2019
📹 You’ll Never Walk Alone June 1, 2019
LIVERPOOL!!! June 1, 2019
🔗 Sources: United set Lukaku price at £80m for Inter ⚽️ May 30, 2019
📹 Liverpool’s Incredible Bounce Back in CL ⚽️ May 8, 2019
⚽️ Liverpool @ Manchester United - Live Weblog February 24, 2019
What a morning in the EPL. January 19, 2019
⚽️ Liverpool @ Brighton - Live Weblog January 12, 2019
Tough loss for Liverpool. January 3, 2019
In the three games since Mourinho was fired, Paul Pogba has four goals and three assists. December 30, 2018
⚽️ Liverpool vs Arsenal - Live Weblog December 29, 2018
Huge weekend for Liverpool. December 22, 2018
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⚽️ Liverpool vs Fulham - Live Weblog November 11, 2018
The Manchester City Warriors are on pace to win this one 14-0. November 4, 2018
✖︎ Arsenal vs. Liverpool Live Log ⚽️ November 3, 2018
► Take the Ball, Pass the Ball - Trailer October 20, 2018
I don’t understand what people see in Mane. October 20, 2018
Nice to finally see Fabinho out there for Liverpool. October 20, 2018
I feel like I woke up in the Twilight Zone with ManU currently beating Chelsea 2-1. October 20, 2018
As someone who just got back into watching the EPL, after not paying attention for years since I played soccer, I find these international breaks quite annoying. October 14, 2018